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Anti Voidalism 3: Book of Ro

Lucifer Jeremy White




Anti Voidalism 3: Book of Ro

2018 Lucifer Jeremy White

San Francisco, CA.

Public Domain.





I can be found online under my name.







The aim of this book is to set a standard for rules regarding virtue and values. The first book, “The Book of Aeon,” was based on the premise that the best thing in life is to fill it with good things. The final book, the book of Tomel, will instruct it’s follower and direct him or her to destroy negative things in their life, to topple them down. The second book, the book of Raine, taught lessons that lead to a life of great blessings. And now we are on the second which, to say again, will set a standard for rules regarding virtue and values.

The religion here is called Anti Voidalism, or it may be called “Aeonism,” practiced by The Anti Voidalist, or The Aeonist.”

As for the book after this one The Book of Bethai, it will be about magic, metaphysics, and the supernatural. And that will certainly evolve it into a religion. Though it already enough is.

And remember, all of my books are free and in public domain. I have written 31 books. This is the 32nd. And if you want to find me, just search my full name online.

Why have values?

Values are usually a way of life ng and acting that make life better. That keep you from trouble. That sustain your life. That make life better. These are lessons our parents taught us, and their parent taught them. They have stood the test of time and have proven to be worthwhile in practicing. It us the way of thinking that gets you by best in life. You would always have a rule to lean to, and it will guide you rightly.

It helps you make decisions. It puts you in the right direction. It works in your life to make it better.

It helps your relationships with others and your community. It is things often expected from you and you expect from others, and others among others. So it helps your relationship. It keeps your friend’s friends, it cools down the angry. It keeps your relationships working correctly and it adds to friends, removes from you enemies, changing enemies until friends.

It is one of the best practices to improve psychologically. Those with the right values put together their minds in better ways. The organize and neatly arrange the things if thought. It all isn’t a bunch of clutter to them. They don’t think so impulsively. They don’t act without thought. And many bad things are filtered out of a person’s thoughts and actions, things that can harm or put one off onto the wring way, by having values.

It is a kind of self governing system that leads you to better choice and restricts bad choices. By having virtues you know right from wrong better. And you polish up things that are more typically wadded up for those that haven’t any values.

It helps give you a better understanding and consideration of others, itself which is a virtue.

It us your guide, one you can depend on. And here is an extensive list of values and the way they are best understood:



Being fair

It’s been shown in animals that if you only give one food to eat, and not let the other have food, that the one without food will be intensively jealous. The same happens when you give one lesser or lower quality food but the other better food. There is not something that makes people so angry like things unfair. People all around that have friends, while you are left out, targeted for the worse end of the stick, someone getting more for their birthday than you, which happened to me while growing up, and things like double standards, inequality and discrimination, can be so hurtful as to cause people to riot, rebel, and demand equal rights.

There is the lower class and the upper class, the middle class, the well educated and those that failed to graduate from high school. People who’ve had it easy, others had great difficulty. Some have a lot of stress in life. Others have little to none. Some had parents that abused them. Others were born into wealth. Some had to count pennies. Some had more money than they could ever use. Some have to sleep on a side walk or park bench. Others have very comfortable homes.

Some governments have fixed this by appointing a job for every person. That all contribute and all are equally paid. Some schools would have the students dress all the same. So it can easily be seen as a problem, the difference between the homeless person and the wealthy person is broad, to say the least. But the government here and in certain countries do all they can to thin that gap with things like SSI, SSDI, EBT, free bus transportation, Medicaid, Section 8 and affordable housing. And I believe such things keep the nation at peace.





Self Sacrifice

In difficult times people are required to work harder yet get less. A parent either gives to their children the least, instead spending their money on things like drugs and alcohol, or just things for themselves, giving very little to their children. There children who need new clothes, decent food, and the necessities of life. Having a child comes with responsibility. There is the type of parent who selfishly only feeds the beans and bread, or even nothing some days, and the kind of parent who at least adequately supplies what they need, school clothes, school supplies, food, and better, things like cable TV, games, and cell phones. Having a kid means that you will have to spend more on them than on you. Or you would be like me, whose father left the home for days, and the cabinet too.

There has always been a price to live in any society, through taxation, but the price is usually reasonable. And you can’t just go and live in a cave. People need people, the one is helped by the many, we all help each other.

We have to sacrifice comfort in our responsibilities. Most of us have to work. Or else they just won’t have any money. None for rent. None for food. And none for entertainment. So we have to think to ourselves sooner or later, that we will not be living at home any more, and will soon be adults, ones that have to work to have money, money to live well and survive. To go to college, maybe, and to do our best there. We have to sacrifice all of our free time, giving it to study and work, work that may be very difficult at first but “business before pleasure.”

If we have only a little money and must decide between poor food, enough to last, or good food, that is quickly gone, or just enough, or not enough, then it is better that you never starve and it is better to be the person who, due to her or his responsibility, never will.

And to go with a friend somewhere, or any other loved one, to a place they want to go, one type of person is too selfish too. The other type of person is ready and willing to. That person is self sacrificing.



Having patience is very important in life. Without it comes many worries and much stress. Without patience a person will never be able to work. With patience a person will work just fine. A person will develop new talents because of patience. As s/he is willing to take the time and learn them. While they go months or years learning something easily, those without any patience for the process will give up within a week. And they that can learn will very readily learn something new. But an impatient person will already find it too daunting.

A person could worry himself to death about a package coming in the mail. Or the rest of the days before getting paid. It helps a lot to have something to do during the day, something that you focus on and keeps your mind off of things that just require time.

However it is good in a certain way that you anticipate things. That you desire them to come about. After all, without that desire of wanting, you won’t want anything, “oh, that package came,” or, “finally my package came!” Or, “I’ve finally completed my goal!” Or, “Okay. Done.” I’ve always related excitement and anticipation to stress. So those are good kinds of stress. All of the other kinds are bad.

There is a high demand for patience these days, more than ever. Cell phones and internet, getting things done, just learning new software, just using new things, as far as creativity can take you, downloading things, being torn away from them too, can lead to a lot of stress. At best you can keep your mind off of them. At worst you would choose to only do the most simplistic things online when it could be a good source of education.

Try not to eat the whole meal all at once. Consider that you are bearing things. That if you remain consistent in what you choose to do, to learn, to have, etc., comes a little closer every day. A little closer, and a little more.



Don’t go overboard

While living in a world of principles, many offend. There are some that expect every rule to be followed. They are the first to call others out on acting against them. They love rules whether or not they follow them their selves. And with principles, a person is easily offended that goes against your own, as you are always practicing them toward others, are “more considerate.”

And that’s it’s own thing. There are many things that cause people to over react.

Thinking that people aren’t nice when they have tough standards for any one to follow. That nice enough is never nice enough. These certain irks. That people went over your boundaries. Their boundaries are a mile wide. They are too sensitive. Things easily offend them. At the further end of this are people that demand you be full of respect and obey their whims. Those they act against aren’t doing any wrong. They really want them to. They want just one excuse to hurt them. The opportunity to be more forceful!

By thinking about just one small problem regarding any given thing, it’s problem becomes bloated and over bearing. By thinking about one problem being many, that problem becomes quite formidable and no one dare approaches it. It is the bearing of a goal that causes the most stress. Before that time is things could be swimming along. When it us began it is something new. When it is finished it must be done so peacefully, and left behind.

I once had an English test to take. I already had a D on my English grade. If I failed that test, the D would have become an F on my report card. My English teacher presented her best teat. One she regarded as important enough to have one grade changed a full letter up, if it received an A. Believe me, I was worried as hell. I spent my entire few days on that test. I got an A, and passed English. I couldn’t have otherwise. But still, it was hell to pay.

It is better to cross that bridge when you get to it. That the moment trouble comes you won’t be afraid of it, but rather are, the confidence, able to tackle it.

Making amends

You never know how much longer your parents will be around in older age. You won’t have them forever. I take that to heart, knowing that one bad thing said any given day would be the last thing I ever said to them. So I choose to set aside all differences and disputes and do not speak in any hateful way. I had a good life overall, at least with my mother and step father who always tended to my needs.

Some days you can really snap at them. If you are good at hurting people, are a hurt person yourself, then you can deal people great damage. And if you are like me you probably regretted it. And then try to make up for it, in any way you can. Usually it isn’t all that serious though, and you can just let time take care of it.

Society has a certain expectation of people. If you violate them enough any number of things could happen. You could be fired, ostracized, or even jailed.

But fortunately most people are able to live up to those standards. And most of the time all you really need to do is apologize and try not to let it happen again.



What does a person get by manipulating another? Why would she/he have to manipulate others? Isn’t it such a sneaky thing? Isn’t it a less direct route? Those who cannot be straight forward, that want something more along the lines of unfounded admiration and worship go about in manipulative ways, the only real ways it can be gotten without it having been earned. The work is cut off. They don’t have to prove themselves. They don’t have anything to prove by. They instead creep in and move along unnoticed in another person’s mind.

They are those that change the facts, twisting and turning them to their favor and are lacking of any good quality that merits true worth. And they don’t care who they fool. And they feel all the wiser because if it. But they’ll forever be known by those who understand them correctly, that they are despicable and loathsome.


Being trustworthy

One caught in a lie may never be believed or trusted again. It really is that heavy. That once a bad lie comes to truth they are no longer trusted. Whatever they say afterwards is doubted. A couple can’t continue together just from cheating once. The rules are that strictly enforced. And that’s the case if lies in regard to trustworthiness.

There are also people that don’t do what they say they will. They may often say that they plan on doing something, starting school, a new job, but never does. It seems they just wanted to be known as that type of person. To have the pride of a title. But then, a week or so later, they’ve changed their mind.. again.

And they say that they will pay you back. Double! Tripple! But they don’t. The time comes and they are lets-not-talk-about-that kind of people. So they ask for more. And you’ve got to tell them no, as you cannot expect anything from these kinds of people.

Of course sometimes you’ve just cornered someone on something or put them on the spot. But if you do, in such a case, forgive them if they change their minds later. And maybe they just did change their minds.

There are also rats and tattle tales. Such people are in trustworthy. Then there are blabber mouths and gossipers. They are untrustworthy. And then there are people that talk about you behind their back or do something bad when they aren’t watching. And all of these are without trust-worthy-ness.




Do not blame others unless they are to blame

Life is mostly made up of a person’s own choices that take him or her to the place they currently are in in their lives. Unless a person really does make you do something for which you have no choice not to, then you have made up your own mind and decided to do it, so they aren’t to blame.

A society has it’s members delegated into blame for certain things. Some place all of their problems on another race. Some on a Devil of some kind. Others on a life style, a cultural aspect. And some on music, or video games, or movie. And all the while are not considering the fact that a person’s choices are largely their own. A person’s problem with any given thing should not be weight one forces another to carry. Or they are just deluded in a certain way attributing all sorts of malice on the world that they believe comes from impractical sources.. who, in truth, are doing no harm.

They want to make their own problems be someone else’s problems. They are good at making excuses. They are very good at misdirecting reasons onto someone else, making it seen like their own faults came from another. And they both fear and refuse responsibility. Which, if they would have accepted, may have delivered them mercy.


Not cheating

That you remain worth what you are truly worth and that you truly become better without being a walking falsehood, represented as one who is as one isn’t, having not earned their own good.


Not stealing

That you get what you earn and that your means come from honest and earned means. That as one who steals, if caught, could incur the Wrath of another.


Not lying

That people will always believe you. That even if you think they did believe your lie they probably wouldn’t say that they didn’t, but you are no longer trusted.


Not conspiring

As you never know if you’ll get caught. That the law may beat you to the punch. Uncovering you. Exposing you. And arresting you. That in the course of conspiring your freedom could be in danger.


Not manipulating

That people truly appreciate you for who you are. That you instead come to be liked for real reasons, instead of being liked for things that falsely reflect you.



Following through

I have heard advice from people before to “never reveal your plans to others, or else you won’t do them.” And they didn’t say why telling other people your goals kept you from doing them. And I asked myself, what was it about this that kept them from fulfilling their goals, as they indicated to others they would. You’d probably come up with the same conclusion as me. That these people were trying to prove themselves to others. They only wanted honor regarding them. And after they’ve gotten that honor, having someone think if them as that kind of person, they no longer had any worth in the goal. They’d gotten what they wanted.



In an argument don’t threaten curse or degrade

That is the only rule you ever really need regarding anger. It’s okay to become angry whether anyone believes so or not. Because they themselves get angry and are hypocritical for telling anyone they can’t get angry. But when curse words come in, anger has boiled over into hatred. When threats come in the person may attack you for them. And criminal threats are in many places illegal. That is to whomever they are told, given any likelihood of being able to full fill that threat. And degrading someone crosses another line. But if you’ve kept yourself from these three then you e done well enough.


Total selfishness

Within reason a person is expected to take care of themselves first, to focus more on their selves than others, to look out for oneself. General selfishness is good. But entirely focusing on yourself isn’t. After all you e left everyone else out at that point. You can’t understand people. You couldn’t have any real relationships. You could relate anyone, one and the other, and the others and you.

If you don’t think or consider what others are, what they are made of, to understand them, then you won’t understand them at all. There is more to life than who you are. And if you don’t think of what others really think about you but only see yourself in your reality regarding all things—that is the worst things and of loneliness.


Being wise with money

I’m a cheap person. I even consider that a virtue. To hold on to what is mine. To not spuriously hand out what is mine. Yet to never borrow or take from others, either. And as last night as I don’t borrow or take I feel that I do not owe anyone anything. I am self sustaining. I have to keep it that way.

The best money spent is adventuresome. To look all around town for that one special thing, usually something you didn’t know you liked, through intuition. That not too much I’d spent on snacks, or in any other way that doesn’t last, that is their one moment, but gone the next. A fool and his money may soon part ways, but if s/he had gotten something that lasts, then they aren’t soon separated from it. As long as you don’t pawn or sell what you own. And while sometimes you don’t get what you pay for, the saying “buy it nice or buy it twice” always has truth.

You could gamble.. a little. And expect to win big.. someday or another. Because sure the odds are small you may win a lot. But those odds decrease the more you do.

I say follow your heart on what you want to buy. Try to make every day better by every one thing you buy, as much as you are able. But remember that without desire, you won’t want anything. So follow your heart and do what it says.



Nothing is more appreciated than consideration. That while one room mate will loud as hell clear his throat and turn on the lights when he enters, and another would quietly enter bed, consideration is appreciated, those without it are abrasive.

Some would watch the TV all day in the TV room. And when they see that someone else got there before them, demands it be given to them. If not immediately 'an hour is too much' and yet they’ll stay on it all day and not understand why others won’t let them. Trying to take it from them.. why can’t they ever watch it?

Some will leave a big mess in the kitchen. And they don’t care if others don’t like it. Whole others are cleaning up after them. And they are only wanting a clean place but will do things like spilling over the side if the toilet. How do these people live? How do they think? That depends. If they expect others to live up to standards that they don’t, then they are just selfish. But if these people don’t expect people to live up to any standards, then they just don’t mind the same things you do. The difference is the person who expects you to clean the dirty dishes you make. While the other type of person doesn’t care if the dishes are dirty.



And endurance.

A task or goal might be considered very daunting. And is more so, but only as far as it is. If it’s regarded as too difficult to be done that us sometimes the only thing that stops you from doing it. The good news is: most others think the same way, to some degree. So that just by encouraging you and will continued work on it, you will do what others won’t. And as much as it is difficult is as a limitation placed on it, and so by doing what few others do, you’ll succeed on that merit alone.

Some may work out for a whole month. From there some may go a few more. Not many will work out for years, but if you cross that point and challenge yourself to do what others won’t, then you will be among the strongest of people.

It is like a home being built. When are first you see it being done there is only a frame. Then windows are put in one by one. The dry wall is put in. The staircase had been made. The doors put in. And a little at a time it all came together in a well built home. So, I’d say, take things a brick at a time and don’t give up.


Being grateful

Or what used to be called “counting your blessings

And I can add to that to “see the silver lining in the clouds.”


Being grateful puts into perspective the good in one’s life. Without seeing what is good, it’s just not seen. It may as well not even be there. And there could be a lot of good in someone’s life but they’d never know it. But as long as you see it is as much as it is grasped, as much as it is as a treasure unto you.

The more you’d add to what’s already there. And though things may be bad, they can always be worse. And even the bad things can be good in one way or another. Many things are thorns, but sometimes above them is a rose. That can be a lesson learned. It can be something that has opened up more options. It could be the start if something better and an end to what was less or not as good. Often something bad can produce something good. Or just changed into a good thing.

You may have many reasons to be happy. To know why you should be happy helps in becoming happy. And I also say, count your future blessings. Things that are to come about soon. In order that you have anticipation toward them and once you get it, are satisfied by it. And always seek out the better things in life knowing fully what they are, fir all of it’s worth.


Taking chances

If you’ve been on the same road for very long it can become mundane, totally boring. While you are sure where it goes, you really don’t like going there anymore. You are there everyday. If this is true for you, than may I suggest some added adventure in your life? To do things differently, if even by a little? Maybe buy things you normally don’t. Go to places you haven’t before. Learning something new. Getting a new hobby. Meeting new people. Anything that is new and not typical for you?

To spice up your existence with the new and unfamiliar. Like a child, whose world is brand new every place they go. And not as the adult you’ve became, where everything is familiar.


It could just be going to a swimming pool. Or a large swing set. It could be going to three new restaurants each month. It could be learning anything new, electronics, pottery. It can be visiting a place you always wanted to go. Children learn new talents all the time. Such as reading and writing. They e yet to try everything. The world for them is new. But with age comes decay, settles in a boredom, becomes all the same.


Judging fairly

To judge someone fairly you’ve got to really know them. I’ve had the mistake so many times that I thought I knew someone right away. I can’t help it. I have to understand them before I can deal with them, and how, how I can relate to them. To know what I can expect if them. It takes guessing at first. But it can’t be done quickly. It can take a month or more just to have a general idea. More months to know them in just the right way regarding how you should be around them. And what you thought at first could either be untrue or incomplete. Usually more incomplete than anything else. The longer you know someone the more you fill in the missing pieces.

And you may initially see a hateful person. Some kind of spoiled person. But you may later find reasons why this is so. And you may find out later that behavior is not typical to them. And what was once thought if as rude had it’s reasons.

But then there are some that are entirely incompatible with you. Someone who really pisses you off. Then you’ve got no real choice but to leave them in someone else’s yard.

Over time you are probably going to find that a person had tastes you were entirely unaware of. That maybe some skeletons in the closet opens the door and walks right out. That someone you thought you can trust turns out to be some sort if creep and weirdo. Or, differently, a person is far sweeter than you initially thought. But in all of this it takes time. So all I can suggest is to learn all you can because until you do you don’t really know who you are dealing with.













Ideal homes

While among some people picking your nose and scratching private areas is perfectly fine.. and in fact I’ve known people that masturbate around others at will.. and among some drinking is not only okay but a given, an expectation.. the same with smoking and drugs.. there are places where these things are wanted. And there are places where these things are not wanted. When in Rome do as the Romans..

There are people who socialize in their own ways and little to nothing embarrasses them. But to take those habits into other social circles could ostracize you from it.. if not just shamed. Smoking is alright, but only depending on where you do it. Cursing is alright, from one parent, but not another. And some places are openly lewd. Others prohibit it so much that doing so would incur punishment, removal, or condemnation.

Pick your choice. Be in an area of little inhibition or none, or expectations to be, basically, asexual and non sexually expressive. In a home with smoke and drugs, alcohol or only one of these, or none at all. Be in a home that is basically only used for sexual activity or parties, or be in a home of your own with full privacy, or in a home with quite roommates, ones basically invisible.

But just know, if you are in a home where you feel too restricted, then you may not be in the right place. Or if the loudness in your home is to much, and the people never leave, but you want to be alone, then maybe you should leave. And as much as most of your life is spent in a home, or at least a home is your own, it's only worth as much as what you make it to be, as much as that can be, depending on where you live.

Rich people have their standards. Gang based ones do too, that are far different. And there are Church, religious based homes. There are xenophobic homes where the housemates are expected to keep others out. And there are homes with children that should be kept safe.. which, if you have children, you’ve got to put them first and that is to give them a safe place to live.


Humans are social beings. Even if socializing is very difficult to someone it only is because it means so much to them. Living alone for days, weeks, months or more at a time can make someone very lonely. S/he no longer has anything to prove. S/he can’t find approval, cannot find gratitude or recognition apart from her/his self. There’s nothing to prove to oneself that others see nothing of. Being alone sometimes is very good, more or less, but being alone all of the times is terrible.

The internet has brought us a notch closer to being alone in a home, yet not entirely. But that’s a sad lot, the person who emails constantly. That person who spams social sites with numerous posts daily. And yearning to receive replies and recognition. Only having text as company.. or pre recorded videos. It doesn’t make up for real socializing

A person can become filthy living alone. Not showering, wearing the same clothes. Why not? No one is going to see them. And they eat a lot more, if they never leave their home. And they hoard things. They want the best things in their home. They don’t realize they want the best things in their home to attract others over. But that’s why they buy them. And that’s also true for people who do have a lot of company, yet are lonely, and fear losing their company, so they buy expensive things for their home.

I used to live alone. Years ago. I was living in a hotel, never had any visitors. I understand it well and how it feels. But more recently in my life I became homeless. And then I was never alone. I went to jail for a year. I went to a mental hospital for a year. I went to a group home for three months. Then another for nine months. And now, I am living in a board and care. I had lived with twenty people and about ten staff members on these places. Had a roommate. And I am never alone. And really I prefer it that way. I’m among my own kind, crazy people. People that talk to themselves. That don’t have high standards of living. That have few problems among each other. I am with my own kind now, the mentally ill and am glad to have come to San Francisco. I fit right in.



I’m not really anti lazy. I don’t really expect people to over extend themselves. I used to leave dirty dishes laying around for days, left to soak. At least I told myself that I was just going to let them soak awhile. And, then why not a little longer. And the same went to all my home. Garbage collecting. Things needing to be moped. Having dirty clothes. But when I moved into a group home the first time, and over the course of a year, I was expected to do chores and clean up after myself.. whatever mess I left, whatever my chore was, which rotated week to week. That included not only gathering the garbage but putting a new bag in and hauling the trash bins to the side walk, returning them the next day. Or sweeping. Or moping. Or loading the dishwasher. And cleaning my plate after meal time. And that became my habit. Now, I cannot leave little messes. I couldn’t even think to leave a dirty dish on the sink. Or to let trash pile up, etc., And it really is all simple, if it is a little at a time, instead of doing all of that work at once.

I was in boot camp for a short time. That is a laziness killer unlike any other. As you are told to do something, so you do, without question. And is the toughest three months anyone can spend.

And I really don’t feel work is work unless it is fully engaged in. And fully engaging in it brings involvement, being thorough, diving right in. But not being interested in it and wanting it to quickly end, doing things only half way, that just makes the work difficult. My late grandfather used to visit me while I was works ng on his apple orchard. If I wasn’t sweating, then he knew I wasn’t working hard enough. And believe me, I always was.

Work can be your focus. Or time can be. But it is always one or the other. The best thing you can do is to focus on the work, not the time. As the only real reason people quit isn’t due to difficulty. But it’s die to lack of focus. Paper work may be complicated but if you are qualified, then it is doable, shoveling up dirt may be too difficult physically for some. So my other advice is that you pick a job you can do. And other than that it is entirely feasible. Just pay more attention on the immediate task then running through your mind that you want it done and over. Save those thoughts for the last 30 minutes of work, or at least until the last 45.


Greed: Good and Bad

To want things you don’t have, to have your heart set on it knowing that it would make you happy, and getting it, is good greed.

Working extra hard to get it, and enjoying it once you have it, is good greed

But when enough is never enough. That you are collecting things for no good reason. When you would go to no ends trying to get something beyond your means, maybe preventing you to spend money on the things you really need in order to obtain it, that is bad greed.

Things like compulsory gambling. Things like robbing as the only way to get what you want. To set your heart on something you can probably never had. To have unrealistic tastes, ones you could never satiate, is bad greed. Is hurtful greed.

And the more simple your tastes the better. The more you like simple and easily affordable things the better. That’s just common sense. That for a person’s whose standards are too high yeah he may find a way to get better things but the one who likes the least of things would enjoy the greatest just as much as him, even more.

Having more than you could ever need has a way of lessoning the value of all you have. To have something in excess. To tire of it before it is even expired, to have an unnecessary surplus of things you don’t use. But rather let money provide joy for the moment, and always save some for the next. And everyday will be good to you. And you will find yourself satisfied in the most perfect way.





Living on Earth and existing as human can be a rocky and bumpy ride. We are often hit off guard, and times like that may either fall, or grasp on to something. And this is a lesson for grasping onto things to keep yourself rooted in more practical way of a continually good existence, rather than “pit living.”

The sun burns anyone who stays out in it to long. A wasp before one can be a terrifying thing to some, but to others they fear no sting. And some are just moderately bothered by it, and go someplace else.

For one the test is easy. To them it has thoroughly been prepared for. And they’ve not missed one step forward. And they walk on the best. But to another “there must be another way.” But there are no shortcuts apart from moving the grave. For some a plain to others a swamp.

Some before you may fit and rage. It is good to keep in mind: you are an audience to it, not an actor engulphed in a part, unless you choose to be, working with such a person on stage. And maybe you are strong enough to turn the tables on them. But that would just make them learn better their parts.

For some a step at a time. To others running up the stairs. And for some climbing a ladder. And for some trying to jump onto the roof high above. Over and over again even, until they’ve found late in life that it just can’t be done.

Some will devour their food and others will enjoy it, and as so with the fruits of life. Some were born into great inheritance and will never be able to taste the sweetness of poverty. But many was the man who seen this and stripped himself of his wealth in order to find it.

Some have too many demons to ever be rid of, never able to fend them off, and have a terrible fate. They lash out at others on every side, no matter what place they come from. And will deal many blows to the innocent, who think they’ve done them wrong, and love is closed to them altogether.


The worst thing that can be stripped of a person is their dignity. To be bullied. To be ridiculed regularly. To humiliate them and deprive them. To steal from them. To rape their spouse. To harm their children. All of these are the worst things that can happen to any person.

If someone isn’t careful, and says the perfectly worse offensive thing at any time, and his tongue slips, he is more likely to be attacked for it more than any other reason. Except for possible harm on those they love.

A person who dresses proudly, who really does look good may portray that they do, just by appearing as they do, and there is no worse hatred that comes from jealousy, and from their mouths have no complimentary words.. for anyone, but are filled instead with destruction.

People may like the things you have. But they are not glad that you have them. They want it for their selves, as much as they like it, that goes side by side with wanting it.

Racism was the worse it could be when people were stripped of their land and family.. the family they loved. The spouses they had. Young children. Friends, siblings their family. Their home. And captured, taken, put on a boat. Shackled, confined, in filth, on the way to the new world America, where they were forced into labor. And who knows what they were thinking on the way there. But it must have been hell on them. There wives separated from their husbands, raped by this new people. And all of the horrors along with it. They were given absolutely no dignity. And the Jews were given no dignity in the Nazi regime lead by Hitler.

These were human beings just like you and me. And such things must be stopped, as forcefully as possible. And kept from ever happening again!

Authority must be kept carefully in check. Torture should be prohibited. Humans can be so cruel. And without a trial people in the world had been massacred, beheaded and such things. And some foreign leaders in the world today do atrocious things to their own people. Starving them. Enslaving them. Torturing them. And the greater powers should put it all to a complete and full stop. As w/ little dignity a dictator gives, so unto him, merciless slaughter of cruel and inhumane leaders is a lot of good done for a lot of good people.



People learn at an early age that to compliment someone or in some way boost their ego concerning any particular thing, that they can control them. I am very observant of this and can usually tell when it is happening. I actually don’t do many things to receive compliments about them, other than the way I dress. I usually don’t tell anyone what I’ve done or created. I really don’t do them for recognition. A psychologist likes to pull them up though and then praise me for particular things, and I find the very offensive. That is one aspect on sincerity.

Another is being sincere/ honest with yourself. Maybe you’ve liked something most of your life. Most things in fact we only like for a period and then no longer do, or at least much less than we initially did. The time comes then to realize this and find new interests. Or else we would be stuck with keeping something and only liking it half way. And may e we e gotten good at that thing. Maybe we’ve become very familiar with it. Maybe there is no real challenge left in it. But it’s better to find passion again as can be found from something else, if we look hard enough.

And to speak your mind. Which you don’t have to be totally rude in doing. But to let others know your position regarding something. That you are treated in a way you like to be. That things among you and others are as how you would like them to be.

Only when you know what you really like and how much, and for what reasons, can you know to find those things, and have what you want. If you’ve hid from the truth. If you convinced yourself that something is true when it isn’t. You’ve deceived yourself. But by looking inward and considering the “un-considerable,” you may find this out and make the positive changes that you need to.

How power corrupts

When a leader comes to power s/he makes every positive statements they can, they make many good promises. And maybe they took them to heart and genuinely wanted to help their people. But given too much power this all falls apart. Probably the thing that corrupts them the most is paranoia. As it can be seen from every dictator that they feared losing the power they had. And go to no ends hunting down any possible opposition, whether real or faint.

Greed corrupts them and the people are over taxed. They are forced into labor. They want more land. Yet more power. Greater riches.

And they expect to be worshipped. They want grand monuments of their selves. They want-worship, to occupy the thoughts of their people at all times. To be thought wonderfully of. To have people believe things that are absurd about them, impossibly true.

And every resource becomes their own. And all people bend to them their knee. On every corner a house whose people gravely fear them. That if one of their own is expected of plotting against them that not only are they punished, bit them as well.

Enough power is never enough, and fear of losing it demands total control of it’s people. Who are captivated by them and upheld as gods. Where every thing is felt being watched. And the dictators closet is crammed with skeletons, skeletons poring out!


A portrait of Modern America

I’m certainly patriotic. And pro-American. But here is a depiction of the modern American society and the atmosphere od its culture.

Society is like a cult. And you are either in or out.

We are practically indoctrinated into certain opinions. And to not fall in line with them could do you a lot of harm. Practically exile you. Altogether ostracize you. Strip you of your wealth. Strip you of your occupation. Some opinions here must be that seriously held. And to go against them could bring serious condemnation.

We have a handful if things that we obsess over: such as weight, exercise, health, safety, and certain political mentalities.

People are over indulgent. They haven’t any real intelligence. They are only interested in the things in life that bring pleasure and everything else is irrelevant to them. They are before their TV all of the time, or phone, or food, and often drugs, or at least alcohol. And they can think beyond hourly pleasure. It’s like an animalistic mentality that they hold onto.

There are many social faux pas. To go against them is to be placed on the spotlight and identified as this target worthy of the blade. And hatred will shower down upon them. Especially anyone who is famous. Who is never seen for good, but always seen to be leaking evil through needle pin holes.

It is chaos. Why have so many mass shootings sprung up? People being bullied, influences being harmful, detrimental, the social disgraces of the internet, and copy cat mentalities. Wanting, then, to out do the other, and sometimes for the sake of that alone. But wanting to destroy the world around them, a world that they hate, is always the reason.

It can be said until the cows come home that video games, music, and movies don’t make kids into killers. But they do. And they have been shown to, in apparent ways. That for most people, they can be kept from that influence, not acting out on it, but for some portion of the population these things have a terrible effect. Heavy metal made hardcore devil worshippers. Gangster rap made gang minded youth. Movies that glorified murder caused killing sprees before. And these were copy-catted. The people that committed these atrocious acts—they’ve said it themselves that their entertainment lead them to it.

They are saying we need more gun control laws. Really we need stronger defense against abuses, violently belligerent people such as found in the “stand your ground” law. There’s ample evidence that gun control laws are counter-productive, as then only criminals will own a gun. And they will anyway. Guns can easily be made now on 3D printers. So gun control is a lost hope and doesn’t have the effect that people think it does. Right to bare arms is a constitutional right! And if there is one worst possible way we will lose our constitutional rights, it is that the American public no longer likes those rights. That they consider them out dated, irrelevant, meaningless.

And we didn’t need gun control laws in the 60s. Yet without such gun control laws, the people weren’t acting as they are today. And there’s got to be a reason for that!


Open mindedness/ Closed mindedness

I learned from a very art person before: don’t waste your time with closed minded people. Amidst the argument, walk out. There is no convincing them and some of them can be extremely irrational. The person that says the Jews should have left Germany during World War Two. I can only say that Hitler should have left Germany. Isn’t that more fair than mass slaughtering them? Children and women, men old and young, just by being born Hebrew, no person with the least of ethics could sanction such a thing.

People can be like a brick wall though. And some would care.. too much, taking a hammer to it. Climbed ng over it. Punching it with their fist. But why bother? Once you see a wall before you it doesn’t mean that you can't go another way. But that way, perhaps, should just be turned away from.

An open minded person can determine the common sense and intelligence of what they are told is true or not. Also, how much it is true. And how much it isn’t. The conditions to these, etc., But someone who is closed minded are likely holding onto something that they refuse to lose. And in such a case, give the baby his candy.

To some people some things are always either totally true, or totally false. But some have greater depth of thought and see far more shades to any given thing. They are those that can analyze things better and “see the forest for the trees.” Forbidden knowledge for some, just knowledge to others.

The company you keep

Without doubt your greatest influence comes from those whom you are around. Given any one person, one that is in a criminally acting gang or group, and another, who is in college, what difference does it you think it will make? As one lives around so is as much as one must act accordingly. Sometimes your own friends can cause terrible things to happen to you. And going along with the flow can push you along in its own string current

Some like to be with a group of friends. Others like just having one friend. Some are alone altogether. And the longer that a person is in prison the more damage that will be caused to his/her natural lifestyle. For some there is no other way of living. They may even find that in prison they fit in. Birds flock to their own kind and keep them around as importantly as they are to be kept around, protected by their own kind.

To have a friend that you can relate to, who shares your interests, is one of the best things you can have on Earth. Or a small group of friends, ambitious ones, that you work on things together with, going after money and fame. But it’s better to be alone than to be around certain kinds of people, those that are engaged in criminal activity, especially, who only brings around you life threatening circumstances. Move far away from those people, far away as you can. Save yourself!



Responsibility is very necessary in life to keep it operating normally and in managing it.

If you are to have a home you are probably required to work. To have an income. To get up on time. To do your job right.

If you decide to have children then that will come at the cost of providing them food, clothing, shelter, school supplies, medical attention, and many other thing. The child and all s/he needs is your responsibility. As I raising it as well as you are able.

If you are over weight and you wish to become thin then you are responsible to stay on a diet. And only you can make that happen.

If you have a heart condition or any medical problem requiring treatment, like medication, a certain diet, or to abstain, then that is your responsibility.

In short, you are responsible for your own life. What will become of it, and the person you are, and what will become of it.

Like it or not, life has a lot of responsibilities in it. The more that you follow them, the better your life will be.



Some years ago my grandfather passed away. We, our family and his friends, attended his funeral. The guy had a successful business on a small town selling sprinkles for irrigation, the very large ones with tire sized wheels. And he was a respected church member, a good Christian. He was well known. And really, until his funeral, I really didn’t know that about him.

I was at the funeral. My brother was crying. Very naturally crying. This seemed confusing to me in some way. I didn’t cry at the funeral. I approached his body in the open coffin. My grandmother, her husband, was beside the coffin. She put her hand toward the body as though to say look, it’s okay to look.

So we went home. My other family went somewhere without me. Which doesn’t matter. But I was leftovers alone. And I started crying. I didn’t even know I was crying because of what happened. I just kept thinking you left me alone. I thought I was crying because my family left me at their house alone.

So my Dad came back home, and the others. I demanded that they admit me to the psychiatric hospital. And on the way there I was pouring down in tears and saying “you left me alone!” And I went to the hospital. When I got out about a week later my dad was right there ready to pick me up. And I thought to myself, 'why was I crying? That was so childish.’ But my dad told me that day, “Its okay, people just have their own way of grieving. That was yours.” And then I finally realized why I was upset and crying that way.



There’s no telling how bad that bad really is for some. We could glance over something horrible that happened to someone and either try to understand it, or basically ignore it, underestimate it, and really not care.

As bad as a person says that something is, and it could have been more horrible and damaging than we could ever imagine. We just don’t know. But when we keep these things in mind we are more ready and able bodied to protect people, to help them, and to keep it from happening again.

The world needs sympathy that sustains good people. That we are understanding enough to come to their defense. To know what bad is in order to make the lives of people better. Otherwise we just don’t care about anyone to begin with. And it’s “myself is number one,” a selfish mentality comes from that, and nobody is cared for. And people are allowed to trample all over each other when their us a lack of sympathy for others.

It would wreck all of our lives in the long run.

When you see evil happening in the world. When you see a lot of violence, poverty, excuses, and lack of ethics behavior, you can be sure that it’s because no one cares—that not enough people care, because there isn’t anyone around to help them.

If the world needs any one thing more than anything, it is sympathy—the purest form of love. Love that comes from concern, and the desire to help others out of suffering.












Give and take

And not: take & take alone, or giving alone.

Then among other people those that only have things based on exchanges. These are those that you take from others and are taken from, instead of only caring after themselves. They can give to someone something so much and freely that they haven’t their own things totally met paycheck to paycheck. In other words: they share the same purse.

I’m more of a person that does not take from others. And I don’t ask from others. But I always have what I need. Of course that is just the monetary aspect of taking and giving.

But to bend over backwards to help someone, if even just a couple of times, was a choice someone made for you. You may be needed to do the same for them. You might not, but you might. And if you do help that person who needs help, and had worked hard to help you before, then you have established a friendship. A good one.

To see someone’s movie one month, and that person let’s you choose the next time. Or the same with a restaurant, or wherever else you may go, among some is a balance. Among others not so. But then there are people like me who prefer to eat alone in a restaurant. And to sit alone in the theater.

The basic formula is one 50/50 regarding things of proportion.. among any two, More pleasant to me than seeing a movie in a theater is to lay in bed with my girlfriend watching a movie. And the more that you have in common with your partner the more you will like the same things: movies, music, entertainment, restaurants and food, travel destinations, etc., Among those whom you have a lot in common.. does opposites attract or do birds of the same feather flock together? And it takes two to tango.

Any deal you enter into, any contract you sign, and partnership you establish, all should be taken in cautiously, that you get what you earn and that the other party doesn’t squeeze all the juice from her/himself leaving you only the pulp. And many a person had been cheated with these.

Thinking back on childhood

Over time in life a person has developed many attachments and interests. This from youth, continuing for a life time. As one becomes a teenager, things are dropped and left behind. But, being an adult, a person always thinks back on these things and seek to bring them back. Some are very wanted again and from it, a return of the joy it once gave. But somethings just lost their flavor, fell out of their taste.

And a person can acquire many talents in life, it at least a few. And were fully enveloped in them. It occupied them. Then they move onto another thing, and maybe another, losing a love of them in their life. It would take a lot of will to go back to them, especially the much older ones, but in doing so, someone may find it much more pleasant than when they left it.

The things of childhood, though, will never be so good to us again. Children are fascinated and thrilled by the simplistic if things. It’s all very beat stuff, cool stuff, they are more euphoric and involved in music. I remember as a child I very energetically danced to the song Bop with you baby, not caring if anyone would come in seeing me dance. And so overflowing with emotion while hearing music. I lost that as an adult.

Things were just more cool to me. Simple things that I wouldn’t have any response to anymore: like the cool designs on an early 90s trapper keeper, every thing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The emotional response I got from video games. It’s all gone!

I used to be emotionally happy. But now I am only intellectually happy.


But maturity can be a good thing. I am more responsible. I can handle things more seriously. I view the world more realistically. I know where I am going and how to get there. And if I had never grew out of childhood I never could do so well what I like doing: writing. I’m certainly more creatively competent.



Shame creates a deciding line whose rules more or less pertain to all. Some have more of it, others less.

While I was homeless I was too ashamed to beg. But not ashamed enough to ear out of a garbage. And that was how I spent a year. Some people would go right up to me and give me some cash. Whatever I was doing. That I apparently was homeless, by my appearance, I often had people approach me and give me things. It was certainly appreciated. But it was a little embarrassing, too.

I became very childish during that time. Which was due to both my will and desire to, but also the framework of thought that Schizophrenia had me pinned to. I would walk childish. And talk childishly. And a large reason for this was I wanted to lose all inhibition, as a goal, as it is liberating. So I went to a corner of a busy street, Market Street in the financial district, and sang to the top of my lungs when you wish upon the star.

It was liberating. It lifted my spirit upward, freeing it. And I knew it would.

Inhibition has got to be the most restraining thing, a thing that puts us in a cage we can’t leave. That locks our hands. And alcohol can break those chains. While drunk they have just fallen off. And we are free to act anyway. However, we don’t know we are uninhibited while we are. We just are. In fact we are not able to be inhibited while we are drunk. We don’t know the difference. The damn is broken. We flow freely waters rushing forward.

I am among a crazier kind of people. Those who are seriously mentally ill are put together, in homes, sometimes I psych hospitals. Because of certain needs. And I am among them. And crazy people are my favorite company. Those that talk to themselves, have bad habits, but also those that are more tolerable, who aren’t so restrictive given any number of ways that typical social circles are. And if mental illness interests you: there is my series of books called Crazyism.


Obeying the law

This can be difficult in some cases. A person could tell you a perfectly blatant thing. And you’ve got to pick your battles. Unfortunately, excessive self defense is a crime. And sometimes fighting someone, whoever started it, could land you, him/her, or both of you in jail for a few months.. or worse. I won’t carry a weapon just for these reasons.

Criminal threats are a crime in many areas. Threatening someone in ant way can get you locked up, if it is thought you could have followed through on it.

Being homeless can lead you to do things though out of necessity, could have you charged for.. loitering, public urination, pan handling.

Smoking in the wrong area could get you a fine. And so can public intoxication. Being too loud can get you a fine. Carrying certain weapons can, too. Whether or not we should all have the right to bare arms according to the Constitution.

Cheating people in certain ways. Even if you really didn’t mean to. Not paying for all of your taxes.

Then there are people who would blame you for certain crimes you didn’t commit.

Fortunately most of these are just misdemeanors. For me the only one difficult to keep is assault. I’m not a violent person. But some people intentionally anger you, provoking you. And someone like me who is carefully law abiding finds himself defenseless, even against pipsqueaks.

And as for greater crimes like felonies I am not someone likely to ever commit them.. ever.

And there’s no more precious thing than freedom. There is no more worse thing than being put in a small cage, even for a few months.




I had lived with two parents, my mother, her husband, my father, her ex husband. The first would not allow in any strangers. Only family could live there and only my aunt could visit. My friends, my siblings friends, only came over on rare occasions. And that was largely due to keeping trouble producers away. My mother and her husband agreed to not let anyone live in their home besides their kids, for the sake of their relationship, they decided on this early on. And as a result I always had privacy. I hadn’t been all ran over or under by strangers coming in and out. The home was our own.

But my father was entirely different. So I know the difference. And the difference is much worse. My father let in anyone. And for one month one person could be living there. Another month someone else, and there friends, and later their friend’s friends and relatives. That was hectic. Some of these people put my father against me. And they all expected me to live by any number of rules they placed together on the household. I never could be alone. I was always around drugs (and thank God I didn’t take them.) Had my life threatened. Got into fight with these people. And in the long run just had to get out.

In a better world the peaceful would be allowed to keep their peace. They that are just trying to go to certain places in town. That are just wanting to walk down the streets and are interested in shops, going anywhere, not wanting to be bothered, should be given their own space. But sometimes on the bus is hateful people, as on the streets. And people such as them—jail doesn’t come soon enough. They’ll do all they can to narrowly avoid that. And so are at the fringe of hurting someone. But largely roam free because intentionally bothering a peaceful person is not illegal. Harassment has long been desired to be a crime by most people. Whatever form it is in.





If you enjoy the least, you enjoy the most. But desire is as desire is desired. A person who goes into a grocery store hunger will shop most indiscriminately.

People are best off enjoying all things fully, by holding them back they can be. Desired for them kept running and rolling continually along. But there comes a point where indulgence leads to compulsion, as I have taught before.

Too much all at once can produce a lot of stress. To hit just not one part of the book, but the while thing and that other book besides. Having many books, trying to learn them all at once. Not knowing what to choose. And it’s like taking a pie and “getting it over with,” which strange people do.. trying to eat all of something in one bite. Or pleasuring oneself.. taking no time. Getting it out quickly. That you no longer have that desire.

To some desire is an obstacle to climb over. Especially on those that regard it as sin. There actually are people that way. That they want things. But they don’t want to enjoy them. They collect things, but never use them. They just want all of them, to get it over. To no longer have a need for them. But really what that is about is no longer having a need to need them.

Like money in the pocket and ones mind will not stop suggesting what could be bought. So one day they go one place. They may not have slept well the next night. And the next morning they are wanting to enjoy their breakfast but cannot. So they sit awhile not really wanting to leave the home but end up doing so, and are sure to spend every penny. All of their money gone, they are no longer worried about having it.

And sometimes a person will paint something that seems to go somewhere. It seems to be producing a good image, but it doesn’t. And after several hours of going over and under they have filled a canvas with a thick layer of paint. And not give up, not wanting to have wasted all that time. Hoping to have produced something good. But in that case, there are some that take too long, try too hard, and some that just tear up the canvas, destroy their cell phone, TV, wreck their car into something, because of the bother it produced from them.



It came too late in my life that while I was in an argument I simply refused to engage in it any further. So I pretended to agree, I walked away from the one shouting, I dropped anger like it was a heavy rock, and felt no stress or pain no longer into it. That couldn’t have happened soon enough. Some people just can’t be convinced or settled down. Some people want to provoke you. The human mind is driven powerfully into doing so in any case of heated arguments.

Unfortunately there are times for all of us that we have to hold out tongue, especially toward authority. One instance of saying something wrong could pull up a lot of trouble. From authority, and gangs too—actually, especially towards gangs. It reminds me of a scene in the movie The Odyssey where the son of Odysseus is nearly made to go off on someone with a knife, that would allow him to be fatally attacked. That group of people are trying to take the Kingdom of Odysseus, who was thought was long gone, forever lost, but had returned, made an old man by Athena, temporarily, and hiding among them. He yells out to his son that his anger would be foolish, so his son drops his weapon. He said it in such a way that he, this old man, appeared demented, and that group laughed at him.. but later him and his son slaughtered them all.

He who laughs last!

Arguments can be brought up for any reason. Things just fact based where one wants the fact they love to share, or it could be an opinion, like a political one, a belief, like a religious one, that one hold value in being true. When someone takes such a thing from them they can become very angry. It seems the other person felt the same way, and would love to come them.


Caring for the weak and disabled

The best that any society can do is to do this. They will always be morally right if they do, and right under God. But those that harm the disabled, harm their own culture and invite enemies upon them. The disabled, the very young, the very old, the weak, in the best if societies, protect and help them.

And we were all young. And most of us will grow old enough to need help. And we want our parents and grandparents to have the same. We want our children to be protected most of all. And that is a major reason for all laws. Law and order came about because if it. While we could only protect ourselves and our loved ones so much, a force created to do so was always in high need and continues to be. Because maybe we want to do things we shouldn’t. But we wouldn’t want it to happen to our loved ones. And any Kingdom that harms them will not stand.

It used to be race based who sat in the front of a bus, and who sat in back. Fortunately these days we have better standards. Anyone who regularly takes public transportation knows, that people in wheel chairs must be given room and that elderly people must be given the front seats.. by law, with it spoken and with it written.

We should all agree that nursing homes need funding. Most of us will grow old enough to require one.

Societies that fight on the basis of establishing human rights for a politically crippled people—a people being harmed by it’s rulers, treated as trash, are fighting for the right cause. Will gain the most support in doing so. Are a nation blessed and will triumph on the basis of right over wrong. But to fight for mere land and to extent a king’s rule will always, sooner or later, go the wring way. As they may have small prey at first but later contend with larger areas, more powerful nations, knowing them for who they are will be ready. And they won’t succeed.

To fight in the side of human rights and dig it is always the right choice. As the people who these nation’s are empowered to do the same and a nation’s army are full of very willing participants. Not soldiers of Kings but a soldier of the people, for the weak, and for the better whole, very much more willing to help. And the people themselves are more highly regarded, not as a commodity. Not as something thrown in the field. But protected as much as possible. And it isn’t the King’s war in such a case, where he want his or her power to come from people. But the nation who highly values all lives, will send out drones and drop bombs, avoiding putting soldiers in harm as much as possible, and so many lives of soldiers are saved and again, they are still willing to sacrifice their lives, if it is for a rightful cause.



Pride is just the natural product of some things, it’s side effect. Pride makes us want to fit into a certain regard. Those that achieve things were always pride-directed. Those that want to do and be better are full of pride. Ambition goes hand in hand with it. As does the spirit of Competition, perfection, doing ones best, doing better than others, looking better than the norm. Being better off than the norm.

And you can make a dividing line, those that are below it, those that are on it, who are average, and those that are above it. Those that are above it have the most pride, and, as a rule, the ones above it must be a smaller percentage. As small as possible, according to superior to—the word that goes best with pride, pride's parent.

You have to be in the minority of any good thing to be most of all better than others regarding any given thing. Those that are proud are proud not because of what they can do, but because what others cannot do.

It all takes a lot of practice, luck, training, perseverance, ambition, perseverance, dedication, resolve, determination. It is a very good force to be driven by. It will lead you into becoming the best you can be.

But pride comes cheaply, too. It can be just looking your best. Knowing one thing well, being the life of a party, holding a good job, or living by high standards that others find difficult.


Pleasure is taken actively. It often only comes as far as you are able to pull it forth and within.

Sensory based pleasure includes listening and being engrossed in a song, tasting food as much as can be tasted, could be laying in a warm bath, can be watching a good movie, kind of lost in it in a magical way.

It can be socially based, while drunk at a party. It can come from money and it’s uses, in materialism, in one’s possessions and their use.

It can come from relaxation. Leisure after work. It can come from being involved in a creative project. It can be gotten on a vacation, while traveling, arriving, sitting on a beach, watching a sporting event, being at a concert. In an arcade room. At a book store or library, for some there is no better thing.

It helps to ask yourself what you would enjoy. And then to understand why, concentrating your desire for it, and then going to get it with all of your heart, or at least a little piece of it.

And the things that people enjoy different from person to person. Some just want to sit, others walk, people want their own particular music and movies, some people are most satisfied with gaming, others just like watching video game competitions. Some people like nothing more than a favorite night time show, others are completely satisfied with a good book.

Some people have spiritual demands, and live best in practice of them. Some are looking for the ark of the covenant or following after some mystery. Some like to date, others like to be alone.

But waste no time in learning what suits you best. Because the more things you find to enjoy, the better your time will be here on Earth.

Do not drag along things you no longer like. Instead just leave it there for another, and when something becomes over worn, faded, then find a new thing to carry.


Self leadership

Now that’s a good book! Self leadership was always my favorite self help topic. I probably read more self help books than any other kind. And some work great for overall improvement in psychology.. modern psychology and counseling is made of up these, going from Freud to things of a more wisdom based practice.

And self leadership is best of all. It is to teach yourself to work toward an agenda whose aim is targeted at making ones life better. At taking charge of your life. To have the responsibility needed to succeed. To bring about better things. Rather than expecting them to fall on your lap.

And where would we be without direction? Where would we go? How would we teach ourselves to get there? These are all topics that are covered by self leadership.

It is to find a place to go to and to head that way. To motivate oneself to continue forth. To not waste time in doing so. To be on a journey alone but not resting too long, not falling asleep on you duties of everyday, those that ensure a better future.

Working everyday. Doing a good job at it too. For many want to create. But few would be perfect in so doing. Some want to create and work very little, hoping that what they have made will Garner undeserved appreciation. Or rather the person who puts all of their heart into something that knowing when it is finished that’s the last if it. It can either be forever good or forever average. And such a person is kind of afraid the thing will be mediocre. As much as s/he does, s/he will be sure to create something the best it could be made.

Taking up the challenge. Wielding the sword for the first time. Becoming adept at using it.. that is the better person. The person who can remove the sword from the stone. The one that will influence many people. The one who rests above them. While those without these traits will die and be put in a paupers grave.


Team mindedness

Two heads are better than one. Some heads are better than two. Two of those are better than four.

The idea team is one that benefits itself, whether financially or otherwise. Those that have good and worthwhile agendas are the team you want to be on.

Among professions these are many: police, fire fighters, medical people, doctors and nurses, any sporting team, game programmers, movie actors. While some professions are without teams, such as authors and things. So that comes with a choice. Do you work better with a team or without one? The dividing line between the two types if people: those that like to work alone and those that like to work with others, is broad. And it is a good question to ask yourself depending on what kind of job you would get.

The smartest people though found a way to work with their friends. And they went very far in doing so, creating some major corporations still doing well to this day. Such as at the Advent of home computer production, and Apple, and Microsoft, with Atari and arcade machines. People had a very strong interest in these, and when you bring two of just the right friends together, or a few, you can do incredible things.

For many professions it is more about the team than the occupation itself. It is more about the comradery. The friends you keep. A bird of the same feather kind of thing. And it brings right unto you a while type of people that, for better or worse you are faithful too. And a wise man once said to give your life for your friends is the greatest love a person can have.

Like minded people gather together whether or not it is because of jobs. These include things like card playing, something like D&D, or hobbies that require a number of people. People coming together to game, to create things, to just do things that others like to do too, in the same place. But the person who says that all of a person’s interests can be entirely apart from others, doesn’t really know what s/he is talking about.



A person that knows he can knows right: s/he can. As for if they could the answer is probably yes. But the main question to answer is would they? If you tell yourself you can’t, you’ve already given up. And maybe you e over estimated it’s difficulty. But if you really do regard something as just too daunting, then it is good not to bother. Just remember things are usually not as difficult as they appear to be. Especially if it is something a little if people are doing. And especially if that is even a common hobby.

The more unrealistic your goals, in a way, the better you will be at trying to get them. The harder you will try. The least of the most is more than the least of the least.

Confidence strips away ones own prohibitions, inhibitions, restraints. Something’s can just be tasted. A plate right before them. And they devour it. Some pick at their food and ask themselves what is that. They can never really know it. They can never really enjoy the climb up. They turn down halfway afraid of the bear, having excuses, just finding that half way up was good enough not knowing just how close they were to the top.

The funny thing is, confident people just run up those mountains all the time. They have built up faith in their selves. They know they can do it. It doesn’t worry them or stress them out. Can take a year to learn and do, bit it is done as though never a bad or had day passed by in getting there. Some had built up the confidence needed to be that way, and that’s what most of it is: just self confidence. Knowing you’ll get it done. Not in a day, but it’ll get done when it is done.

Confidence helps you in many ways. It strips away thoughts that hold you back. It makes you better, socially, and professionally, it takes you to the higher ranks, the higher positions, and it is all in knowing that you can, that you will, and it’ll be done.






Rewarding yourself

I’m in a position where I have things that people buy from me. I live with 20 or more people and have things like new batteries and head phones to sell them. I buy them very cheaply online, small things. And during the day I likely get enough money from it to get a soda or two and some candy. Soda costs more in little convenience stores, compared to super markets, but they are always ice cold. And I do not get these until my work day is complete, having written fifteen pages.

Call it supernatural of some sort but I believe that those who hold back pleasure, that our business before pleasure, and reward themselves for their work, are, themselves, rewarded by higher powers. And I believe that Higher Beings can be and are very secret among us, that we already have among us them. Something you can call a very higher intelligence, that observe us all. Not to get too much off topic but we are becoming much more god-like ourselves, so why would we think that these things are impossible. Just because we can’t see them?

And I think they reward the hard worker inasmuch as they like the work being done. And more so, if it is acknowledged of them, rather or not we know them.

Maybe existence on Earth is a penalty. Maybe it is a prison we were sent to. And that fits with all the facts. That we were sent here to work the land. And cannot escape until either death or that point that humankind truly becomes as one with gods. So were that true, then not working.. on whatever it is. Not contributing anything, could incur punishment. But having work, one that is appreciated by the higher powers, is going to reward you. Is going to situate you into a better life, one in which you may do the work that you were assigned to. Or that you picked up on, anything favored.

And I am almost done with the total sum of my writing. I’ve written 31 books. This is the 32nd, and I have 9 more to go, plus one more I am going to do far more leisurely, one based on new video game ideas for anyone, putting into it 300 places or more. Anyways the last two months I am on this I am going to do what is very untypical of me. And that is to spend most of my check on snacks and soda, and good food. Rent and costs of living paid for, too, but all the rest going towards those. I mean, o feel I deserve it. I spend five hours every day writing. That’s no joke!


A better life everyday

If you are much better off than you were a year ago then you’ve done well. I moved around a lot in life. Having been so picky, but often just in bad spots, too. I went from place to place city to city, state to state. I wanted to find that perfect place and wasn’t going to be in any place I didn’t fully loved to be.

So that caused a lot of broken leases. It caused a lot of disputes. As if I could have made my home better, I would. But then finding I had no power to change things there. And moving. And whatever problem I found, I left during to.

Eventually I would make myself to San Francisco. I had rolled over it in my mind what the best city would be, to live in. San Francisco seemed like a very liberal people. The weather was better than anywhere else. There was the ocean. Neat things like Alcatraz and the Golden Gate Bridge. And it is one of the wealthiest cities in the nation. And I was sure that they’d help me better in terms of mental health treatment. And that was very true. Compared to New Mexico, things for us are made much easier here. And for many reasons total, I chose to come here.

But I had a lot of hell to go through. Jail, psychiatric commitment for a year, homelessness for a year. Finally I found my way into a group home. For the first time I was around a lot of people, all day, as I wanted to be. I had many friends. One friend would go with me to classical music performances at Saint Mary's, which was free. There is a lot to do in San Francisco. But my life got even better when I moved to the place I am now. A board and care, being in a place that staff cooks for us, make our beds, clean our rooms, the house, and do our laundry. Rent here is $1,000, you have to be mentally ill and to get into this place you’ve had to have had it bad. Like me, someone who was homeless for a year eating out of the garbage. And being committed for a year. I have over a hundred dollars a month to spend on whatever I want. And I don’t have to buy things like food and laundry detergent. I’m always in a clean place. I am finally happy and fulfilled. A place in which to stay. In a city I love, a beautiful one with many things to do. The main library is seven floors high!


Ways that others would obstruct and oppose your pleasure

Whether or not someone would admit to their selves or others that they are against your pleasures in life they are. That’s the real reason behind their agenda to stop you from doing certain things that others, but not them, could enjoy. They are given a public based problem that they don’t want to deal with. They don’t really like their jobs, especially the pressure. So instead of taking time and instead of thinking it through, instead of working at improving anything they just destroy it altogether. They fight obesity by outlawing sugar, or taxing it. And things like straws. And taxing food bags, whether or not they are paper. And they are sure to inflate the problems to fit into the support and “understanding” of others. They are tired of dealing with these things person to person. They are tired of funding anti smoking propaganda their funds are wanted elsewhere, people just “don’t listen” and so the politician really wants to just outlaw tobacco smoking altogether.

Too much video gaming, “cell phone overuse,” The people are against these things. They are proud their message is getting through. They feel useful in an easy way. This is so much easier than dealing with real issues! This is the mentality of certain politicians. And the public, too, especially in exchange, bonded together against petty matters. I turned out just fine playing video games all day in my youth. I was probably saved from a much more frustrating and unfulfilling life. To my brother the same. And me and my family have a few sodas everyday. Sometimes a candy bar. Sometimes alcohol is involved! And none of us could live more happily and have had a better life.

There’s no short cuts

But there are slight shortcuts

And slight short cuts can save a lot of time. I take the example of video game consoles. The more powerful they are, the higher they cost. And those that cost too much simply won’t succeed. So in contrast, making it very good, but keeping the price down in development and implementation, the quicker route is preferable.

To over do something can run it, anyway. Like a painter on a canvas that doesn’t know when to end. So they change this, add to that, remove that and have likely ruined what would have been a good painting.

Or a person that rushes to work. By wanting too much to be on time s/he has just “hurried up to wait.”

Some of the best things come naturally. Many things are ruined by being too specific, complicating ideas—as one idea may be good, the best idea, but made into something entirely different in trying to make it better, adding from this taking from that. It changes too much what was originally intended.

It adds to things people don’t really want to pay for. It is like adding a desert to a cake that came from a far away place using techniques handed down by ancestors, but not tasting any different than other cakes really.

Sometimes being just a little better can be a lot more work. As one is on the fringe of what best has already been. But to go any further is far more difficult. Like a computer, a processor, video card or ram that doesn’t really add much to what was already there, but with all the work comes at a much higher price.

So short cuts can sometimes be desirable and effective but not short cuts so much as a slight trimming. Something better than every other current thing isn’t going to be that for very long anyways.




I can show you four types of thinkers:

Love headed thinkers, whose heads are in the clouds. That say great things, but are of no real use in reality.

Studious thinkers, whose knowledge is fact based. That know things based more on fact than personal understanding.

Emotional thinkers, whose lives are based around material pleasure and their relationships with others.

And Reasoning thinkers, who learn things based on personal evidence and who form their thoughts from the abstract. Who are in charge of their own understanding.

One person may like to tell stories, and memories occupy most if their thoughts. Then some have their minds on the future most of the time. Some are easily worried, others not so. And those that handle things while they are occurring and not until then, have a mindset that does not carry along too much weight.. they haven’t “exercised the muscle of worry.”

There are mentalities that largely incorporate impulse. These are within people that have decided to not think. From refusal to think for whatever reason—that logic can be too burdensome, that they just didn’t have the time to think things through, that they are like a person being pulled forth instead of one that approaches things her or himself.

Spiritual intellect is very welcoming to people who do not like the world they live in. And it goes best with a side of tasteless meat, the bitter taste they get by pre conceived and exaggerated notions of the world being corrupt. Ones not so well without the other. And so do people pick and choose all combined thoughts as they best fit in with each other, determined by the mentality they have chosen to keep and work through, intellectually.




This is just a general practice of someone who has chosen to like their own things and cares little about the choices and tastes of others. Some want to be in the population stratosphere, others have no interest in that, and are just looking for things that interest them on a personal level, instead.

An example I often use is the one person goes the a store taking a lot of time, getting exactly what they want. And another goes into a store, already know where the popular things are, music, clothes, movies, and gets those things, the most popular and trendy of anything else there. One area is for an individualist. The other is for the popularist.

One person at the library goes for the best selling author. The other takes a lot of time finding something that fits just right. Both are wearing clothes that fit. But one has only one color to wear. The individualist though wears any number of colors and designs.

One person eats the food that their friends and family does, while the individualist has tried out about everything and has chosen from many the ones that are for him or her, the best.

But only caring for your own tastes shouldn’t include not caring for the people, as a side effect to individualism, that is a bad side effect. Instead keep the over all population in mind. And try to blend in. There are the people that dress very strangely, “provocatively,” but when you are a stranger people are strange. You may be lit up like a peacock but only invite strange thoughts before the eyes of other people.

Just don’t let individualism separate you from others, turning you into a reclusive non-sociable person. Like a person as a bird that looks different, a fish that looks different but trying to swim with the tuna while you are a shark. And maybe you want to eat them. Or else you are just a shrimp among the fishes, in any case you’ll stick out like a sore thumb.



Abstinence, asceticism, purposeful asexuality, not bothering to try.

Some people who just can’t find good things in life and find it too challenging, burdensome and difficult to obtain things they’d enjoy are likely to give up all together and teach themselves the way of greater contentment.

Some would believe that God would have them refuse any good thing. In whatever form God takes, even as the Buddha. And also as Christ The Savior. Some may have gone the opposite route and became very obese. And, after got good and disciplined on a diet, they found a habit and lifestyle they were good at, choosing to do what they are good at, until they became anorexic. They attribute pleasure to vice on any account.

When you are young you are always looking for a relationship. But when you get older your hormones calm down and you just don’t care anymore, in fact you are sick of it. But it doesn’t mean you are spiritually superior. In fact by making every lustful thing a sin, a forbidden fruit, it just anticipates desire for it. Which knows? Maybe that was God’s intention all along! He must have known it would be counterproductive!

A person cannot live off of fruit and vegetables. You’d have to eat so much that it’d kill you, and yet food would be so meaningless for those that are trying to live long.. in that lifestyle, though most people live more or less the same amount of years. Those that are extremely healthy may only live a few more than those more moderately healthy, but bad genes and cars can kill anyone, no matter the diet or how careful you As for me, I’m just along for the ride. I don’t think it’s a final destination. I’ll be as happy as I can be. Because I know I’ll regret it if I don’t, when I enter into the next realm.

I say “eat your heart out,” And have moderation. And have moderation of moderation, too.



The necessity of law and order

Complain all you want about police, but we need them. And not all of them are the same. In fact by my own observation and experience, most I them are good people who will do all they can to prevent you to go to jail, unless you’ve done something outrageous.

I’d really rather have a few bad police from precinct to precinct than no police at all. And even a gangster benefits from the police whether or not they could have any appreciation. The world would be much different without law and order. Total anarchy would exist and what’s perhaps the worst of it would happen to your loved ones.

Anyone could break into your home. Anyone on the street could rob and murder you. Every store would be robbed, couldn’t exist. Money would be counterfeited. It just goes to say that law and order is more necessary than anything else in society.. much more than we know!

Police are often accused if harassment. I’m talking about instances that they weren’t, that they “man handled” someone. That “they hurt them,” trying to calm them down, or having to forcefully arrest them. That they were accused of brutality and things like that when they weren’t, and fortunately these baseless accusations don’t lead anywhere.

Its all as necessary as the air we breath, though. And I believe that we need police to be more empowered and laws to be stricter than they currently are. You may not like the thought of that, but it is coming into greater need that peace be kept and that harmful people are put away, stopped, prevented from harming others. I wouldn’t mind, if these laws were against such people, carrying a lot more weight, bringing about greater peace. Up unto a point, of course. But things in the states are getting out of hand!





Creating science and technology that would help us all

Most technology only helps regarding things like entertainment and software. Because of it phones have become very powerful devices. As well as some other technology, such as TV and such. On the horizon there are 3D printers and driverless cars.

But while these things are good to have there are far greater needs we should meet. Those include the science that would produce food very easily and very quickly—could be a genetically modified seed that grows very fast, or far larger fruit, lab grown meat, or replicators as seen on Star Trek.

That would do people far more good than the newest electronic. Flash drives would a lot of space for movies, an at home thing answering questions and making shopping lists.

The cure for cancer.

The fountain of youth. Anything that greatly extends life and it is possible. It is just given little attention.

Things that could give the homeless homes.

Robotics that in large numbers could minimize the need of human performed Work—so much that a universal basic income could be implemented.

Better clothing. Anything produced by solid energy. Clothes could change appearance with them and clean themselves. It could also produce a barrier around anyone, one that can’t be intruded upon. And maybe privacy be damned, but cameras high above the sky, a satellite that sees people as they go from point A to point B, no longer able to rob or kidnap and get away with it!

I truly believe that science and technology is capable of these things. They are just given little focus preferring instead the things that produce the most money most quickly.


Prosecution is an easier job than exoneration

There are many ways that prosecutes convince that their quarry is evil, to strip down their character, to make a lie about them seem true. To paint them as evil. To put doubt in people’s heads. To suggest, to have consider, to make believe that the one they are breaking down did what s/he did and for the worst reasons.

It may be Innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. But is much easier to make people believe something than to doubt something.

So much brick a brack is incorporated into aims of prosecuting. Things that are really irrelevant and beside the point. They don’t want to allow the jury to even consider the person’s innocence. They are good at their job at portraying a villain. To make what s/he did carry heavy and unacceptable connotations with it. That they should be condemned. That no doubt should they be put away. They are very dangerous.

Jodi Arias was sexually abused. She was psychologically abused, too. And sometimes people just get what they deserve. If someone shoves someone else and they wield a blade, and they stab the one who assaulted them. People would throw out the argument altogether that s/he was defending their self. They’d thought to have been entirely in the wrong. And that the other person didn’t do anything wrong.

And many who go on a killing rampage had been thoroughly abused. There was no room for them. They were taunted daily. And came to that point. Self defense shouldn’t be separated from “excessive self defense.” As long as it is proven that the one who was attacked (shoved, spat at, punched) then they should be given the dignity to defend themselves, as strongly as a stand your ground law should go!

Let men keep honor and civilians preserve the peace with that. Let every man have put into his hands the permission to preserve peace for not only them, but for us all.


What’s in your blood?

Because of living with two radically different parents and spaces far apart, I’ve found how living one way is entirely different than a possible other. Most people had lived in the same setting for all of their lives. I’m here to say now, that there are many differences between many kinds of people. A game lifestyle is after sexual objectives and money. Are not always harmful, but are full of vandals, or at least graffiti. To get something like weed is valuable, and adds to the pleasure of life. Or it may be meth, as I’ve seen among them.

Those in Texas have a different mentality than California, obviously.

There are schools minded groups, very studious. Then there are those that barely pass like me, out drinking with my friends. Just got the GED, and some college besides.

A military lifestyle, a fire fighter, a police officer a teacher, a plumber, an author, a musician, it goes to show you just how many jobs are available and how radically each one is different from the other. So out of many thousand different jobs, which one should you choose?

There are many paths taken by the same road. One road may lead to the same places, turning around onto it. And one road can either go directly one place as long as it is continued on. But one road can split into four different paths. A person is in the place s/he is in, very uniquely. As being anywhere else would have meant the difference of everything!

Hobbies among people are very diverse. So is all interests, and by knowing this you may now know just as many different things make up the Earth, do not limit yourself for the chooses and the opportunities are many.


And what is truest to your nature? .. And holidays

Usually childhood is a reliable indication.

Those things you enjoyed early on and had the most passion for.

When I was a kid I did a lot of writing, music, an essay based. I liked the occult. And I liked electronics, to name a few.

And I continued to. Fortunately I was taught early not to take drugs. And a taught perspective regarding it stuck. And even being homeless and if ten are the “wrong” people I never did drugs. Maybe the first 18 years are the most important.

As we all know the best indicator of the future is the past. That history repeats itself, and that things have a momentum that people desire. Where we want things to lead, so we will lead them.

Valentine’s day was the one Holliday I did not like. The elementary school I was in on Valentine’s day had us give to every student, boy or girl, a valentine. So my parents got me a box of valentine cards. I had serious crushes on some of the girls. But wound up giving flirty messages to everyone in school. Embarrassing

During Halloween we had an indoor and outdoor carnival. Things full of prizes and rewards, little candy and toys. I just couldn’t help being felt like the Devil made me happy.

Mat day we wrapped a large ribbon around a very high pole. We went over and under people weaving it onto the pole. That to Pachelbel’s Cannon.

No doubt one of the best things for a child is a holiday, whatever it may be: Christmas, Easter, Halloween.

And may the joys persist within you. But with age comes much loss of love, interest, and involvement.

You may have one favorite activity. And only because of not trying other things, they may be all that there is at hand, which is true for most people. You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.




A place for you and a place for me. But when do we need to come together?

We could group the harshly criminal into an area where they could roam freely. Like separating the Lions from the sheep. But humans are much harder to confine than any lion or wolf. And they would just hunt down the sheep. Only being afraid of being sent back to their own area.

People among other people, make people. They become those around them, for better or worse. But that indicates more that people are a product of influence more than bad in nature.

A community develops tastes and lifestyles, and it becomes a river moving forward. I guess if there is only one area to be re guarded strictly your own, where you are in charge if the rules, that it is your home. And in any case I would always support the rule over ones own home. As long as they leave with their spiritual image intact. Some may know what I mean by that, others not. Don’t violate someone at the level of their soul.

And people should have the right to make that home not just by residence but by groups, too. In other words, a person’s building that is his or her own, should be allotted just as strict of rules regarding its occupants. Where some would crash the party, they out be quickly removed and prohibited from returning. And fortunately security guards have that power. Thank God.

Whatever place that is, it is generally agreed that those there are there for the nature that it is. People go to bars to drink. Not to protest alcohol. People that don’t like it’s music should go to a different bar. A Mexican restaurant is expected to serve Mexican food. If you want other kinds of food, there are other places.

What I am saying is that there are very many very different kinds of places. To go to one of a very particular nature can be easy enough. Especially if you are in a large city. And the power to control and operate their own place should be entirely in the hands of the owner. Strict laws that prohibit certain people and that remove the obnoxious must be kept intact and these places as large as they are desired to be.

Corporate and religion communes

And now after leading up to this topic I’ll explain these.

These are occurring often. They are coming into being. And it is very suitable. They are places that being together groups if a particular kind, house them, and charge less rent. As when many are sharing rent and responsibilities, overall work and rental costs are drastically reduced. Right now these are common as religious settings. I think they should be as corporate ones, too. That certain tasks are expected. That daily obligations are met, and that people are in an atmosphere of like minded people, those with similar interests.

Then the team is always around. The employees are always available. There are more home based operatives and agendas, all work at home, all may work as early or late as they want, so long as they get the job done.

There best friends would be other employees. Their best work done more naturally, with help available at most times, much more than having to go to an office to do it. Living on a tight schedule. Not having help around when you need it. And not being so restricted in a time frame could do wonders for any business.

Some certain things would be allotted. Basic food, for example. A certain amount of anything. So long as it is taken without being wasted. Having wasted it and needing more should come at a price. Other things are charged for, such as better food. And extra duty could bring extra pay, such as cooking and cleaning more than you are expected to. Let everyone help each other out with or without a price. As they decide together.

Maybe for the first three months training, and there after assigned to work. But in the meantime, having those in training do more housework, so they don’t leave without having contributed anything. And not taken for a ride.








Overcoming weak mindedness

One of the most easiest traits to gain that is as negative as it is, is weak mindedness. For those that had been disciplined into relinquishing control too easily during childhood, or during later years by teachers and bosses, it is an easy trait to gain, a difficult one to remove.

Fortunately we don’t have to do what others tell us to. And when we don’t may even find that a person isn’t going to lash out at you.. for not doing as you say, giving them things, etc.,

Learning to say no is difficult for anyone who, all of her or his life had said yes, but it can mean the difference of having self respect and not having it. Saying no long enough starts to make you think you don’t owe anyone anything, and you don’t! Those that have learned to say no have learned that saying yes all the time is a degrading position to be in. It may be simple and affordable enough to give someone something, but you give an inch to anyone, they will take from you a mile.

Speaking your mind sets forth boundaries. Having others kept at a distance and telling people all the things you wonderfully hate about them, at least in portion, keeps you from being railroaded.

People pleasing, quick-submission, over politeness and such things—just know that if someone is going to become upset over you for a petty reason, then they must enjoy being upset throughout the day. It probably gets them off. There’s people that will get angry over petty things. And if you don’t let them, they won’t like it.

You don’t owe people favors. Some are lazy—they want you to do things for you. Some are so lazy that they can’t move a foot, and ask you to go get them something. To bring the coffee over to them. To go to the store for them. But without fair return, turn these people down. Save your dignity.

And some would just be entirely intrusive. Some would bully. Both must be dealt with strongly. The only way to stop abusive behavior happening to you is to retaliate. Some times you have to strongly oppose these things, and if you don’t it will continue. There’s no stopping it.

So if anyone thinks you are rude “aren’t polite enough,” and requests become demands, a person was offended by something trivial. Someone thinks you aren’t trying hard enough. Someone took what you said the wring way. Someone is too sensitive: leave them in their own hell. Don’t join them. Save yourself from their fate and fits by just leaving them there to burn. If someone’s standards are too high and impractical, or someone is just jealous in reality, don’t think you could have pleased them, anyway. My father was the perfectly wrong person to be raised by. He was the type of person who would rip up your painting and tell you to stop showing off.


The most valuable things in life

Some of the best things in life are easily gotten and kept. Such as a good bed, a good chair, good food, good music and good entertainment.

To me not much more matters than these. I have many favorite things besides but good entertainment and food are the two best things to me, in my life.

There are moments that I have them and couldn’t want anything more. To go to a pizza place and get two large slices of pizza. Or to smoke a cigarette early I the morning after breakfast. And after my work is done to go get some soda and candy. That is the sort of best thing I my life. Maybe I got it from my mother, that each Friday she let me get a candy and soda.. and whenever I had even a little change I could get them, growing up. My late grandmother taught me to eat slowly and enjoyed my food. A lesson that stuck. One that served me well. And every Thursday my (step) father and mother took us out to eat at a restaurant. So needless to say I learned to appreciate and enjoy food.

I would get a different candy bar each Friday until I ate them all. And I’d get a slush puppy loaded with cherry syrup.

But what I enjoyed the most in my youth was video games. They were captivating. I’d play them all night sometimes. Being engrossed in the stories of Final Fantasy 4 & 6 as only a child could be.

I used to sit outside late at night waiting for the morning sun to come out. And the light going from twilight to Dawn was very peaceful for me.


Born into a new reality

Unless we always were, perhaps abiding in some spiritual realm before where we are today, on Earth, then we came from nowhere. We know death as “nowhere” and why couldn’t we come from nowhere again? We know not where we are going, but we also know not from where we came from.

Would life be worth as much? Would life be less valuable, meaningful, requiring purpose, if we knew that after human life comes a new life? Perhaps human again? Or something else, maybe somewhere else? What would we ever get done? How could we value life?

I really do believe that reincarnation happens, but not as a rule. But rather as where the universe, where God, our god-creator, would place us. But not as a rule.

If you deny that God exists than you have chosen to separate yourself from Him. By saying and thinking it, and especially for those that teach it, if He doesn’t exist for you, you don’t exist the Him. But actively acknowledging that Him and His Son Jesus exists, then you will remain with Him, and He will carry you through. He will bring you until Him.

And those in life that completed a good Work—whatever a good work would be, have proven worthy to use their given life well. And so will be situated into a good existence after this one. But those that were known to do little or nothing, and are generally nasty, were placed in the worst places on Earth. So live life well, and do good things for all people.

The later you were born the more you were graced by God. And Heaven is in our midst. It must have been profoundly perplexing to have first left our mothers womb and the few years following. As nothing much at all could be understood of all of this. Be thankful you are an adult now, one who fully understands all the things around him/her.

It’s not your responsibility to make others happy, it’s theirs.

As the saying goes you can’t please everyone so you might as well please yourself.

If a person squanders their money then expect you to provide what they lack, then that’s just degrading. When a TV is on and one person doesn’t like what is on, but you’ve gotten to it first, and they insist on changing it—what if they want to watch something that you don’t want to? Should all people have to like the same thing?

Not all like the same music, the same food, the same activities, the same subjects. Not all have the same opinions, the same interests, the same values. And those that were made to follow a dictum, will push it on others, themselves unable to deny it.

But some have to have it their way caring little or nothing what others have and would want.

And some people are going to get angry over petty things, time and again. The abusive type. The ones that want to argue and fight with you, and are always hateful. There is no changing that sometimes. No matter how much you do to stop them from being that way they will remain that way, do you shouldn’t even bother.

Give people and inch and they’ll take a mile. Give one thing, two are expected. Give two more, and everything is expected. Everyone wants a free ride. No one has to drive them. And choosing to drive them is, for me, just too degrading. I won’t do it.

If anyone can’t find joy in daily life then that is their problem, not yours. Maybe they are enjoying a pity party. Maybe they like to cry their eyes out. Maybe they really are doomful but there is probably nothing you can do about it. Maybe they’d just like to get on anti depressants. But maybe they just want to be loved, but that’s a separate matter.




Being well balanced

But there is a trick to that. That is all in knowing the weight, not the size. Any minor new change is very heavy: by being new and different. And there is good weight and bad weight. That makes for better knowledge in weighing the things of ones life.

Because something the same, though it feels balanced, always ways the same. Over time you become unaware of it’s weight. Put something new or different on the scale though, and finally, it’s all felt again. But with every passing day becomes lighter. It even floats. And you try to catch it, but it’s gone.

Some without balance carry a heavy load. Which is too much of any given thing. It is like rocks in a back pack. But worse than that are rocks in the pocket that you value, but aren’t the gems you think they are.

Anything out of proportion, too much of something, over doing things, are all off balance.

Sometimes things like alcohol lessen the weight for awhile. As far as spirituality goes, it is anti gravity.

Putting your mind on other things cannot lessen the weight too. By exercising or working g on any given thing the leisurely comes much more pleasantly.

And late in the day we all have grown tired if reality, or at least our body has, and put us into sleep. Free-thought occurs during dreaming and what we’ve blocked and controlled is let lose for awhile to play.

And life is best dealt with on a give, take, find, and reject basis. That in order to get back, you give, in order to have just want you want, you find the means, and to keep things out of your favor away.

To be balanced is to have moderation, and moderation of moderation. Just as close to the ends of excess that you can get to. To have nearly too much of any good thing



When you’ve got nothing else to lose you will find the strength to do what is necessary, or else have nothing else again. Those that experience the difficulty of military training and finish through it know the upper limits of the human spirit. That is true especially physically. And those that go to college and get very good grades, had the strength to do so. Both had to have found the strength, whether it was wondering or without the help of others.

Being homeless may seem like an absolute nightmare for those that didn’t experience it, but it does become easier. And those in jail eventually settled in. Maybe a little heart broken, but with as much strength as they can find, the better off they are.

Though some would commit suicide given too much difficulty. This could be tragically from being bullied, from too much stress, from losing a loved one, from depression. And maybe someone pushes forward, just far enough away to choose to live, and that is a great and honorable strength.

It takes much strength to do your best. To not cut corners. To not only begin well but to end well, and in between. Usually late in someone’s work they get a little lazy, and a little is fine. But the more strength someone has, the better the things s/he does and creates.

I twice walked nearly fifteen miles just to visit my family. To prove myself to them and myself. And I’ve walked much further than that, too, the breadth of Albuquerque—and a little more from taking the wrong route home. And that came naturally for me. I had gotten good and my legs string at patiently walking. Which anymore though, I take the bus, if even to save walking a few blocks.

And whatever hard work or practice you do, only goes as far as your strength takes you. And you can add things like motivation, patience, determination, and commitment to all those. And things like those can be called cousins to strength.


Being understanding

Caring and understanding don’t have to always go together. To understand without caring is one kind of understanding, sometimes caring comes after understanding, sometimes it doesn’t.

We all have a bad day. Some have had many bad days. Others have had very many very bad days. A person who is obnoxious the moment you see him or her, or her and him, two peas in a pod, and continues to be belligerent for no good reason, should be an audience to, a spectator, not a victim if their rouses. They cut off the head of the rose and grasp onto thorns for you. They squeeze blood from their hands and that’s the closest some people will get to a horror movie. It’s a killer clown.

I very much appreciated as lot of the help I received while homeless. I didn’t even have to ask. People would just come up and give me things. Often food, often very good food. But then there were some weirdos that tried giving me sandwiches with moldy bread, Lord knows where from. Or those cheap and expired salads. And those bottles of Luke warm water when a water fountain was a block away. But some gave whole pizzas, in a box, some gave me cheese cake. Others soda, some candy. Actually even while I was homeless I lived by the rule: if the food isn’t good then I won’t eat it.

Rain was a terrible thing while homeless. If you had a feeling that it was going to rain that night but we’re just too tired to care.. at the moment, then in the middle of the night rain had begun to pour. To have to go someplace to keep dry. But sooner or later soaked. And having to stay seeking under the few shelters available. Business won’t have roofs for you. And they won’t let you stay inside for even ten minutes. So you’d get soaked. Walk around in wet clothing. A worker at a fast food place told to have the homeless removed from the outside. She said they were ruining it for everyone. And one night I was laying down when I heard one person tell another “homeless alert! Call the police!” Who showed up and made me move. In most places you weren’t allowed to sleep. The police were bound to wake you up and make you move. Sometimes more than once any night.

Shelters are no kind of solution. And neither are meal sites. Better food is found in the garage or handed to you from people. The shelter tales more than an hour to get into. And you can stay in them (at appointed bed time) for 90 days or less. In Clovis New Mexico, it was three nights. It is just much easier to sleep on a bench or a side walk. Than to walk a mile or so to the shelter. A place filled with things, bed full of bed bugs.


Taught by the seasons of things

Just like an animal that was learning it’s new body, one it’s just gotten, like a kitten that jumps all around and learns if things like food, or a bird so happy to fly, so where we as children. Interested enough to learn to speak. Having more interest in that than we later would, as becoming adults that really don’t desire and need a language like we received from our parents. And not long after, learning numbers and colors, learning how to write and read. And as I remember it, it was a lot of fun learning the most simple of words like At, Bat, Cat. In youth we were fully involved and interested in things, whatever we liked we loved.

In the teenage years came more identity based things. I liked Anne Rice and vampire stuff. And also Satanic things. I liked the music of Slayer and Danzig. And would watch any Satanic movie I could get my hands on. Then for awhile there was this vampire stuff. And like all teenagers I had an identity to create myself. And that would continue until my early twenties.

Having a sexual partner was my strongest desire when I was an adolescent. My hormones were raging. I was very perverted really. All I thought about most of the time was sex.

So in my later 20s I felt I needed a purpose. My counselor said God gives everyone a purpose, and I decided to begin work on an all new religion Christian Satanism, which, recently, I finished my tenth and final book about it. Then continued onto four other religions, this one being the 9th to last book on four other religions (9 more books to complete to have created the 41 books I wish to.)

When I got to that age, my late 20s, and until now, my life has been purpose driven. And though I don’t care for things as much as I did as a child, I’ve learned greater responsibility and maturity.

I wonder what will be my lifestyle later. In my forties.

I have one more thing to say about life changing, as in seasons that they are, and that is future technological developments. I have a general idea of what I can expect. Better and cheaper 3D printers, driverless cars, but when it comes to science and technology, the sky’s the limit, there's no telling. I look forward to finding out! And as far as I know, it can change my life entirely. And if I’m lucky, it will have created something that extends life, even by a decade or more.


Doomed cultures/ societies

Those that are engineered to pump out pleasure may create a people lost in it, whose direction leads nowhere. In order for purpose and dreams to be made true, people have to work for them to. A small riot can become a big one. So much as to require a temporary police state. And if things do not quell, a leader can gain total power over all people—as the only solution to restore law and order.

A confused people, a people who are far too driven in social concerns, a divisive people especially, are indicative of trouble afoot. Worst of all is decisiveness, which, if lead untreated, could lead to a civil war. And if not just decided one way, butchered into a thousand pieces.

They begin fully support a constitution. Some day they may find it out dated and put other concerns at the table. Ones that would go against the rights of others, especially rights had by certain kinds of people. And they really don’t see the forest for the trees. They are over sensitive. They may become anti-rights, if they can’t render them obsolete then they will conditionalize it, for others to take up where they left off.



Whenever it is that a person sees more bad than good not even the best is thought about how things are not entirely bad regarding them. I live in a board and care. The staff can be bossy and say they aren’t anyone’s servant. Then they clean up the toilet. Someone pissed all over the seat. But I’m grateful to have them clean and cook. I can put up with a little attitude and bossiness because they are angry they have to do these things for us when there are twenty people walking around that they are working for all the time, for every little thing. It’s like they are saying they hate their job. You gotta find some humor in that.

But we pay much more attention to the bad then the good. See, the bad piles up, higher and higher. Towers high. And it comes at a breaking point where people ow their top. But why don’t we let the good pile up? Making us helplessly happy? A person could do a few kind things for you every day. Generally you don’t care. If you do care, it’s not much or for long. But if they do one bad thing to you, it could make you sulk all day. You don’t say to yourself nearly as much that was sure good of them.

I took a college class Music Appreciation that taught me how to enjoy music, by knowing what it was made of. I got a 100% grade on it. I was really involved. O don’t know why they called that “appreciation,” but I guess that seeing something for what it is and understanding what people were doing for their listener, that it is a kind of appreciation.

Likewise to know what others are doing for you and how those things are of good intention can be a good social appreciation of them. People drive you places on the bus. Sure they get paid. Me though I ride the bus for free using my clipper card. People take out the garbage. People clean the streets. The police protect us. Politicians desire social satisfaction, and if you think about it it takes a lot of different people doing many different things sometimes requiring much education, effort, and training. Put all together is this idea system in which to live. It’s mind boggling.



Breaking someone’s trust. Doing one bad thing once, especially if it was especially bad, to lie once, to not do as you say you would when it was important, habitually showing up late, or not paying back debt, all of these can ruin ones reputation.

Criminal records are one of the worst things one can garner. Even a minor crime. They can keep you from finding housing or a job. And after receiving a bad record you may have to bend over backwards to find any job.

A good job done is a good future record for future employment. With a bad one, you’ve closed many doors on your future

To have gone through college with good grades helps substantially for preferable employment.

But the only thing you have to follow in having a good reputation is to only do what you know you can do, and so doing. If you’ve failed school totally, if you get a job you can’t do, if you are inadequate toward anything it could puncture your get-go. You’ll be left with limited choices.

So make sure that what you do you do right, and advertise it effectively

As for my methods of doing things I write five hours a day, putting all other things away before I am done. Writing 15 pages a day. Going to 100 pages, books with high word counts. And each book free in public domain, of which this is my 32nd book. The reason why I place them all in public domain and not charge for them is simply for my reputation. That and the idea that if I was published, I’d still have many books that were free and in public domain. So if I am published, I could be published freely in other markets those books that came before.

If you are known to be a hard worker, someone that excels at what they’ve chosen to do. If you perform well and are found trustworthy, then it will get you very far. And you can know then that what you say will be believed and taken seriously.



Freedom is a natural result. Those that are oppressed enough will sooner or later rebel and overthrow their oppressors, if any good out come can be, it will be. So when you take rights that you know preserves the dignity of others, you have stopped tyranny. You have established something long lasting. And if a people is given enough freedom they will fight to keep that freedom. If any outsider came in trying to enslave the population, they would not be tolerated, as highly as they value their rights.

The US Constitution gives the rights that people will naturally fight for and strive to keep. It’s not so much as a gift from the government as much as a demand for any government. That these rights be preserved, upheld—there’s no other choice. Our particular rights we demand, we fight for, we don’t merely ask or request.

For better or for worse, I put the Constitution first.

I whole heartedly agree with the toppling and over throw of dictatorships. They just shouldn’t be allowed to exist. They do horrendous things to their people. They do merciless, abhorrent things. So to fight them is to truly fight the good fight!

If you take into account that they throw people into prison and slave based labor for “conspiring” as observed by a paranoid Regime, have committed petty crimes and are tortured from them. They don’t only execute and imprison them but their families too. Or what Hitler did, mass merciless genocide. And dousing their people with chemicals warfare, using them as experiments, restricting any and all news media from freely speaking. To say one negative thing about the dictator, that will execute them for it. Suppressing basic rights. Letting all of their people starve, but them and their army. Executing a person based on harmless religious practices..

If it were up to me I’d remove them from power and execute them for success things. I think its cowardly that we allow these things to remain in today’s world. And selfish.


How to walk with gods

Any person who wants to be the best among them. Living in a way according to this will lead you right into them, with a little luck.


Be able to keep secrets

Those that are operating incognito would not have anyone around them that cannot keep secrets, speaking in plans, describing their company, making their hidden presence known. So don’t gossip. Don’t tattle tell to God. Don’t bring up insignificant issues.


Dress for the occasion

They would be proud to have you along if you looked well, were clean, and classy. They don’t want are them those work ratty clothing, of stench, and without attraction. So have pride in your appearance. It will attract more and better people unto you.


Get things done

Those that are competent at doing what they are needed for, that are good at these, and that are useful, will simply be needed around. But the lazy and unwilling are of no use. They are extra baggage that others don’t need. They are dragged along and before long, are left behind.. usually permanently.


Being reliable and trustworthy

That they know what can be expected if you, instead of being unpredictable or unmanageable, will help a lot. As much as you are needed is as well you are regarded. There are those of acting and those without. Sometimes you may feel you are being bossed around. But being around for long enough will increase your stature, as the less experienced come in.


Being worth much

People that improve simply by being around you, as seamless and natural as it can be, will certainly be leaders. How much value you are to others is how much respect you will receive frim them. They will think twice before ruining a good thing.


Being agreeable

Those that fit in together stay together. Those that don’t are rejected. So blend in and get along. Don’t be disruptive or blatant. Follow general rules and principles. Be in a way expected and appreciated if you.


Putting yourself first

Because others would put you behind them. Because others would have you underneath them.

I wouldn’t volunteer for anything you don’t have to do unless it us in a good enough way rewarding. I would spare a dime if it means you have less, and only fir that reason. Carry the right to be cheap. Don’t share with others that you can’t totally expend.

Climb the ladder. Have a spirit of Competition within you. Master your life, one that others cannot break through or pierce, and come tumbling down. People in some situations are like devouring lions whose heart is set on conquering others and controlling them. In some conditions in life someone could very well enslave you.

But put forth no thing of yourself that you wish to keep and wish to be kept your own, choosing to do only those things that make your life better.



Doing what you want to do in the way you love doing it

And doing it keeping the best reasons why you do it at heart

To first know why you are doing something. To know what you want to get our of it. And reminding yourself of that.

But many things can be done I ways ranging from an undesired way of doing it to a greatly desired way. You may not want to do something one way. You may love doing it another way.

Like a musician that hasn’t realized yet that they do love making music, just not so much as how they are currently doing it. They should find a way more suitable for them. The way it is best done. And in the process of doing what they love doing, will be better at it.

Do you collect things that you have lost interest in collecting? You are probably unlikely to collect every number of things contained within it anyway. And maybe consider collecting something that your heart may have been suggesting? I used to collect comic books. Then for awhile, Star Wars items. And most recently, I started collecting video game manuals, which I would consider better than comics. And I am entirely made new, having g a very good feeling new interest. People grow out of what they like to collect, more naturally for children becoming adults, than adults moving forward to new things.

There are many thousands of different jobs to choose from. Maybe the best choice comes from knowledge of available choices. Or else you are cutting yourself short. Most people would consider only a handful of options. The more discerning look through all available choices and can pick the one that is perfectly right for them. And are likely to find ones they had no idea existed.. and neither did others..

But method is included in this, too. That means not just doing any one of one thing, but doing anything the way you enjoy doing it most.



Hope and expectation

Without expectation there is no hope. Hope comes from wanting something to occur and also expecting it to. To want it to come about, to desire it to coming into being, that something comes to fruition.

Unfortunately I had a family that would break my hope. And so did other people and places and circumstances in my life. I don’t have hope any more regarding anything. And I noticed that I don’t have any expectation for anything to come into being. I don’t eagerly await anything.

I lived in a group home and it was difficult to get me into my housing after that, a new group home. The ones that worked to make that happen, after informing me that I got new housing, asked me if I was exited. I wasn’t. I didn’t thank anything about it. I just moved and that was that.

In fact the day I was told I would be leaving jail, I’d been there a year, I didn’t feel exited about it. It was just another day. And in fact what little bitty hope I had left was crushed, as the day they told me to get ready, I was leaving, I got ready. I waited for hours in a cell, from which they said that I wasn’t leaving that day. They made a mistake.

The best thing can happen the next day. I noticed that it used to exited me that something good was coming. My birthday. Pay day. A visit. Any good thing, no matter how good, doesn’t exited me anymore.

The only benefit to this is remaining rational, unmoved or bothered, to have less stress maybe.

My father would often tell me he was going to do something for me, like taking me to the swap meet on my birthday, but when the time came and I asked, which I asked very gently, afraid of making him angry and changing his mind, nevertheless he refused to take me and felt like I was bothering him for no good reason.

And if God could hear, maybe God could help.













My upcoming five day feast!

Pride has to come from within, from without. And reward to be taken, whether or not from your own hand, but just as well.

And having set forth a goal to write a total of 41 books last year, it has been a year, and in less than two months I will be done.

I normally spend most of my money on clothing. I never spend it on food—like pizza, sweets, soda. But tomorrow I plan on it. And in September too, when I will be forever done writing, having accomplished what I set out to do.

That’s where my money is going. And maybe it should all the time. There’s just no better thing in life than food and music. I have all the music I need. I’ll spend five whole days eating my heart out.

When I am done writing I will move onto other things. Hopefully I have created enough books to succeed as an author. Hopefully I will be often enough read. I do get regular downloads. But now that I’m nearly done, and when finished, I will just let it take care of itself. Hopefully it gains momentum, and I can put it at rest.

I can be found online under my full name. I’m not so much into one on one personal contact. But I am always grateful for any appreciation. And hopefully what I have done will be appreciated.

I had done much more extra work today. As tomorrow I am getting paid. And I do not want to have too much work to do tomorrow. I have other things to do. Taking the bus to my mental health clinic. Getting my check. Cashing it. Going on over to my favorite pizza place. Getting two giant slices. A soda. Spending fifteen dollars a day for five days, all on snacks. Just around the corner, here, in San Francisco, not even a block away. And I lobe them convenience marts. They may charge a lot, but their soda is ice cold!

If I forget to day so later, let me thank you for reading my books. I hope they help you. I feel I am a good source of change, possibly a change far greater than anyone else could cause. And I went through hell to gather my philosophy. Much like Odin gathering the runes. And it is hard. It is hard to write 15 pages a day.. but I have almost seen it through.


Becoming yourself

By strictly being yourself you, and your personal world, becomes yourself.

And it is an easier way to go forth in life, finding what you like and following your heart. But if you don’t go forth as yourself you become a stranger to yourself, you isolate your true inner nature into an area never drawn from.

Those that are their selves design a world around them that they like, one wrapped up in their tastes and placing all around things that the person most desires.

But as long as anyone puts other people’s wishes ahead of their own, as long as they walk the ways of another, they walk away from themselves. They have a lot more junk, a life full of other people’s garbage, treasure to one, trash to another

But don’t associate with anyone that would have you do what you don’t want to. Don’t go down roads you don’t like. Don’t try to force yourself to like something that in all sincerity you don’t. Or you will have found things that are not you, and the world will not be the richness it would be had you lived strictly according to your desired ways

There are some that would shame you for preferring unpopular things to the more popular. That goes against conventional life styles, ones pre established and determined by an impersonal entity. And as herd of animals they go forth, as they feel safer in so doing.

But the wisest person can ask him/herself if what they are doing is worth it, and its value. Then, and only then, the world becomes a good fitting suit worn in the places you want to be.




That is, doing the same things over and over again, it is an elusive attempt at perfection. It’s been shown that children and animals can become compulsive. Like an animal with obsessive compulsion.

I believe my Schizophrenia goes hand in hand with compulsion. I repeat the same thing in my mind, endlessly, and it makes me lose sleep, it makes me lose focus, and eventually costs me my sanity. But taking an anti psychotic, that no longer happens. I’m not grandiose with what I say, and think about what I said, and wanting to “know” what I said

Compulsive thoughts can keep you awake more than anything.

I may make myself a little sure. If I can feel the lump in my pocket that is a wallet then I know it is there. I don’t have to actually see it to know this. And I don’t have to open it up to be sure it is there.

Sometimes I feel I overdosed, by any chance. I take my pills at night and even though I was sure at the moment I took the right dose, a little worry follows that I didn’t. Yet, I always do. And my lock. I have highly valuable things. But I live with 20 or so people. Sometimes I leave home to go somewhere, thinking I should have made sure I locked my cabinet up. But I always do!

But the best I can do is allow myself to be a little sure, which in fact is very sure, instead of being totally sure, which is too much sure!

Always afraid I’m going to get caught doing something I didn’t do. One foul step could land you in hot water. I have a fear of getting in trouble and have the tendency to think I will, when I’ve really done no wrong. I missed to appointments to see my therapist. Legally it is something I have to do. The first time wasn’t my fault, though, as there was an emergency that occurred involving a client there (probably threw a fit and started throwing everything around yelling, requiring the police to come.)




Wonder for me can come from new screen and technology, and it’s potential, can be based on dreams for a better future, to want to know the outcome of something, in general, and other things. I found my original Nintendo system to be this awesome thing, at about age 10. As good as it was at the time the Super Nintendo was much more powerful, as the graphics took a leap up. And that was something astonishing. To see it playing Super Mario World at Walmart on display. So the Super Nintendo was far more impressive. And I played a favorite game of mine Final Fantasy 2, which was outdone by a mile with Final Fantasy 3. And video games did that to me. With Zelda: Ocarina of Time, the graphics were better yet again. And Final Fantasy 8 after that

My Windows 95 computer had a music video play on it. I thought that was impossible! Then Windows XP, etc., Things don’t get just a little better. They get a lot better. My little cell phone does more than my most powerful computers did less than ten years ago.

You see AI Robotics doing leaps, hailing things, walking, even running, falling, and picking themselves back up. Or people suddenly flying around on a drive based board. People zooming by on battery operated gliders. Movies doing what they are able to, now.

Almost all of my wonder comes from new science and technology. If it was a tape or VCR, and later a CD and DVD, and then a memory card. A memory card the same size as a finger nail that has more space on it than hard drives 10 or so years old.

I had a game boy camera, one of the first digital cameras on the market. Before that everyone used VHS tapes to record on a very large and heavy machine. Then, suddenly, there were digital cameras everywhere, and I’d love to see the things that are just around the corner.



This that is, is the only day of your life

Right after yesterday has left you behind and the future asks you to make itself.

The future wants you to do better. It is asking that you do. Or will you betray it, and yourself, by doing nothing? Today’s money may be invested for tomorrow. Needs met fully enough from check to check. And the future may not like you, if you’ve done nothing for it. But if you do something to make it better, then you have become your own savior.

Don’t lose hope, continue to make your future the best it can be. Going the school, learning early that tomorrow is made by today, and so doing. Keeping yourself from trouble, danger, and other problems. Walk out of a bad place. Go to a place better, that reserved by those who would keep people and flee danger.

Whatever you can do to make your future better so do. Or you may find that late in life it is too late. And you will rest with the Earth not having met your full potential. Give thought to what good you may leave the Earth. And on your final day you will know you left the Earth with something good. And you will be accepted into a new life, a better life, if you so deserved. Because in all of our lives those harmed will be given restitution. And those who harmed you in life will too, especially if you were left defenseless.

If your heart is telling you to go somewhere, then go there.

Do not take for granted any good thing. Enjoy life every day. As much as possible, learn to enjoy the things that are before you daily. Do not let any insignificant thing be over bearing, over taxing, over worrying. Do not be crushed by the weight of the world because the less you do, the higher you can soar.

But most of all, just make daily life the best it can be. Nothing matters more in life than making it good. And it’s only as good as you make it.




Some people just want all things to be perfect. To be done in just the right way. Splitting hairs, and never pleased.

Kind of like when you brush up against someone while walking down a crowded street and they get pissed off at it. Or not doing their job impossibly good enough. Or people that do not live up to the religious and political beliefs they hold dear and treasure.

When people are jealous and lash out at you because if it. Or just being generally disruptive because they can’t tolerate peace. It bothers them. They’d rather have things blown up, even. They look at the world through blood red glasses. They’ve got to be the big man. The strong man. And would murder numerous people given any chance. Any slightly greater will or reason, excuse or reasoning.

You could be minding your own business when someone selects you to enrage, given any chance you could, no matter what it takes. Harassment should be illegal. Some forms of it already is. But all forms of it should be. Still, there’s no stopping certain people.

And I’m talking about bitter people when I’m talking about those who make strange laws, intrusive ones, such as “you can only get a small soda,” as found in NYC, or taxing for shopping bags. Out lawing plastic straws. Flavored tobacco. Marijuana.

I hate nothing more than people passionate toward an intrusive cause that shouldn’t apply to all people.

When they legalized marijuana in one area a politician blew his top and called it an insane thing to do. He said, who the hell thought it was a good idea to make marijuana legal? Well..

Misery loves company, and that’s all I can say.





Justice for anyone whose family or loved ones were murdered by someone

Justice for any oppressed people living under cruel dictatorships

Justice for anyone with a gun who defends their home. Who are only trying to keep their spouse and children safe, or just themselves.

Justice for anyone beaten up for no reason.

Those that were ganged up on and brutally justice for anyone being harassed constantly or bullied.

Justice for anyone robbed at gunpoint point, it burglarized at night, or for anyone that would trespass on their property.

Justice dealt harshly, self defense takin seriously, excessive defense not kept a crime

Justice for anyone raped & justice for anyone who was kidnapped

Justice for the child being abused

Justice for any animal being harmed

Justice for those that were the victim of vandals

May the liars, the abusive, the manipulators, the murderous, the perverted, the rapists, the molesters, the thieves, may they all rot in hell!

May a higher standard of living be brought into being. That those who do the least of crimes are halted from doing so altogether. Give no mercy to those who commit atrocious crimes. Strip them of any and every ability to do so.

Innocent people deserve protection and most of us are law abiding. While those that are given any chance to harm others, they exist, too, and must be abolished, separated from the innocent, quarantined and disposed of!




And in six days my work was done. Just like it always is. Ignoring any stress that could be gotten too far into. But it’s been a lot of work, five hours a day, for thirty total hours.

And I hope you’ve enjoyed this third book of Anti Voidalism. The first was about filling your life with good things, the second about living in a way that naturally imparts upon you blessing. And this, the third, was a standard of living based on morality, values, and virtue. If all the 32 books I’ve written, only this one was focused entirely on that.

There are two more books to come about Anti Voidalism/ Aeonism, the first is Bethai, which will be my first and inly book based entirely on magic and metaphysics, and the one after, the fifth and final book, will be about the destruction of bad things in anyone’s existence.

Some of the images, the drawings here, are Satanic. I wanted to go over my Sigil of Azrael. It could be made better by someone. The basis of it is that Azrael is spelt in Hebraic on the four corners of a pentagram. Inside the pentagram is an angel whose wings are spread out. I was trying to make something better than the Baphomet, and that’ll do the trick.

This book has been the best advice that I’ve had to give. And I had a lot of experience to know that it’s advice is good and useful. I’d been in so very many totally different social situations, can say I am “socially rich,” and that includes being homeless, incarcerated, committed, in group homes, in friends homes of different kinds, would totally different parents, in different states, in many different cities, and even in boot camp for a short time. My best advice comes from social understanding and a thirst for perspective as good as it can come.

This book, along with all of my others, are in public domain, and free, at least as eBooks. You can use them however you wish, for good or bad, you can cite them all you want, share them, or sell them, whatever you want. And I encourage you to. It may be my only hope to popularize them.



  1. The first book taught how to fill your life with good things.

The second book taught How to impart blessings on your life.

The third book taught a moral standard of living based largely on values

The fourth book will teach about magic and metaphysics.

The fifth book will teach you how to destroy bad or even evil in life.


  1. Aeon is our Mother Goddess. God gave me Her. God created Her for me. She is my “Guardian Goodness,” and I give Her to you. And we are together a New People.


  1. This religion was largely taught to me by different entities who taught me what to say, these beings had me write what was written. And came into being thanks to them. It was a religion that God desired to be.


  1. There is a place prepared for us in the heavens, where we will get sent to, and where we will live together always with Aeon and our own. In a world of great magic and great wonders.


  1. And I have created other religions all of which tie into this one. These are five religions. Christian Satanism, Those of the five planets, Crazyism, Godism, and Aeonism. These are the beliefs of our people. Any of us may lead through them, as much as one would like to lead and others would like to follow.







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With 9 more books to come, until completion.



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