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Anti Voidalism 4: Book of Bethai



Anti Voidalism 4: Book of Bethai

by Lucifer Jeremy White, 2018, San Francisco.

Public Domain. Use freely.


I can be found online under my full name. Sometimes beside the name “Damuel.”










And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don't believe in magic will never find it.


Roald Dahl









Anti Voidalism/ Aeonism began with the premise that the best thing you could do in life is to fill it with good things, and to incorporate that into a religion. That began in The Book of Aeon. Aeon was presented as our Goddess, at least to anyone who will accept her as such. She is a Mother Goddess, one who came into my existence during what I called my three year struggle. As God appoints guardians angels He also creates for us Guardian Gods and Goddesses. In fact they are mostly the same, except somewhat more powerful, as needs require.

The second book ventured into the premise that the best life style was one that imparts blessings. So its design regarding lifestyles that pull in blessings was established, as the next best step for this new religion.

Then the third book taught virtues, values, and essential advice. It did so in a way to standardize the character of those that practiced this religion. One we could all agree and work toward, in having the best relationship we can for each other.

And along the way I revealed secrets and the source behind Aeonism.

This forth book would not have been what it became if I did not experience a supernatural event. Shortly after finishing the third book I already knew the next required topic, in this, The Book of Bethai. That seemed so daunting. So I prayed to Mother Aeon to help me. To teach me what I should speak. And after I fell into a deep sleep I slipped out of time. I came to a space timeless. And I dreamed for an entire year. And during that year I was taught many things regarding magic and the occult, which I will reveal here.

The Book of Bethai is about to start. You will not find a better book on magic. The final book follows this one and will be based on the premise of the destruction of negative components in your life.. destroying the bad, keeping the good. That fifth and final book will be called Tomel. But for the time being, here is The Book of Bethai.


My magical alphabet (modified.) I am going to start with that. Here it is below:



And the magic sounds of these, letter by letter:




Relationships between you and your chosen deities

Magic is largely that: the relationship you have with your chosen higher powers. While some magic doesn’t work beyond that, it is made to work through them, as well as you two are connected. But great power comes at this cost: that what your deity does for you, you keep secret. The whole operation isn’t wanting to be exposed!

A crystal in a Wiccans pocket may seem cute to a deity, who, in turn, invests it with power. The Rick’s could be otherwise useless, save power given it by upper powers.

You may want to choose a new name for your deity, one that you give it alone, bit not after you have developed a relationship with her or him.

Notes may be left at your altar for them. Remember: what you write is seen by them. It isn’t just a waste of paper that is never seen. Rather, it is looked over and understood by spiritual powers.

Rituals may be desired by the entity you worship, and are appreciated. As is praise, prayers, and loyalty. Wait until you’ve gotten to know them well before you pray to them.

Strange as it may sound, I used to dance for them, reaching highly elevated moods. And where I could provide a good idol in regard to them, I did. I found my most powerful necklace was a crystal 3D star of David. It was like two pyramids going through each other. The best idols are carved from wood. But whatever you can afford, just trying to afford the best, and many blessings upon you. A man saw me worshipping Shiva out in public, before an altar on a chair praying, and some may have not liked it. But it was an exercise in loyalty, one against shame, and a man gave me that necklace.

Have faith and keep it. Prove yourself and be worthy. Praise your deity and at first be committed, and maybe later you will have formed a very good relationship that will stay until your death, and beyond that. If you are damned, be sure you have a lot if friends to go down too! And having a voice in heaven doesn’t hurt, either.

Which kind of Magician are you?

A Witch

While Wiccans may disagree I am just using my own definitions here, and I’d define a witch as a female witch who typically uses darker forces. They can range from a little bad to diabolical and are generally inner focused magicians that are not influenced by morality more than they are by personal success, which comes first.


A Warlock

A Warlock fits into the same definition as above but is a male witch. Some can be very wicked. Some are not interested in doing any real harm, but certainly will if bothered too much, in their defense. Bit the world the build around them is their own. It was made by their hands. And when they can use any magic that betters their lives, they will.


A Sorcerer

A Sorcerer is in it for the power. They direct forth might. They learn magic to conquer. They go to no ends, sometimes, to find the most powerful magic and employ it to succeed, whatever their agenda may be. Unlike the warlock which works alone almost all the time, though the witch may be among many, as an only difference between the two, the sorcerer is more of a social magician, like the witch.


A Wizard

A wizard is a very pragmatic magician. One with the beat reasoning. One with caution. One that used magic carefully, but tends to do so very well. They are the more studious types. They aren’t likely to ever make some foolish mistake.


An Occultist

Something of a magician that looks into the more hidden aspects of magic. They uncover things. They look for things not readily apparent, they scour the Earth to scour these things. They are more collectors than the other kinds, searching far and wide for lost spells, books, magical items, etc., and are the likeliest to uncover old magic, bringing it back.


Using White, Black, or Gray

If not all or some combination, a magician can use black magic, white and gray. The black magic magician uses powers to destroy or curse. The white magic magician uses powers to heal, themselves, or others. Or to bless. And gray magic magicians use their powers to effect things, which are not necessarily good, but not necessarily bad either—such as changing the weather or hair color. Gray magic is effect magic.



And a magician is just a general term for anyone practicing magic. Those that are a mix of these split a lot right into the middle, are magicians. Magicians do a little of everything.


The gender differences between witch and warlock are the only two. So by sorcerer I also mean sorceress, and the definition for wizard and the others apply to women, too, who can just as well be wizards, occultists, magicians, etc.









Occult Journals

An Occult Journal should contain the following:



Symbols either made it pre existing that are attributed to the deity you worship.



Letters to the deity you worship. Like notes left for them, acknowledging and praising them. These can be put together in poems. And as simple lists and things like that. Just know that simply by writing it it’s seen by them.


Prayers & Wishes

Have a list of all of the things you want and cite them in your journal. You can make bargains or pacts with your deities to receive them. If your deity or deities like you enough, you will receive them. Just remember to do your part, and remain trustworthy.

Deity Errands

One way to worship a deity is by doing things for him or her. These include simple chore like tasks and can be about anything, such as cleaning or feeding the birds, and non chore like activities such as putting a ring in a hidden place within the city.



Give a lot of thought to the chant you create. So many are so mundane and made with little thought. Instead, start out by making a first rough rendition of it, work from there making it as good as it can be, changing a little here and there until it us as good as can be.



Observations are very important. It includes the perception you have of the metaphysical world and can help you greatly in operating within it, using methods tried and true, that you’ve learned yourself.


Personal magic items

Choose a handful of magic items to use and document how effective or ineffectual that they are. Learn what works and what doesn’t. When you find something that works record it in your book



Visions: Their nature

It is very true that for some people things are very apparent and for others, not so. Something can be seen by the sensitively perceptive that is obviously a sign or vision right before their eyes, one apparent to them, but not apparent to other people. So while one person is given a vision, another does not, and only considers the other person superstitious.

I used to see visions in the clouds. I might see death sweeping over the world below with a sickle, or a time that I saw in the clouds what was obviously a person laying down on his back dead.. I pointed at that to my friend beside me and she said, “they just look like clouds to me!” but the amazing thing here was that I watched the news later and these people on the news said they lost their family member, and saw a cloud in the sky that looked like him, now dead. I saw the same cloud!

One early morning just before dawn I saw a cloud fall from the “morning star” that looked just like a batty angel falling down from it. It turned to the west, forming into a serpent. It then rolled over the sun and it’s first rays, somewhere in the west. Then a more bird looking angel, a white cloud instead of a black one, looked up at the morning star right before it faded out if view. In the north east of that a black rainbow shaped cloud appeared, and a murder of crows filled the park, suddenly crowing and dispersing.

But in this case someone saw it too, who was somewhat close to me, and after all of this he said, “What the hell was that?”

Visions can come from many places. Simply in ones mind, or even on TV and while listening to music, sensing what some people aren’t vision-sensitive towards, but for others are messages and sights, meaning hidden to some, but open to others.


Visualization, Taste Magic, and The Principle List of Lucifer

This requires to set the setting. I was in heavy confinement for one month in jail. Toward the end of those thirty days I started looking at my food differently. It was all I had. I was in a small rubber room for that month and only ever allowed to leave it to go to the bathroom. I started seeing and thinking great things. And what became of it was putting my family into a group of four things. I thought to each an animal, a color, a mythological thing, and a weapon or item. My aim was a perfect balance. That one would make up for another, where it lacked, was out done by another. But also that I knew my family well enough to list for them what I did, accurately. Or just find the right thing for them. One they’d be best at. One they really did best represent. And I came up with what I did. That’s shown down below.

I hadn’t any name for it. The jail sent me to a psychiatric hospital. And during commitment I was thinking to myself 'what is the best term for political rule?’ And the answer came into my mind that a Principality is. I looked it up at the hospital's library. I found that it referred to a group of princess.. princesses you could also say. But the Catholics and some Christians also use that word to describe the hierarchy of heaven and hell.. consisting of things like Jesus, angels, fallen angels, etc., In order of power.

I attributed it for awhile for my family, for whom it was given. And initially called it “The Principality List.” That label still applies, but differently. Now it refers to a group of twelve people who, having embodied their own, and grouped items of the list given to them and their loved ones, which is a Principality list for everyone. As I made this from oldest to youngest the Principle List you give from the oldest of your loved ones to the youngest, be them either family or friends, but only twelve people, including yourself. That list is below and you’ll see just what I mean soon.

But first let me say, this list should incorporate “Taste Magic,” a form of magic that I invented. It turns regular food to magic uses, so if ones person color is green, that includes all green food. If there is bee, then there’s honey. If there is cane, can be a candy cane, or sugar cane. There are many inventive ways to commune with the principle list, folding it into the people you love, and yourself. Taste magic combines three things: taste, visions, and the Principle/ Principality list between you and your loved ones. But the best use of The Principle List comes from recognizing these things in movies, books, and video games. Using them to acknowledging them in an occultly effective way.

As with visualization, it is an effective form of magic itself. Those that are good at it will receive special feelings from it, things driven by wonder and fantasy. That’s best done with music. As potent as it is, incredible things could be made to happen through it, even world changing things. So if you could, use it for an hour, or at least 45 minutes, and you’ll be surprised with the results. See before your eyes many things seen and heard.





The Principle List


Person One:

Bird, Hand, Staff, Red

Person Two:

Bear, Bee, Cane, Brown

Person Three:

Green, Rabbit, Seed, Stage

Person Four:

White, Ring, Goat, Thief

Person Five:

Gold, Joker, Swine, Sword

Person Six:

Red, Cat, Fairy, Whip

Person Seven:

Yellow, Rodent, Duke, Wind

Person Eight:

Bomb/Blast/ Wand, Fox, Beast, Black

Person Nine:

Yellow, Toad, Horse, Dust

Person Ten:

Assassin, Word, Creature, Lion/ Tiger

Person Eleven:

Blue, Stone, Elephant, Spirit

Person Twelve:

Dragon, Mask, Purple, Wolf/ Dog

Personality Capturing


There is possession. And I know that hearing things like spirits, or demons if you like to call them, is a very real thing, because I have myself and have known many that do, being “schizophrenic” and among many others that are, too. They are people who sometimes rage at these sounds, sometimes pleasing to be left alone, other times toyed with. And sometimes just talking to them. I had been told things, too, such as “Lucifer has spoken.” Or asking, “why is it Lucifer White? Why isn’t it Lucifer Black? Or gray? Or purple?” And “The Devil’s coming to get me” and some other things, like commenting on my thoughts. I’m sure possessed exists, too. But I’m on this topic to provide something much more desirable than these, and I call it “personality snatching,” or you could say, “personality capturing.”

The personality of a spirit may go with you. It is more like possession that you become, fully aware, fully in control, to temporarily become like a spirit, and the more you capture, the more you can become, and after you know it, you can always come back it, easily and whenever you want

One day I was walking down an ally and suddenly started talking like an Irish person, with one’s accent, and suddenly had an Irish mentality—meaning the one of the spirit I had just captured. Now I’ve gotten good at spirit catching, and have one that was a detective, one that was a news reporter. And in concentrated form these feel very different than my regular personality. Which makes sense. There are very many very many different kinds of personalities and mentalities between people. Though what most people don’t know is, just how different each ones feels from the others. Just how different ones thoughts are from person to person.

To capture spirit you only need to look around and be open unto receiving them. Play the part. Look for the part. And allow it to flow through your spirit. If you can do it even once it will be done again easier, and easier from that. It is much like a child who pretends to be someone or something. And those things come from somewhere past a normal frame of being.

Outdated understanding

Old things can certainly teach us more about the metaphysical world. They had nothing to do but observe the stars before, and such things, so to speak. But some if the ideas of the last regarding metaphysical things are outdated.

As more recent years gave us a better understanding of the universe, all the things in the world, people stopped believing in spirits in heaven, replacing them with beliefs in aliens. Techniques to teleport with magic became an absurd thing to think. Yet people were doing it on Star Trek.

Astrology was replaced by astronomy.

Opening the gates to the netherworld became an item of fantasy. Yet scientists believe today that there are multiple dimensions. In fact science has a lot of things like that which makes the Bible seem far more feasible, as some of the things God did, or Jesus, we can, now, scientifically. I would say that the term spirit could apply to an alien race so, so, so very more technologically developed that to us they would seem as gods. Like a person that goes back in time only a hundred years to show people what we have. Wouldn’t they be shocked? So what would a race even a thousand years ahead of us be like? We couldn’t really know. Much of future tech just can’t be predicted. We’d never considered that many things would be. It took special and unique minds to think them up. There’s no predicting some of it. Science fiction shows and movies help, though.

And would we travel about in space on metal ship? We use to think we would go like with a gun firing a ship as like a bullet to the moon. They used to think robots we’re going to sound like.. robots, and not people, and we’ve gone far away from that. Later they thought up Data from Star Trek, as they came to realize more could be done. I don’t think that metal space ships I’d the last step. But further along from that some sort of spiritual travel. Anyone going anywhere with just a little bit of tech to help.

So to have a right understanding of the metaphysical world it helps to know that these are powers beyond the upper limits of science and sometimes even further along. Be a pet to your deities, knowing you can understand them no more than a dog can understand a human.. but knowing that deities fully understand you.


Your Altar

My earliest altar was one that I created for Lilith, hid in my closet. I had a rubber bat in it and The Book of Nod. I had a few magic tools in it. I used it to go into a private space to talk to and think about her. And it made me very happy. And I believe the favor was returned.

I’ve had Wiccan types of altars. I had a real crystal ball for gazing. An expensive one. One of my most favorite things on Earth are idols. Just like how I continued to write while homeless as a “trash author” who put his writings in plastic bottles, so too I could live without idols. There was this fountain I would go to. Unless you paid a lot of attention to things you’d never know it for what it was. It had a bore pig stature above it, a small one, with a bowl below that could contain water. When it rained there, I’d go to it, with a goblet, and perform a discreet ritual.

And I’ve honored the devil-saint Santa Muerte before, such as in hidden areas while homeless, where things could be given her, as collected along the street, and no one was none the wiser or able to find where I had hidden things for her in my worship.

Getting into a home, finally, a year ago I was in a group home that had a lot of craft materials.. like clay and paint, and a canvas. So I took a lot of time, three days to paint an image of Shiva, for the altar in my room. My room mate didn’t mind. In fact he had an appreciation for it. That same altar contained a figure I carefully created, of Mammon, and a drawer of things for Santa Muerte, whom I was still worshipping. Also in a pouch I had, I put prayers in.

If you want to know my deities, it is very simple, a list of five, which are:

Satan, Shiva, Agnes, Lilith, and Mammon.


Jesus was a Magician

I was much the same way while I was homeless, and besides. Those that set up their existence as a metaphysical, spiritual journey are performing magic. And Jesus was fully enveloped in these ways of things. He became the Old Testament by embodying it. He wrapped it around him, he lived and breathed it, and that is a form of magic.

Much of what I did while homeless it simply just schizophrenic and isolated, was based on magic. I made my existence go forth with magic ideas. These could be just capturing a rain drop in my eye and believing it was the tear of God. Or while performing taste magic visualizing that I was devouring God. Going along with visions and signs along with these things. Uncovering all that I could. Learning things I wouldn’t have otherwise.

I would baptize myself. When I sneezed I told my own self Bless me.

Every time I was unrightfully stricken I would yell That makes me an Anti Christ! Once I took a cup of dark urine laying in front if Mc Donald’s, drank it, and did so as a pact for Satan. Confirming loyalty, taking a drink that could not have been more forbidden of God. I said, “Blood of Christ.” I used to feel demonic while eating, either imagining the animal being cruelly slaughtered, and playing with it’s corpse, eating like the human-god I am. But often it was ridicule of the communion. And I go into Church to perform a communion once a week, in all blasphemy.

I took on the mind of a child. One emerging from the sea beside San Francisco, and that included my thoughts and actions, as I pretended to be Satan’s son. And an adult child can be one of the most evil of things. But there’s a difference between acting and actually being.

Sometimes a whole life can be a ritual, and it is, perhaps, the most powerful form of magic. Just look at what it did for Jesus. The guy wouldn’t have ever formulated the speeches and thoughts behind them if he has not been doing the same.
















Being lured into special places

I have experienced a few of these, and they were all simply incredible. At age 13 I wandered off into the Arizona desert as if in a trance. During this time walking very far into the desert. And the sky turned blood red. Fig aroused, and cleared, and when it did I saw before me a grave yard, and found that the tombstones bared names of my enemies.

In another instance I walked a long time to an area that a man told me to, who called himself a warlock, pointing the way, this, after I’d been lost looking for something, as it felt. And I went into the direction he told me to, coming across a cave. When I went inside it, it wasn’t just a cave but a temple. It was well adorned with symbols on hanging cloth. It was The Devil’s home, and all else I must keep a secret.

But I went far out into the desert again and was completely lost, having walked an hour or more on a dirt road. And suddenly came onto a cross road. On it were bloody signs and dead animals. I felt that if I didn’t make the right choice I would have died. I could have gone east or west and decided on east. And found it to be the right choice. I wounded up walking to a restaurant my aunt worked at. Was eventually taken home.

These trips can be dangerous. And maybe I was on the fringe of death each time. I was lost and exhausted in most cases. I felt I needed to go somewhere. I didn’t really know why. But it was like the wind took my spirit, and was lead away as such, in a trance. I think the best doorway to another realm comes frim that. More so than anything you can construe in a room.

And there were more times that such a thing happened to me. I’d been walking more in the plains than a desert, lush green fields with flowers. And over the hill I saw a tree, one all by itself. So I walked to it as the only logical place to go. I went up to the tree and saw a snake wrapped around one of it’s branches, fruit beside it. A woman appeared. I suddenly became Adam with Eve beside me. I thought I was him. I took a bite of the fruit and felt a heavy feeling of God present and angry, and left the area, gliding back into reality, as though waking from a dream.

What Karma is really about

God has appointed to some protections, guardians. And there are spirits in many places unseen, even physically. And to treat someone harshly is to invite punishment. Then there I actually Karma, as more as it is commonly known, that God has made in order to render justice to all, and created as a balance-creator in Earthly matters. God only has to think a moment and another moment to make things fair and balanced, and is very interested in doing so.


The Case of Burg Zamenti

This was a man that offended a spiritual entity one day, and it came at a high cost. While a woman was sleeping homelessly Zurg took from her $10, and a spirit witnessed it and informed God, who told the spirit to torment him until his death. The spirit was eager to follow through on these instructions. He detested what he had seen.

So the spirit first caused the man to lose his job, as the natural first step. Then the man went to live with his brother. His brother had a heart attack three days later. His brother gone, his mother and father followed. He had no one to live with. He was out on the street. He looked for a job, but no one would hire him.

One day as he laid on the street at night the spirit came to him in physical form and kicked him in the gut, several times, again and again. Burg Zamenti died that night because he had struck just the wrong note that night he decided to take a homeless woman’s little money.


Those that would walk along the light, the darkness, or the shadows.


Rules regarding these are very strict. You are either in or you are out. So I’ll go one by one over what is expected from each, that you may decide and that you may best fit into the one that is right for you.


The Light

Those that would walk in the light must be willing to make sacrifices for the better of all people. Selfishness is the greater sin among them. A person will have to be willing to live in purity and on a moral basis, as closely as they are able to. Values must be held, and obeyed, such as honesty and kindness. When the light rules over you you will choose peace in any instance, and it will preserve you.


The Dark

Those that choose the darkness may have to bare “the cross of immorality,” meaning that even if you feel you should do total good, you choose not to. That you are selfish enough to not be bothered by not helping anyone. That you live your life based entirely on your own terms and gratification. You must be loyal to the forces behind evil, and proven faithful.


The Shadowy

By that I mean the gray side of things. Those that are as closely balanced as can be—and that is my personal choice. It is like a yin yang, where there’s a little good in the evil, a little evil in the good. It is a more proportionate way. It chooses and opts more for common sense: it demands common sense, by rule.


And whatever side you choose, you have behind you all else that are, and must work within it’s typical framework, and kept agreeable with your brothers and sisters—those of the Light, the Dark, or otherwise.

Modern Demonology


A demon best known as “The Mad Indulgent Dancer.” A demon of indulgence mixed with power. Her dances can wreck havoc and destruction. A very destruction demon. But also a very rewarding one to her faithful’s. Idols are very effective regarding her, as she likes them.


A heavily goth type of demon, very appropriate for those if gothic life styles. A very sexual demon, one that is aligned with darker and more somber forces. Can be a demon of melancholy and seriously dark matters of life. A demon representing eugenics of the human race. Represented by a bat or owl.


A friend of Shiva. A demon of joy and pleasure, especially regarding food. One focused on the joy if life and is willing to share it with the ones he likes the most. A demon highly influential in the Eastern world. Represented by a cow.


Represented by an elephant. A demon that stands before the gates of hell, or where iniquity may be present, and guarded. Mammon also represents money and in a magic sense is the best to come to for requests of it.


Represented by a serpent. This demon is mostly associated with the finer details of things. It can impart knowledge that is so powerful as to overcome those to whom it is given, and lose them in insanity. That is what happened to the great philosopher Nietzsche. Leviathan has a strong influence on Eastern societies.



The difference between Lucifer and Satan is taken for granted. As Lucifer was an angel, and Satan never was. Lucifer has all the attributes of a perfect angel, as God himself called him as such, according to his design. But Lucifer was cast down, and befriended Satan. Lucifer represents enlightenment, human progression, and perfection. Lucifer is “beautiful iniquity.”


Neti is not so commonly known as the others. I am likely introducing him to you here. Neti can bring about stability for those whose mentality is driven into madness. He was first incorporated into this a little more than a thousand years ago in Asia, where he was worshipped by a sect of such intelligence as to become mad from it. And they would chant “Neti, Neti, it is now.”


Azrael is someone who could be called a “guardian demon.” As he is a assigned to secure and protect the forces of darkness, it’s agenda, and it’s success. He is a formidable demon. He can strike almost any being down immediately. He has refined powers, and has lived his existence as a warrior worthy of his purpose.


Loki is devious and is found where ordinary things are turned upside down. Wherever he goes could be left a big mess. And where he goes simple matters can easily become complex and outrageous ones.


Astaroth embodies wisdom. He is very apt as a prophet. He has great understanding of likely future events and outcomes. His way of speaking suggests the future, just as any complicated prophesies of the Bible are. If there is anyone that speaks similar to Jesus did, this is the demonic version of it.


Beelzebub is represented by a fly. This is one of the demons I have spent most of my time around, compared to the others. And I knew he was around when I started hearing a buzz and a fly fell before my third eye. He very much plants seeds of iniquity. He is a good place to start when trying to begin a villainous lifestyle. Introduction to dark forces begins best wishes him.


Baal may be best found in secluded areas, if at all. He is alone and any Satanic person who is alone can carry a spirit much like that if Baal, and so bring him in. He is a solitary demon that any other very solitary person can learn from. He is represented as a bull.


Samael is a particularly social-minded deity whose main focus is on societies and civilizations. He likes to be among great politically minded people, leaders of thinking, to whom he can have a great influence. And sometimes he may spend time among tribes, teaching them, even for years. He has a lot of potential over the direction of human societies.


Thoth makes the decrees and dictates if dark forces. He is assigned these by the authorities of dark forces, of which he is most qualified. It is his job to set up the rules and ways of the dark path. And anyone who doesn’t conform to them could be punished, as darkness is a fine and precise path, otherwise it would fail. And if God commands something, he goes straight to Thoth, which could be a compromise, or a warning.


Ragnar is the might if the Devil’s hand. He enforces the rules. He is the general of the Devil’s army. At all times their must be at least a thousand other demons among him. He is a highly tactical minded demon. He has uplifted nation’s that were found to be aligned with iniquity, and has brought them into greater power. This has especially been true lately, as Christ’s hold on the world is falling from his hands.


Jabberwocky scares some if us to death. He is, to me, the embodiment if fear. You can imagine him the clown that the poor bull sees in bull riding contests. How evil is implanted in a mind. The Bull finally breaking free. The cowboy runs. The rodeo clown appears and captures the Bull’s attention. The bull doesn’t know where the cowboy went. And the last thing he sees is a clown. That image burns into the Bulls mind, who, after seeing it, looks around to see a crowd of people all around, too far out of reach, the bull is helplessly enraged.

Or you could imagine the feeling a native American had while being helplessly stolen from. His family taken, even slaughtered. And then there is one of the these white man making him take his photo graph. He points at them, enraged, throwing a curse.

Jabberwocky is the defense for such people. It is the result of evil that Jabberwocky came about. Like a tick on a dog, a monkey enraged with a virus. Jabberwocky is the baby of such things. And if he gets inside you, you will lose your mind, and die inside a nightmare.


Grendal represents not one demon but many. And more beast than demon. You could split hell into four parts: demon, fallen spirits, monsters, and beasts. Grendal is a beast, the most powerful kind in hell. They can be called hell hounds, and they guard the upper powers of hell.


Hermes always was an entity in hell. He never was in Nirvana beside Zeus. He is messenger in hell. He is as close to an emissary as they may come. But that isn’t all that he does. He comes to Earth teaching certain people certain things, as the cause of iniquity would have him do. He teaches magic. And magic is best learned the him.


Behemoth is a hybrid of a demon and a beast. He is Satan's personal pet. He stands tall, something like a bull, maybe not so fat, with twisting horns. He is sub intelligent. But is fully aware, psychically to some extent, when Satan wishes that he attack anyone around him, for whatever reason.


Abaddon rests in darkness, enclosed by it, and fund great comfort in his plotting and future release. When thought of by sensitive minds he can be seen. As those gazing deeply into an abyss, those that do so the right way, the most penetrating way, will find him and release him, if only for a little while. Then he will fall back into himself, so to speak, being so deeply driven into the darkness awaiting the next time he’ll be released.


Satan is the upper most power in hell besides his dear friend and comrade, Lucifer, who came to him frim above. Who perhaps was meant to all along. Satan’s authority is unquestionable but is largely a being that is not so strictly taking. He is more fun than most know. And is more agreeable than most know. Unlike God The Father who is like walking around egg shells. But you have to break an egg to make an omelet.


And by the pronoun of “Him” you can just as easily mean “her.” They aren’t born as we are. They can change form at will. If you want to know what aliens look like, the answer is they look like whatever they want. Beelzebub likes being a small fly. You’ve never seen such a thing in Science Fiction shows.

The best worship if them should be a childish, though responsible worship. One that isn’t dull or boring, taxing or demeaning, enslaving or dictating on either end. But rather make your worship childish—adult childish. But also a responsible one.



It isn’t easy to sell your soul

In fact it can be quite difficult and for some, impossible. If you had tried to do so before but failed, this may help you understand why.

First, age matters. God will not have his children taken from him. You have got to be at least 13, but in most cases much older than that, at that time you reach True Maturity. Otherwise, don’t even bother.

Second, you have to convince God that that is what you want to do. You have to be very sure of this decision.

Third, you have to have made up your mind, permanently. You have had to have come to the decision without a doubt. And though you may be one way one moment, and another the next, in order to sell your soul you must have proven it was your unchanging decision.

Fourth, Satan may not want your soul. He may not find any use for it. So in order to have a soul worth buying, it must be valuable. Or you must have potential, like the story of the guy that learned to sing the blues from a pact with the Devil. And the blues lead to rock, rock to metal. So The Devil may meet you half way. But your purpose must be possible, your purpose must be possible, and that purpose must be worthy.

Fifth, you have to have clearly and totally separated your self from God. Especially if you had been previously saved/baptized. You have to make a clear, determined, and permanent separation from God.

And sixth, sometimes God is nit going to let you sell your soul at all. And for some it is futile to even try. God has decided you to be all his and no amount of convincing that can change his mind. He just finds your soul too valuable for sure a thing. And, knowing as well as he does, he may know your intentions better than you do yourself, knowing you belong with him.

If you do sell your soul and you get what you wanted for it, your loyalty will be left with The Devil and you may get it back, but are likely to die if you reverted back to serving God. So only sell it if you are sure that’s what you want to do.



31 Days of Magic

Daily devotionals are easy to come by. But this is different. It isn’t a year long devotion. It isn’t Bible- based. It’s magic based. Daily activities pertaining to the Occult for 30 days. A year long version of this could make a great book. But it would be a book entirely it’s own. So here is one 1/12th the size. You may take some just as suggestions. You can also do anything in the list any time you want. But for the best effect, follow all that it says.


Day One.

When you wake up, take a special drink and pour it into a goblet. Say, “may this day be blessed.” And drink from it very slowly, very peacefully. With a small amount of drink remaining, as little as a few drops, dip inside your finger, and press that finger on your “third eye,” the area right between your two eyes. Put a ring on that finger. It doesn’t have to be an expensive ring. Say “I am committed to any being that’ll come unto me. Fill me with your presence. Walk beside me.” Before you go to sleep the next time you do, drink from a goblet again, and press onto your third eye again, just as you did before. The first days agenda is complete.


Day Two

When you wake up the next morning, say to yourself all the things you wish you had, and all the things you lack. Write down your wishes, as many as you possibly can. Think about having them when you do, one by one, one after the other. Bargain with spirits that day. Plead to them that they be granted. This is a day of desire, even of longing. And making deals, and finding help in any way possible. The following night look up until the stars and make your wishes upon them.



Day Three

If you’ve made commitments this day, you’ve served your future well, as long as you keep them. So use this day to create at least one good commitment. Be both practical and effective concerning them. Put to mind actions that will make your future much better, whatever it is you can do, ideally things that you do best. Write these down and keep them.


Day Four

Today choose some deities you plan to worship, primarily, above all others. These should be as permanently as possible. There can be as many it as few as you wish. Stick with them, always, just as you would a sporting team. And today draw images of them. Think about them. And, perhaps for the first time, pray to them in a way that introduces yourself. Write down these prayers, tuck them in a special place. And generally regarding prayers you make, write them down first, that they never be lost. And choose an utmost deity, one that you have chosen to serve above all others.


Day Five

Today make a list of six chores. Things not too difficult, but not too easy. And they can be things done in your home or outside if it. They can also be more personal errands than chores, such as going to the store to get your favorite drink. So make six if these carefully, and with a roll of a dice, that chore will be done for your utmost deity. From time to time roll the dice, once a day is great, but three times a week at least.


Day Six

Day Six is important in wrapping things up that occurred the week up until that point, as magic is most powerful on the seventh day. Days one to six are a culmination, day seven releases it, brings it into being after you have awoken, it has become. Then a feast this night is appropriate. One that may be worth friends and family, or alone if you prefer. It doesn’t have to be kind of overdone. It can just be having a lot of your food and snacks, favorite drinks and music, as much as you can afford. Dancing with yourself, alone, would be good, as it infuses the magic settled within you into a little energy that can move forth, rather than remaining blocked. So it’s a day of these: pleasure, joy, and celebration.


Day Seven

This will be a very creative and fun day. An interesting day, as you will be designing your future self as a thing to become. First, you’ll need a new name. It may be a pre existing name. Or one that you’ve made yourself based on sound and meaning coming together, just as new words are made by sounds put together in Latin. Where one sound means two or more things. So create such a name that will be your shining characteristics. And, if you like, think if names of the past, particularly of younger influence to you (the names you liked as a child, possibly having come from movies, shows, books, or games.) When you have come up with an least a first, middle, and last name, then that’s done, but you can have four names or more if you like. Think about what you must become before you’ve truly earned this name. The things you must achieve, for example. Finally to cap off this day, take a cup of any kind and write that name on it. Keep it. And the day you’ve earned that name based on the requirements you made, fill it with the sweetest dreams and drink from it, but not until then. And do not lose this cup!


Day Eight

In numerology 8 is a number that pulls back into itself. It is like a number of gravity. 8×2= 16. 1+6=7

8×3= 24. 2+4=6

8×4=32. 3+2=5

8×5=40. 4+0=4.

8×6=48. 4+8=12. 1+2=3

Let this day be a day of memory. One in which you begin to open your memories that had been ignored for years or even decades. There is a magic power behind doing so. Psychologists, too, have long stressed the importance of remembering ones past, but here is suggest to just remember, not past pains particularly. But just anything that can be remembered. I have a technique for that. Using it, you will remember things very long forgotten about. And you may be surprised by some of your memories. In fact some come forth like a tidal wave. They rush forward many forgotten things and there is a powerful feeling to it.

That is, simply, to take a dictionary—one thin, a small pocket sized dictionary of basic words, and flipping through it and remembering things based on the words seen. Spend at least two hours of this day doing so.

And it is a good practice otherwise. Nothing is every fully forgotten. Unless you have brain damage, memories are always accessible no longer how long they have been forgotten.


Day Nine

On the ninth day create an idol. This can be done with clay bought at a store, could be a carving. Could even be on a canvas. However it is best done, create an idol on this day for your utmost deity. When you are done set it on your altar. And this day can also be spent well constructing an altar if you haven’t done so before. It doesn’t have to be perfect right off the bat. Just think about what kind of altar you want with a general idea about it, and so create it. Today pray to your idol, as prayers can best be made.


Day Ten

Today buy some seeds if you don’t already have some. Place them in a bowl. Pray over them. Put Holy Water it Blessed Oil over them (these can either be found in a Catholic based shop or a Wiccan one, and sometimes stores based on Hindu or Buddhism) then with the seeds in a bowl with Holy Water over them, spit into it. Put in some magic herbs, or they can just be flowers if you prefer, and add water to the bowl, water that had coal resting in it. This is a perfectly blessed seed. Coal can be found at any supermarket, flowers are easily found and the rest. After this has rested together all day, bury the whole thing. Pour it into a hole, wait for it to grow. You will have learned the true way to produce magical herbs/foods.


Day Eleven

As you may remember, you placed on your ring a finger. It us time to give that ring to the world. To perform this ritual to be married to the world. Take the right and place flowers within it and then place it in an area outside (not in a home. Ideally a field or little human-occupied area.) You can tape these together in the ring if you like. Sit that day in the sun. Get a lot of sun that day. Have it’s warm rats fall down on your face. Praise the Earth for all that it is worth. Come to know your blessings. Having gratitude for everything. As for as long as you find great worth in the world you’ll remain married to it.


Day Eleven

Let’s make this day a little easier. Today, practice visualization. Lay in bed either visualizing or meditating. Think of every good thing you can. Take it as a peaceful day as much as you can. Use music to help you, privacy, and peacefully enter into a world you create, one good and full of potential, seeing many wonderful things. So just take a long work of music, and set your mind to focus on it, pulling up any good image, expanding your mind on this day.



Day Twelve

Today let us practice trash authoring. What is trash authoring? It is to take a piece of paper, wrote on it, put it into a plastic bottle, and either bury it or throw it away. Or you can do this without a flash drive or an archival CD if you like. Naturally if you are going to write what you would on a CD or hard drive it will take much longer to finish, however. A person can get a grasp of that when one compares the size of paper the size of a CD but how much more can be written on a CD. The things seem to come from a different dimensions with it’s mirror and all.

What you should we are prayers, maybe written with the magical alphabet shown before, or your own. To roll it all up and place it somewhere, somewhere that it will remain a very long time.


Day Thirteen

Let today incorporate music into it, as music and magic goes hand in hand. However you can combine the two the best way, do so. That can include rhythmic feelings, mesmerizing melodies, or whatever you like—even “goth” chords. You don’t have to learn and know an instrument well. You just have to have a little privacy if you don’t, that by performing your own music, playing it good or bad is all the same to the person who is only playing it for him/herself. These can be drums, a cheap plastic recorder, a guitar, etc, and if you know how to read and write music all the better. You can put together music for your primary deity. If you can’t, you can still play music meant for her or him. And really higher beings hear music better than we do (they understand it better. So that something like the “twelve tone row is actually pleasant!)

And today is the day again that what you have done the previous six days will pour forth magically after you wake up on the seventh day, day fourteen, so keep that in mind and be looking for its manifestation.


Day Fourteen

Today take a walk. At least a ten minute walk, and pray to your chosen deities, especially the one most valuable to you. The one who is most at heart. Pray to her or him while you are walking. Grab a good piece if food, candy, a drink if any kind. Come home and while eating it, pray to God that what you taste your deities may also, by name, any time they want, whenever they want.

And today will introduce you to the wonderful habit of positive pacing. Pacing is normally done from nervousness. It doesn’t have to be. It can also be done to think better, to feel better, to think positive, while counting your blessings, looking on the bright side if things, seeing the silver lining in the clouds, and boosting pride. You can do so in your home, like in the kitchen, with music playing in the back ground if it doesn’t distract you too much.


Day Fifteen

Today I have a few choices for you. More if a floater day. These are: 1: sending out letters or emails rather randomly. Signing onto epal sites, going more on social sites than you regularly do. Sending out the best message you can, pertaining to whatever you want it too.

Or 2: Taking a trip somewhere. Going into a hotel in your own town, the neighboring town or further, Being beside a campfire or being at a beach, or whatever you prefer.

Or 3: Going into at least two stores in one day. You could even choose this to do on your free time instead of today. But ideally, going to three or more occult stores. And occult material is also found in stores that are specifically for occult things, such as those selling old books and idols. Buy what you can afford, a crystal necklaces, spell book, mini figure, or whatever you like that pertains to using magic.

Fifteen is more of a list of something you can do when you have nothing else to do.

Day sixteen

Today start making a prayer book. This book will I all of your wishes and occult manifestations and their observations. Try to only include things that you feel are important. You may also start an occult journal if you haven’t done so already. Mine is done much differently than typical serious undertones and dull blandness. Rather I take a trapper keeper, stencils, rubber stamps, stickers, colored pens, markers, and graph paper, and bring those together.


Day Seventeen

Today I have the Marble Ritual for you. You will need green marbles and a pouch. Take them marbles and hold each one in your hand, clenching it tightly, and making prayers. Ideally, prayers of protection and blessing. A different kind if prayer for marble, at least as far as the subject goes. Place each above a candle flame, a different color of candle per marble, and subject you feel the color coincides best with (which is up to you to determine.) And place them in a pouch, like a leather one if you like, or any small pouch, and place them above the smoke of an incense for at least three minutes. Then place these above a doorway. Your own room if you like, or the living room door. And more doorways than that by repeating the ritual.


Day Eighteen

Today climb into a bath and relax. Have candles lit beside you. Have good scents around, like in aroma therapy. And indulge in the senses this day: meaning to eat and fully taste, to smell pleasant things, to hear pleasant sounds, to see pleasant things. Embrace your senses, amplify them. Even if you have to dose your carpet with powdered laundry detergent. Or taste anything intense, such as the water in a can of tuna, feeling in every way you can as an animal. Then slip into a warm bath and afterwards gaze into a mirror, if you see something unfamiliar to you, then you have succeeded.


Day Nineteen

Spend the day reflecting on the things that you love most. Have as much desire fir these as you possibly can. And then pray to receive them. This is done in a best of way when it comes to food: just think of what is the best of every kind of food, according to you. Or whatever it is that you like, take time in either remembering you do or to Dev desire for things you didn’t before. It is a day of creating tastes. To bring to mind great things, returning to past loves, finding new ones. And to have known why you like these things. Then your heart will be full and your soul will thirst for more things. Think about these things often. What is the perfect wardrobe for you? The best food? The best toys? The best brands?

Memorize them the best that you can. Keep them in mind often. And fall asleep wishing for them.


Day Twenty

We are coming up again onto the seventh day. And all that has been done will be thrown in the stew. It will soon be food. It will manifest the next day you awake.

May every sixth day be a concentration of ideas that have come. Remember things especially on the sixth day. Sum up all matters, tell your soul what it which to become. Grant your soul the power to better your existence. Have your soul seek out the better life while you dream.

Look into a star and pray to it. Think about the most wonderful things in life to pour out the blood of your heart, and have it rushing through your veins. Today is a concentration of your blood. Magically speaking, most people are thin-blooded, be a true magician by thickening your blood. That is done by amplification of all good things pouring within you, circulating in you, with a spirit that is heading and powerful.





Day Twenty One

Today use creativity to strengthen and broaden your understanding of deities/ spirits, good and bad, whatever they may be. Have it a day if prayers, draw things that emerge from your third eye. I’m ages of them. Short phrases about them from auto writing, and “texturals,” look for them.

A textural is an image that has a sentence or two describing it. For example, my favorite one, shows Link inside a cave where inside a Sage tells him to take with him a weapon, as it is “dangerous to go alone.” That one isn’t suitable for this really. But that’s what a textual is. Try to find a few today that are relevant to a number of spiritual entities—not humorous ones, but things according to their nature. If you can’t, then make some new ones, which is better anyways.


Day Twenty Two

When we eat food we draw in spirits, especially if we fully taste that food. Little is known about the real meaning if taste, but it breaks down to the mind's stomach. That draws in spirit. The stomach is really just it’s dump. It sends things elsewhere. It doesn’t stay in the stomach. And constipation is more likely due to not tasting and enjoying food.

So today practice taste magic. Draw in the spirits of the food, and those spirits will both be in you and be more a part of you, by using taste magic. Candy is good, as you are feeding any spirit within you. And the more seriously you eat, tasting as fully as possible, will you invite a spirit to enter into you, and they will stay until you fast. Hopefully you will gather good spirit/s, if not then the only solution is to pray and fast.

Taste Magic involves taste. That’s the first part. But it also involves visualizing seeing visions before you, looking for spirits, seeing them in your mind's eye, along with tasting. One thought for one taste, and that’s all you need to know about taste magic. It makes food taste better. It makes food more fun. And it turns normal eating into magic eating.

Day Twenty Three

Make it a day of occult research. The most informed you had ever had. To go through online books to find that one perfect lesson in magic. They may even be some magic to learn in non magic books. I love this book Isis Unveiled, as well as The Magic of Recluse, and any 1980s Del Rey book, which I had found the most uniquely occult books. Whatever book you find you don’t have to read all of it. Just go through them carefully enough and maybe you will stumble upon a magic lesson lost in time. Or one that just wasn’t given enough of the spot light to be recognized and flourished. It doesn’t have to be books, either, nor only books but books and other things.


Day Twenty Four

Today try to find a uniquely magic area. These could be as apparent as a haunted house, an abandoned one, or as unobvious as an area in the desert. Can be a tree resting alone. A dock on the bay no one seems to go to. In a crevice, a cave, or a glade in a forest, or just in the forest. Try to find that special area. Most towns will have them. These areas that call you to them, and go looking according to where you feel taken to. Have it be your place of prayer, or a place to privately perform discreet rituals. Hide around it some magic tools where people don’t find them. Go there very late at night if you have to, in order to have more privacy. And if you have or will have made a coven, take them there. And, perhaps, assign each member a place she or he must find, too.


Day Twenty Five

Spend this day looking for magic items. Such as: a crystal rock, any crystal containing rock, a branch to make a rod from, or maybe going in a store to get a goblet. Or to even collect feathers and magically useful items that people think is garbage. Whatever you collect, turn it into a tool of magic. Crystals are very abundant. As are near looking stones, ones of many colors, whose texture differs. And it would go a long way to learn about different stones and what they are typically used for in magic. But there are all kinds of things to look for when it comes to creating magic tools. If you can, you can polish the stones you find into jewelry. And who knows what you’ll find with a metal detector?


Day Twenty Six

This is the day to consecrate your worship of deities by establishing how you will worship them. And also to make things like I’m ages and idols for them. And also to set forth what you will do for them and things like their very own day of worship. Make your most favorite deity be worshipped on or near your birthday. The others at other times, as they seem to best fit in. And from now on worship them in that way. You can use magic/RPG cards to be shown how you should regard your deities. Just buy a few packs and randomly draw four cards. Magic The Gathering is idea for this.


Day Twenty Seven

We have come upon the sixth day again which means as we sleep and during that day things done the previous week will come together and be released. It is not known much, but God had his design be created on the 7th day while he slept. And if you look into proper translation the more accurate word is slept, not rested. Though sleep is uncommon for any god. God’s usually rest, not sleep. Not to get too much off topic but God like beings lay in bed for hours resting, not sleeping, and do so for show. That people don’t think they are freaks that never sleep.

Since this is the final sixth day before a seventh, I only say that you use it to rest, as much as you can. You can, however, do bed type magic, such as astral projection and visualization. Visualization is, in fact, a good thing to do this day.



Day Twenty Eight- Day Thirty

During the next three days a temple will be built. In any room you choose, even your bedroom. The bathroom would probably be a bad place, but other than that, a large closet may even work. Or I’ll try to make that so with these instructions. This is what to do days 28-30.

You will need a curtain, one ripped in half. This will cover the doorway. You can remove the door to your temple if you want. You can have it over that doorway, but it may be better to remove it. Still, you could have it over the window if you like, and it could be torn but still cover everything from being seen.

The torn curtain represents a barrier between you and the other realms being opened up.

Adorn the room with magic based imagery on the walls. That is very easy. Maybe fun, too, looking for just the right I’m ages inline, printing, framing, and hanging them on the wall. Since you will be in this room in the dark, often, placing glow and the dark star stickers, childish as it may sound, can be helpful, especially if you are in their in the dark, meditating. Another cool thing for the wall may be tarot cards. And lights that dim, such as from lamps that control brightness, will be very useful.

Set up an altar in this temple. One that doesn’t have to be so premise just yet. Rather one that is roughly made and improved upon as time goes by, depending on what magic you use over time. An altar is a highly personalized thing.

A comfortable seat and place to lay down will be good, even if it is just a twin sized air mattress.

And there are things of going the extra mile, such as stain glasses window, but I’ll leave those things up to you, and they are optional.

Sigils should be in the wall. Candles can be added. Idols present, and are very important. And a simple sound system, to play music.

With all of these things your temple will be finished, and in thirty days you will have come very far as a magician.


The People of Samael

This pertains to a formation of a secret society. It’s instructions are brief, but effective. Say first your oath to Samael. Those that are to be his people say this oath and use the simple instructions to form a secret society in his honor.


The Oath of Samael:

“I shall be a part of your people, willing and determined to serve you. To lift up your name and break down obstacles that stand before you. I will be a part of your people, one who is honorable to you. Put into my hands the a ability to fulfill your every cause, put into my mind that cause, lead my heart unto it. And may all that I do for you be returned two fold. Be with us in making these things so.”


The Four Expected Characteristics of the Samaelites

1: Dressing well.

2: Being reliable and trustworthy, secretive.

3: Devotion to ones own cause, the purpose given them by Samael.

4: Doing the best you can in all matters.


The four types of Samuelites: Choose from these one, and bear the symbol associated with it. As the symbol you choose and job behind it requires, do your best at it or else change it to another.



1: Gatherer, recruiter, expander. Along with an additional purpose, there us this purpose for those Samaelites that have chosen it. It is a job of bringing in new people. It is a social based task as well, such aa bringing together other Samaelites and ordering their gathering. Can include Church creation.




2: Distributer, Multiplier, Producer, Sustainer. This is a job of circulating information, whether brief or a book, or many books, areas such as online, or house to house. They can make copies, they can replenish as well, such as needed things of low quantity.




3: Changer. Propagator. This is for the one who solely wishes to act on the cause of Samael and the Samaelites. It is their chose to spend the cause, and to cause change in the world. To make a difference. To make things better in the name of Samael.




4: Artist, Writer, Activist, Messenger. This is kind of more than one thing, but they all serve the same purpose. Whether it be the art, which can be drawings, music composition, or even game programming, or writing new material for the Samaelites, these expand upon current material that exists, teaching new things, and also old, and visually relating the message, or through text. It is the body of Saaelite philosophy and ideation.



So you have mystery before you. I’ve set forth the groundwork that others may expand upon. This is a start, a good one, and although vague but for the better: as there is much room to work with.

.. Samael is defined as this, as taken from Wikipedia:

Samael (Hebrew: "Venom of God," "Poison of God," or "Blindness of God"; rarely "Smil," "Samil," or "Samiel") is an important archangel in Talmudic and post-Talmudic lore, a figure who is the accuser (Ha-Satan), seducer, and destroyer (Mashhit), and has been regarded as both good and evil.

And is depicted below from two renderings:








The Idea Coven

Covens bond closer together with experience and familiarity of members—each member knowing the other well. At first they may be shy around each other but soon enough they come more closely together. And the more magic they practice together, the better they get at it.

For any circle of friends to stay together they must first be compatible. They need to be like minded. And that circle must benefit each member or else it hasn’t any worth.

Where they meet could be any number of places. If you are lucky, something such as a glad I a forest, a cave area, a neat place, like a pit in town, or it could be a place in the desert, a tree alone in the plains. Better still, each coven member could be roommates. Say that a home or apartment is rented out with four people. They’d have all the privacy and closeness that they want, with reduced rent as it is split between four people.

Some ritual based magic requires a group to perform. Whatever one person learns s/he can share with the others. Magic is more concentrated in a group. The members can split the costs of magic items and tools, and share them. And it just feels good being in a group of people who share your interests: in this case, magic.

Don’t let I too many members. Stick with a small amount of people. 3-6 people. Organize and prioritize things in the best manner. Swear your oaths to stay together and put your group before all others. Sometimes one can study, other times that person gathers. Sometimes one person can be high priest/ess, other times someone else. One whose expertise is in one thing, that thing is their job in the coven, and each with an expertise. Something that they like the most, are naturally good at, will be their work.

If you choose you may do good magic, wicked, or even highly destructive magic. You could deliver in the darker forces, or just set up the worship of angels and spirits. But whatever kind of magic you practice together should be well thought out, given much consideration, I order that you have a lot of choices and find the thing you like the most. A lot of people like one thing, a little, maybe, but if done a particular way they like it a lot more.


Magic Tools and Items: Definition, Creation, Uses


The Wand

At first a branch if a tree, later, a magic tool that is used to point toward what is in your mind. Take that branch and wrap around it a ribbon, or a few ribbons if you like, according to the color you wish to use, or a few colors to impart their power upon it. See Candles below to know the magical meaning and best uses of colors. To a want can be added a crystal wrapped around it. It may be blessed I a bowl of water containing crystals inside. Again, wands are used to point where you want the mind to be directed magically.


The Ring

Pride and wealth go hand in hand.. finger and hand. And pride is a force and power like no other. But most of all rings represent marriage and commitment to any given thing, not just a spouse but Marr to the world and the deities you worship, too. I think that at least magically speaking, a ring with a pearl or crystal is better than one if gold and diamonds. These can have engravings on them. And that is an easy to find service online. The name of a deity, for example. Crystals on a ring are more close by on a ring. And the hand represents the most magically powerful body part, except, of course, the mind.


The Chalice

It’s not so much as what is in it than how it is drunken from. Which is in a very slow and peaceful way, drinking it all at once—slowly and with relaxed feelings. There are magically effective drinks. This is best taught by experience from person to person, individually, but oolong tea and cherry cider works the best for me. It’s not the plant with a spirit kind of thing. It is in how the mind regards any given taste and the thoughts that open up because of it. So a drink as such depending on how it tastes, can help your mind work in magical receptive ways.



Dice can order things done from a number of one to twelve, such as a typical dice, but there are even more sided dice than that.. 24, I think. They can be used to tell fortunes, used in numerology, reveal things, and more. It’s been said that “God doesn’t play dice,” but maybe he does, and as for spirits, they do so all the time. If a deity is close to you then you can count on dice revealing to you things through dice.


Tarot Cards

There are more decks than you can take account of. Personally my favorite has always been the Rider Waite deck. Allister Crowley made them, there is even a “Vampiric” Deck. What’s not usually known, exactly, is how they work. These cards are used very well and very clever to pull up things from the abstract. To provide an idea from abstract images, and this especially works well with many cards side by side. In effect, they provide a good idea for any future.



The best two are rose and blue quartz. Rose is more for love, the heart. And blue is more for concrete power, otherwise. I wore these as a teenager. They were a bit item at school. They came in dragon claws as a necklace. Crystals have long been associated with magic. As a stone that by it’s very nature “grows.” It pulls in energy and breaths it out. It roots you in magic as long as you bear it. Just put one in your pocket and see what good that day will be. Prayers can be aided with a crystal grasped to in hand.



I wonder if personal grimoires could sell well online. They are journals like no other. They contain magic experiments and results, teaching it’s creator magic that works best, recording it, preserving it and pulling from it. You can be more creative if you like, like me. I use a trapper keeper, rubber stamps, colored pens, stencils, stickers, graph paper.. Even if you just write a daily prayer it will be full in no time. Or you could just do these digitally, making an eBook. Hell, today you can get these put into a paper based book through online services.



These are used to exert feelings of power for rituals or spells that require it. To overcome your enemy. To be boldly able to ritualized their destruction. Or to powerfully put yourself in a position of authority in commanding forth ones wishes. Really all else that needs to be said if it is: pick one that looks best to you, and don’t be cheap. Buy a well made one, one that looks best to you.



You can create a symbol and a few things said on a piece of paper for any spirit you worship. Then just place it on your altar. If there are higher powers before you then it’ll be read. That would be the case inasmuch as you have attracted deities amount you. One day I was trying to make a symbol but couldn’t. I just folded the paper over and left it in my cabinet. I unfolded the paper later and it had on it a star of David with a crescent moon above it, the ink created something of a blot. The way it happened couldn’t be explained beyond a spiritual power doing it. Because I blots don’t do that. Neat enough, stickers can be created on ordered online, making whatever symbols you want into stickers. Graffiti time!


Jewelry and Wardrobe

These are very important to any magician, or at least should be. Whether that person was Allister Crowley, Lavey, or even Palpatine/Darth Sidius in Star Wars, who, after gaining total power, exchanged his proper clothing to a robe only worn by the Sith. Most people would go for heavy black robes. However a look that combines wealth with a subtle provocative look is better. To dress in style just a little different than typical. And to adorn on you things of wealth, to go out in style, to be attractive.. even of the gods. And on total being proud due to it.



Early in my teachings regarding magic I learned to visualize to classical music and found not only was it powerful, but just pleasant to do, too. And in my heinous devil worshipping years before that I was engrossed in metal. Metal lived and breathed evil into me. I even had an emotion I could only call “darkness,” which was a very unique feeling, really was a separate emotion from all my others. Didn’t feel hate. Didn’t feel anger, or anything of any other emotion I had. But those days are gone. Music may be used magically to either evoke feelings or visualization. But here is a first teach of mine—magic can be pulled from things of nostalgia, as from things recorded that you watched in your childhood. That is simply done by watching it again (the tape or a digital file, or whatever it is. The thing you first watched it on doesn’t matter. You can watch it on a new and different TV or just a cell phone.) And while watching it again try to go back to the memory and experience if watching it the first time. Return to that person. It will place a “crystal” in your memory.



Idols are the best thing in life, at least for me. When I was hoping I missed my idols. So I’d go into stores that sold them and pray to them for free. One day I was at a large store looking through things in the toy area and saw an action figure that looked just like the Devil. Or a demon at least, and a badass one. So I thought, 'why can’t this be an idol?’ and so I bought it, and it became. Like the Devil gave me a toy that day. Idols can be found of all kinds, from an inch tall to several feet. Made from metal. Made from wood.


Holy Water

Whether it’s used for holy purposes or not it works wonders. One day a magician I had a brief acquaintance with (right before I moved to San Francisco) he put an oil between my eyes and said “talk to the serpent.” And I did. Not in my imagination but in reality I heard him and he told me to drop all I’m doing and to come here. Who’d I’d meet beside the sea.



Red=fire, passion, lust and power.

Green= Life, tranquility, wonder and completeness.

Blue= Mystery, change, friendship and the spirit/soul

Yellow= Brightness, intellect, thought, and the mind

Orange= Insanity, or just unusual things

Black= Barrier, blocking, guarding, protection

White= Divinity, higher beings, metaphysics, magic

Purple= Royalty, leadership, pride, glory

Use candles accordingly. But they also may be used where dimmer light is required. Or to burn parchment over, To meditate with and other uses.




If nothing else incense has always been proven to be both the longest lasting and most simple of filling a room with fragrant smells. They are cheap, they last far longer than a spray. And for the little followed practice of magic and aroma therapy these are the most useful tool for them. These are largely spiritual based practices that incorporate incense. Incense works best with things if spirits, of ghosts. However they can be noxious to a certain kind of spirit. Most though love hearing scents of all kinds. One month or so I was badly possessed and found myself doing things like covering the carpet with laundry powder.



It doesn’t have to be an expensive instrument. In fact wood winds can come cheaper than anything. Like a plastic recorder or a simple pan flute, an ocarina, or whatever it may be. I personally like wood winds. But there’s no reason it could be a guitar, drum, or anything else you could think of. And you don’t have to play masterfully, though an adequate talent work them only helps. Use these to make short melodies with, calling forth higher beings.. in summoning magic musical instruments are important.



There have been very many who practiced magic, and widely separated too, who just had the instinct that masks are very effective magical items. Be they used by tribes or devil worshipers, metal music magicians, like a tribe donning the image of a demon before their face, they’ve always been used as magical items. These are done to embody something if a world beyond. One far, far away above or below. And by being as such, you can act the such.

A better understanding of Numerology

When it comes down to it, individual numbers can mean anything, or at least many things. No one number us de-facto about any one thing. But they can be formed into meaning things by the musician, who implements those things in his or her life. You could say that three is a spare, two is a crutch. Or marvel about the many things that 8 says is important: sleep, cups of water a day. You can set up ten to provide top ten or any list, as most do. And you can say such things as, “Two is company, three is a crowd.” You can use any given number for its own specific thing in life. And if done right numbers will shape your reality. And numbers will help you choose where to go and what you can do when you get there.


Paganism and Religious Confines/Territories

Paganism is a celebration of life. It involves feasts. It involves pleasure. And in a magical sense, it makes one incredibly receptive toward upper powers. The ancient Hebrews used to find a connection to God from revelry. A little wine and in good circumstances, that door would be open. The stars, the window of heaven is open at these times for the person who, the pleasure, is exorbitantly open-doored. Let’s take Halloween as a time of such a practice, as it once was for the Pagans. And eat by the fire, being among friends, donning masks, and I a sea of creepy (and sometimes just diabolical) things. If it wasn’t for Halloween their wouldn’t be as many spirits all around us, as when they arrive, they usually stay. If they like it here they will remain for a very long time.

Paganism wasn’t some secret sect, no underground movement. It was a lifestyle that was just very suitable in it’s time. The world yet stopped full of so much mystery. Resources were plentiful. And the people had a very good mentality. They were pragmatic, and only wanting to learn about the world and enjoy the things within it. I can relate to that. One of the best things in life is to just sit and very slowly eat something, like pumpkin seeds. And having a good drive beside me at the end if the day sitting on a bench, relaxing

Ideas of Utopias come and go. Some are incredibly precise. Too much so. And impractical. But my idea for a Utopia is different. It is more simplistic. And may there be a place for everyone but my own personal Utopia would be a place that always has music, and for different areas different music. The very best food. Camp fires at night. Having an abandoned bus as a home. Video games every where. Freshly cooked meat. Being able to eat one hour, to play a game another hour, to sit awhile with food, listening to music. And being able to come and go—from sleeping anywhere in the area, to go El nearby to hear live music. And other than that to just have all the things I love the most in that abandoned bus. Which most I the things I live are all cheap. Creative ability included. And that is my utopia. Political and philosophical people can argue until hell freezes over as to what a Utopia is. But if not all together untrue for some, often much of it isn’t true for some, as though what they like is best for everyone when I reality that is only entirely true for themselves. So is the fact: a person makes her or his own Utopia.

I certainly believe that so—that to add to that, people should have every freedom of where they will live and more specifically what it is like their. But things are so plain! There should be many thousand choices. There aren’t even more than a few dozen if slight shades of different things aren’t taken into account. But to have for everyone a place should be the top sociological and political priority!

If you put two bulls in the same room, they will fight. If you put one tribe before another, they may too. And we live in such a world as one that forces people to be together. I think in terms such as every city or town being much different than the other. But people can’t agree to be different. Fir one state a cowboy, and another a hippie. For one a gangster, and another a business person. But we need to roll the contrast all the way to the right.





Human Pets

Just like a human's pet, a pet of spiritual beings/ deities, “higher powers and higher beings,” have us as pets. And I know this very well to be true. I’ve heard them. I’ve interacted with them. I’ve seen them. And my schizophrenic friends have, too. In fact while they are hearing “voices” I have said something in my mind before that was repeated by them inside their minds, and have heard things like “what does that have anything to do with anything?” I’d say, such as, “say the number six” in my mind, around someone hearing voices, and he did, and things like that.

And I’ve talked to them. I’ve heard them. They have a greater sense of what I’m thinking. They comment on not only my inner and outer words, but my body language too. I guess you get what you wish for. For years I performed magic to be able to hear spirits and see them. Whatever they were, ghosts, demons, angels, or just spirits, I do not know. But apparently my magic worked, which I’d thought it just didn’t. But magic results have a way if taking awhile to work.

Some people have guardian spirits and they can be considered pets of them. And maybe they brought you into life on this Earth just to have you as a pet. But what’s sure is that some people have spirits that protects them life and limb. What should have been a deadly disaster for them, they survived, even without a scratch. Ever wonder why a plane in the sky crashes and all die except for one person?

They will have more influences on your life than you may realize. They are working behind the scenes to bring up a better life for you. We can only have a narrow understanding of them but all of these things I say are true. There are spirits at all time around you and really the metaphysical world is just a short ways away.

What I would suggest is that you be a good pet. That you find a deity and worship and appreciate it. To be friends to it/ them and whatever your heart says is happening, maybe it is.


Astral Projection

We are all made in God’s image. As the Book of Genesis indicates, that which he envisions, comes into reality. And we have this power too, though to lesser extent.

While laying in bed people may project their body outward, their spirit, into another place. This is especially so on the fringe of sleep. Although traveling somewhere nearby is more difficult. You are more likely to go to a “familiar place” meaning, an area that coincides with your true nature, as much as that may be. And that being the case, it may take the soul awhile to get there, even a long time. The one rule of it is that what you see before your eyes you must believe is real, or else it won’t be. You will have hidden it before your eyes. You would have put the curtain over the window.

During sleep people astral project all the time. The soul is even trying to get to heaven sometimes. And heaven has it’s upward gravity. Dreams that have you going upward, flying, or on the top of a massive tree, are all indications if this. I used to have dreams where I could jump up, paused high in the air, jumped up again, paused in the air, and jumped up again that way, but eventually fell, fast and hard.

You can project your physical bodies this way. But there is also projection of the mind. That is best done with visualizing things. Your thoughts will go outward into the world. And if you plant just the right seed somewhere you may watch it grow, changing the very world. Let not visualizations be without imaginations, and more than just seeing things. That you don’t merely work on the memory part of the mind, but instead the minds third eye.

You have the option of making your world and folding into it. During life all that you ask for, will be, someday or another. It may come at a high cost, however. I often prayed for $2,000, the amount I thought I’d need to move to NYC while I was looking for an apartment. It wasn’t long after that I got it. While arrested and after that committed my SSI piled up to exactly $2,000. But you can be quite surprised that old wishes have a powerful way if becoming true.

How to be rewarded by deities

Those that reward themselves after work are showing they want to be rewarded, and that is a self respect that a deity will see. And they’ll act accordingly. Those that do jobs for their deities will be rewarded. And as long as it continues, maybe they’ll get more over time. And to simply acknowledge a deity, praying, carrying chants for them, looking for them, will make them return the favor, and even shine down on you.

If you’ve influenced any circle of gods of your work and it’s worth, if you’ve separated yourself from the typical and represent change and among other humans are at the top of new good things, a worthy purpose, you may find yourself sitting before them.


Magical Stones

Here is a list of magic stones and their uses:


Obsidian- Obsidian is a defensive stone meaning it will protect you. For protection, it helps to have one in your pocket and it guards you against the magical workings of others.

Sapphire- This is a stone of burning passion, and burning desire. It is a rock of flame, serving to kindle desire and purpose, to bring about stringer will and as such is a stone that represents pride.

Diamond- represents supremacy, evolution, progression, and dominance. As bright as stars high above- a presence of perfection, that perfections embodying characteristics, that entity that excels all others, and a person’s shining attributes.

Amethyst- this stone is most magically effective toward having better mood, to bring about more joy and happiness, generally, and along with that bringing you prosperity.

Opal- Opal works the best with nocturnal based magic, moon based magic. Magic that opens resting powers. Much the same it is used for magic being performed while at rest, as well as to enhance deep thinking, such as meditation or just mental clarity.

Jade- a stone usually used to call up spirits, especially ancestral ones. They are used as doorways to spiritual realms, are used for anything pertaining to spirits. They can also be used to enhance human-spiritual powers.

Moonstone- A stone of finding treasure, one that leads you into it.

Turquoise- Turquoise is best used for wealth increasing magic. It imparts upon people privilege and dignity, honor and high esteem. It is the gold of a true King (or Queen) and is used to gain things like power, sharp intellect and prestige.

Ruby- Ruby is a someone stone that us best used to call forth spirits. This stone may help any method to do so. As long as you carry it that spirit will remain to you. Magic may be done to capture a spirit, but ethically speaking, that shouldn’t be done!

Emerald- Emerald is a story of healing. To heal all wounds, mental, physical, and spiritual. To break away painful elements on ones life, or disease whose source derives from spiritual maladies.

Clear Quartz- clear quartz is used to enhance magic, generally. It does what all the other stones do, just to a lesser extent. It is a stone if balance, a stone of general magic amplification. It is essential for any magician to have a few.

Rose Quartz- Rose quartz is often used in matters of live and romance. But can be used to better any relationship, used to bring about new ones, too. It is a stone of the heart, one that represents fondness, even love.

Blue Quartz- a stone that fortifies a bond. That makes a pre-existing commitment better, whatever that relationship is built upon. A stone providing a better and more optimal bond between you and others.

Aqua marine- This is a story that brings about greater luck, and that can be money based, as in gambling, or it can just be for victory over competition. A stone of successes.

Amber- Amber is best used to sooth painful emotions, such as grid and depression. It us used to fix broken pieces in one’s life. It us used to make a life better. It us used for improvement in one’s life.

Agate- is a stone that represents change, that can change even what totally seems unchangeable. Coupled with a diamond it adds to that progress, advancement.

Malachite- Malachite is a prophesy aiding stone. A stone of visions. One that aids imagination and all things that pertain to future predictions are helped by this stone.

Topaz- Topaz is a stone of new beginnings. It us used the best in regards to anything newly established, a new child, a marriage, a commitment—even a new commitment to a deity, to whom the stone us given.

Pearl- though pearl is not in a very literal sense a stone, I am listing it here anyway. This story represents any covenant, dedication, loyalty. This best works by giving them to a loved one or friend.


These can be found online in numerous places and many if them are very inexpensive. Whatever type of magic you use, according to what you want to happen from it, these stones can help you according to the indicated uses.

They can be a part of jewelry, instead of carrying a lot of these in a pocket, and certainly their magic is enhanced by being on you at all times.

And I have below a ritual to consecrate these stones with power, one simple but effective.


Ritual of Rocks

You will need:

A pouch, a bowl, salt, crystals, incense, and a mini shovel.

Follow these steps:

  1. Put the stones in the pouch. Include in these additional stones that are crystals. Hold it in hand, pray that they be given their power.
  2. Light the incense. Put the pouch containing the stones above the smoke of the incense. Hold it there for three or more minutes.
  3. Put it into a bowl of water full of salt. Keep it there for at least two hours.
  4. Remove the pouch. You may put it into a new bowl so that it doesn’t drip everywhere.
  5. Dig a small hole and place it inside. It may be buried on a full moon or pulled up on a full moon, or both. And burying it next to a tree helps, too.
  6. Then simply retrieve it in due time, and they are all infused with magic.



Magical Herbs and Their Uses

As it is a popular and much liked form of magic, this and stones both, about equally, I am listing here some magical herbs and what to use them for.


Basil- Basil helps you study and learn. And it also helps you find and make the right decision. And it can help you understand the most likely future.

Bay- Bay makes life easier.

Calendula- Calendula invites spirits, especially powerful ones. Is an air to receive greater power through them.

Chamomile- Chamomile puts us in peace, soothing our spirit, purifying us.

Fennel- Listed here more as a danger: fennel can make one berserk if not used the right way magically, so use it wisely. It is effects are loss of inhibition, for you or someone else, however that would benefit you.

Garlic- Garlic helps you remove bad spirits from your body.

Lavender- Lavender in the home keeps peace in the home.

Lemon Balm- Makes luckier.

Mint- Mint capture time. Is good when used to remember things or to return to the past.. to bring the past back.. to find what you’ve lost.

Mistletoe- Mistletoe attracts a lover. But it also attracts spirits, both good and bad ones.

Parsley- Parsley calls forth beings from other realms. It helps, at least a little, to open up “doorways” to other realms.

Rosemary- used for matters pertaining to love.

Sage- Increases intellect. Provides a better understanding of things, gives a better perspective, especially in deep thinking practices.

Saint John’s Wort- has long been known by many to help depression.

Valerian- Valerian root brings about spiritual peace.

Tiger Balm- Tiger balm protects you. It may be used in destructive magic against your enemies.


These can be placed in pre exiting oils. They can be worn in a pouch on a necklace, or just carried in a pouch. They can be turned into incense. They can be dried and sprinkled onto a candle. And some of them can even be consumed.


Some helpful components to magic

So what are some ingredients that aid you with every spell? These are very important to list as a magician cannot be simply a doer, s/he must be a doer in certain ways. Without these alongside magic spells, the spell may produce a lesser result, or even not work altogether.


Desire- Having increased desire toward things in general will take you a long way. Without desire, you don’t want things to begin with. You wouldn’t have anything to aim for. The more you want something, the more you actively pull it in, towards you, and is itself magic.

Timing- Sometimes magic just works by doing the right thing at the right time. That could be the primary factor of success. It is an important component to magic for that reason. A season for everything, and to agree with that, rolls your intention smoothly on a road meant for it.

Purpose/ The right agenda- That what you do is agreeable, with higher powers, will get you help in achieving what you want to. But if you try to curse someone who doesn’t really deserve it, you may provoke anger against them, and it will return until you.

Involvement- That you simply do what you want to do can help you succeed. If your heart isn’t into it then you may not succeed. But if you work carefully and do your best, then so much more to it’s success that may otherwise not be there.

Talent/Ability- Being good at magic involves practice, just like every other thing. If your magic is not first successful, don’t be discouraged. With practice you will see better results, I promise.

Knowledge and understanding- Knowing what you can do and cannot, as well as what works and what never does, will help you do magic that works, one you may be naturally good at, or to fill in the missing pieces in making what doesn’t normally work, does.

The right tools- be sure not to lazily come about magic tools, such as wands, drawn symbols, or whatever else. Take your time on each. Don’t take short cuts. Don’t use a plastic cup as a chalice. Draw what you would well. Don’t just pick up something and think it is magically useful. But instead follow good designs and methods to making them work better.

Simplicity- “Dint bite off more than you can chew.” Don’t have too much on your plate. You may find yourself juggling with dynamite. You may be trying something too early, doing too much of something you can’t fully handle, and fail. Instead, do all things you are good at, learning as you go along.

Emotional depth- A lot of magic is sparked and kindled by emotion. To raise your emotion to great heights is a powerful ingredient to a lot of magic. They that can elevate their mood without drugs, can work better magic. But that emotion must come from the soul, not a chemicals reaction in the body that only controls you.

Relationship with deities- having a good regard from the metaphysical world will help you greatly. And can pick up the missing pieces. Sometimes rituals are just a show for these deities, who do require them, and if seen, may act on them fulfilling your wishes, granting what you desire. If they don’t care about you, if they have no reason to, then why should they help? Why should they pay any attention to what you are doing?

Faith and Belief- if you don’t believe in the capability of magic to begin with, it won’t work for you. You couldn’t be engaged. You can burn forth the belief that leads you in reaching magical places. You won’t have any sense of fantasy. You would just be an empty vessel. So, if only while you are performing magic, believe in it, or you’ll just be a person doing silly things.

Being realistic- God has created many beings. Some more powerful than others. Some that can help you with their powers and can broadly be capable if that. But only up to a certain point as God has placed limitations on them. He is a way better us and them in many ways. He guards us and Jeep’s us for himself in those ways. But there are times when a person is so liked in the metaphysical realm as to command many armies.

Tempering- it may help to do more magic on top of what has been done, to add, to enhance, even to multiply the effect. And sometimes that may be required. For some Desi to be brought into reality you may have to shift a lot of minds, cast a lot if different spells, and to magically adjust things to your favor, instead of making something happen in just one use of one spell.

Receiving help- No doubt that two batteries are more powerful than one so long as space is filled well, by a person of equal power, one who takes it all seriously. Magic talent different between individual and individual.. a lot. And what you may not be able to do, another may be very well capable of doing. And maybe it can come from a hired hand but it is better to receive such help from a close friend.

Knowing your target well- Knowing it, and also exactly where it should be hit, as each person is a person of many targets.. but it is just one that you must hit. This involves doing things in a way that may not be readily apparent. That requires that you know cause and effect very well. That to put forth a cause that will incur the best effect is a lesson that the best trained magicians have taken good considering our into.

Setting and privacy- rituals work better when you are bold. Not whispering invocations, not being hush hush, but rather exerting more force by being open and outright. So a ritual may best be done when no one is around. And you may even have to find a secluded area somewhere to go to. Some people are singers in the band. Others become drummers.

Preparation- This was an early problem of mine. I set out to perform complex rituals to find I didn’t know how to step by step. I’d forgotten one thing or another. And instead of performing it naturally I did according to book in hand. It’s far better to memorize what you I tend on doing. To have all you need, to know what you must say, to use magic items the right way and to gave them been premade the right way.


Observance- Be observant always to find out what magic has done. Magic has a way of coming forth if not as exactly intended, but in some form close. How it can come forth it will. And it may have changed in order to do so. The more you know the regards between the metaphysical and you, the better, as you are a unique entity within it, something different from person to person . I once did a ritual to get with a girl I liked. I thought it didn’t do a damn thing. After about a year or less I found a girlfriend that wasn’t her, but looked just like her. She just came into my life out of nowhere.. nothing less than magic brought her to me.

Being sure—Be sure that what you want to happen you are sure that you do. Do not cast a curse lightly. Do not expect people to conform to your wishes, and then expect higher powers to abolish them for not adhering. And know that for everything comes a price. Sometimes that price is heavy, costing you your money, relationships, home, and even life. I know, it’s happened to me. There is usually at least a little cost, especially the more you ask for, asking too much.

Be grateful for all things—as you never know if it was given to you by a powerful power. Often it is. And if you throw anything away, that may upset them. They could even get angry. But, in the least, may discontinue giving you anything. Magic is a thing of acceptance as to ask for something and throw it away or out after having gotten it, such can be called “magician heresy.” They may not have easily been provided you. Sometimes deities have to break rules to help you. So especially if you are pulling double time to get them, if you do, regard it well.

Being a natural Magician—one kind of Magician only does magic systematically, ritual to ritual, but otherwise there is no magical practices in his or her life. The only magic they do us entirely deliberate and intentional. But the greater magician incorporates magic into all aspects of his life. One is a magician only sometimes. Another's whole life is lived as a magician!





Ways to create whole new worlds

It is a very interesting treatise. That space without boundaries, contains in it every imaginable world, somewhere out there, somewhere very, very far away there is a place of every kind. Let’s assume that there isn’t, though. Still, human kind is becoming increasingly able to create whole new worlds. Which began long ago in books and was confined to imagination. Video games emerged. We made it much more tangible, especially as graphics improved. More and more, to was the worlds in games more real, more deeply interacted with. Virtual Reality follows. And some day we may have a “halo deck” as found in Star Trek, and even beyond that. So my point is: why not be ahead of the curb? Why not begin making new worlds today, if, soon, they could be brought into reality? Some may desire doing so, others not, but for those that do there is my Book of the Five Planets series, and these instructions below:

How to Create new Worlds

Through imagination

With eyes closed begin to think about the world it is. See for the first time it’s people. Introduce yourself. Think of a name fie the planet. See the things we it. Accept the good ideas, reject the bad ideas. Be sure that you believe what you see is real, so that your thoughts flow freely and are not restricted. Be at one with its people and envelop yourself into their world.


Begin to draw new things based on this new world. Draw it’s people, classes and types of it’s people, what the world looks like, the architecture there, homes, other buildings, animals, food, cities, towns, special things, etc.

Containing ideas of

A) It’s people- What do it’s people like best? What do they like the most or dislike the most? What makes them both similar to us or unique?
B) It’s history- What world changing events occurred there? What were some famous figures? Catastrophes, and also progress, good things occurring, and bad things that have happened there.
C) It’s beliefs- What is a popular philosophy if theirs? What do they believe in most of all. Old beliefs, primitive ones, but also new. What do they value? What do they condemn?
D) It’s lifestyles- What is a good day for them? What do they enjoy the most.. and holidays, ideas of fun.. or of difficult work.. and responsibilities, different jobs there, and uses of science and technology, if any.
E) It’s contents- The kind of precious things found there, and kind of businesses, the look of homes, the terrain, good areas, bad areas, political systems, laws, social structure, etc.,





The Four Elements

All old outdated ideas of them not included, there is still a lot to learn from regarding the four elements. Here are new ideas regarding them, in a somewhat more modern understanding. Scientists would scoff at any idea of there only being four elements, and magical work involving them. I say here that Earth means anything of the earth, any mineral, and any objections upon it, the dirt, the flowers. And fire doesn’t need to be explained though can be added upon: can mean desire, passion, or heated emotion. Water too can mean more than just physical water, it is a thing that finds it’s own course, representing purity, giving life, cleansing. And air can also represent the spirit.

I add a fifth Element as I sometimes done—that being light. Light in fact is the cause of all life, including the working of neurons in the brain. In the beginning a bird, perhaps a pterodactyl, was in distress. The Earth was devastated. The sky was filled with thick dark clouds. And a bird said desperately “let there be light,” and so it was.

Light is always the best resort when it comes to new technology. But that can be found more or less true I certain ways. When I think of the five elements I start by one thing so between each and the best results. For example with generating power in regard to the five elements:

Water pulled the a damn. Or steam power.

Air and wind power

Fire and burning gasoline or coal

Earth and fire, burning

Light and solar power.

And I may also think as far as computer parts are concerned:

Air cools the hardware. Air spoken into a microphone.

Fire as I’d consider electrical current, if even that comes a bit from the abstract.

Earth plays a big part, includes metal and magnets, even plastic

And Light which includes lasers, includes the screen, the display, fiber optics and such, and certainly has the upper hand here.

And thinking of you jobs, the kind you would find from element to element:

Earth includes things if mining and jewelry. Includes clothes, like from cotton, or even polyester. They include farming. Like to, along with farming, and water. Observations of the Earth itself is a job. This includes wood work and construction, too.

Air includes things like flying, piloting, hiking you could say. But really I am pressed to find many examples. I guess you could say but a sky scrapers or bridge.

Water includes fishing, irrigation, bartending, sometimes medicine, spraying the streets, washing and cleaning.

Fire includes cooking, burning fuel, keeping warm, heating.

Light includes photography, television work, night time work, things gifted by the sun.


So by understanding these you simply have a better understanding, one that may be used and applied to what you are doing and what you know about things. You have more options. You have more choices, different ways to get the same or better result.

Light always produces the best result, if not immediately then sooner or later. When you think about highly advanced technology, you always wind up with a light based product that is far more superior than the other elements. This could be fiber optics, going from tape to CD, providing light wherever it is needed, and if it hasn’t become the best yet, there is probably an as of yet light based thing to come, which will be the best..


Magical Areas

Certain areas are better suited to work magic. A personal, private room, a desert, and other places as listed below:


In a room meant for it

This may either be better privacy or less privacy, depending on who lives with you in when they aren’t there, if they are there at all. But also less privacy can be found there due to thin neighboring walls. You could be known as a secluded weirdo to the closed minded. But if you have every permission to be a little strange, and your parents don’t tear down the magical I’m ages donning your wall, or your room mate doesn’t mind, then you could have a private temple in any room. And if you aren’t shy or embarrassed by it, you can speak out loud chants and invocations. At best your room—that is your own. It us your area. And you should have your area for whatever you want with it.

In the desert

The desert is the best place for meditation and thought. So long as it isn’t too hot. During the summer it is. But in most dessert areas the temperature is at least cool during the winter. Long walks may be taken into it, ll the while thinking and meditating. It is a good place to look for spirits or to talk to them. It can be a highly private area. And I’ve done just these things in the desert area surrounding Tucson Arizona. It lifted my spirits and directed my thoughts upon that whom I worshipped.

In a glade/forest

I would say that at best it is a good place to feast, especially if you are in a coven, and with them. It arouses a magical feeling in you. So much that you are given more confidence to succeed in whatever spell you are casting. It is a “conductive” area for magic. It can be an enchanting place. A perfect environment to cast spells and perform rites and many a magician has been lured to such a place, for those very reasons.

In an abandoned home

Just be sure it really is abandoned. You don’t want to be trespassing! Breaking in illegally.. it’ll be apparent if it is. There wouldn’t be much of a roof and most of the walls are gone. This is a very good area to work magic. They are usually in unpopulated areas, or only lightly populated areas. When you can find one that is, then you can go there, preferably at night to perform magic.

In a graveyard

This one can be a slippery slope. That’s because no want wants someone hanging out at a graveyard, that aren’t there to visit a lost loved one.. but doing strange things. I however found a graveyard that beside it was a small hill that went downward into an area surrounded by bushes. And in the middle I just sat and prayed, opened up my pack, and drank a few beers.

In a swampy area

There actually was a lot of swampy areas around Clovis NM where I grew up. My father and mom, me and my siblings went to one. We traveled a lot. Sometimes just to beat places no one knew about. My dad’s friend told him about this swampy area outside of Clovis. I made a kind of tent there with just branches over a tree. And there was another swampy area that I stayed a few nights at while homeless. These are places you wouldn’t know where there unless you looked around carefully. So they are very isolated. In fact they are idea for privacy. No one wants to walk through them. No one likes to. They are difficult to pass.

Under a bridge

Stories are often told about the being either before the bridge or under it. I’d personally relate it to more heinous forms of magic. Those that practice magic of a darker nature. Bridges are usually over water. But some are just over a deep pit. If you have one in your area count yourself lucky. It is a perfect place to cast magic, of all kinds, but especially that of a heavier tone.

In a cave

Once I heard of a fabled cave outside of Tucson AZ, one containing human skulls where black magic was reported to have been practicing. I guess these areas are good in some ways, but dangerous in many others. As if they are anywhere near a city, be cautioned that people may be going there, either devil worshippers or gangsters. But if these are far away from any city or home, they are probably safe enough to enter, even regularly, and can in fact endow great privacy and a cool surrounding.

In a field

I actually wandered into a Satanist cult one year. I was 18. It was my birthday.. I went to a park outside of town with my family. Kind of wandered off into a field. I’d seen some kind of castle like structure in the distance. That was a time in my life when things had gotten pretty bad. My life came to an end there, and my new life began, as a new person, a different person, who was set out on the path that I follow today.

Fields are for people very open. Fields are for people who want to be apart from the city.

In a pit

Take a shovel and dig if you have to. But don’t bust any pipes. There was an area outside of Texico where I once lived. Just a big pit that who knows how it came to be. A big pit, a big hole in the grown the length of a few homes. We’d go there often in our better days, me and my friends, working magic there and filled with reverie.

Across the tracks

Who knows what you’ll find there. Who you could meet. What is on the other side of the rainbow. Where magic would lead you to someone. And better than magic for any of it’s uses are the friends you perform it with. Maybe magic doesn’t mean much to you yourself. But among friends, magic forms the best relationships.


My Favorite Movies About Magic

These cover uses of magic into entertainment forms very well. They are all good and entertaining movies. And they are highly diverse. I’ve found that while most movies are the same subject to subject, that those about magic are very different from one to the other. Here is a list of the best ones:



A movie that is something of a different take on the garden of Eden, the movie stars Jack and Lilly. Jack leads Lilly to touch a unicorn which is forbidden. It’s horn is taken and given to Darkness. Lilly is capture by Darkness and Jack ventures out to save her. The objective of Darkness is to destroy all light, but doesn’t succeed.

The Craft

This movie is about a coven of witches. They have three members before adding a fourth, someone that has a lot more power than them, a “natural witch,” the group end up turning against her, after she leaves for ethical reasons—as they had become destructive in their uses of magic. But she prevails in the end.


A lesser known movie but a good one. This has a much different rendition of the Sword in the Stone story as originally told. This movie is based much more on magic and covers many things not originally present in the story. It tells a story of good magic vs. bad magic, doing so in a very entertaining way.

The Ghoulies

This is one of those “satanic” movies that were once a popular topic for horror movies. Most of those I’d call cheesy, such as Warlock and The Omen. But Ghoulies was one that wasn’t. It is about these little demons at an amusement park.. pretty entertaining.

Hell Raiser

Hell Raiser is another of those horror movies you may call “satanic,” it is about this special magical cube a person invented that opens up a new dimension, one like hell. And after bringing a small group of demons to him, he suffered the consequences.

The Gate

Just a scary movie that uses clay animation to make some pretty creepy looking little demons. A movie in which the gates of hell are opened due to some kids playing around with magic.


Krull has much more depth of story to it compared to the other more on this list. It is about a prince whose bride was taken by “The Beast” and his journey to free her. Along the way he meets magicians and creatures, and people with many interesting stories behind them.


Willow is a person in this movie that wishes to learn magic as taught by the village sage. One day he finds a baby in a basket washed up to the banks if a river. He doesn’t know what to do about it. The baby is human and his people aren’t. The safe sends him out to give her to the first human he sees. But in getting twisted around and diverted ends up on a quest in which he learns magic and stops a sorceress from gaining total power.. as the baby is prophesized to over throw her rule.

Dragon Slayer

Dragon Slayer.. I don’t remember it much but it was a very favorite movie of mine when I was young. I do remember it being more feasible, more realistic and serious than typical movies of the same genre.

Conan the Barbarian

And also Conan the Conqueror. This is such a good movie! It’s eerie sometimes, other times thrilling, and sometimes winsome. It’s the tale of Conan’s journey who meets along the way a warrior, a thief, and a wizard, who in the end faces off with a sorcerer whose cult stands in his way.


This is the only movie in this list that is a kids movie. It’s kind of charming. You’d either like the music in it or wouldn’t, you’d either care about the plot or not. It is largely about a woman working to get the a labyrinth to get back her baby brother. She “wished the wrong wish” and a “goblin king” took him from her. He makes her go the a labyrinth will a set amount if time to get him back.

The Hobbit

Whether the movie or the cartoon both are very enjoyable films. You probably know what the Hobbit is about. Its about a Hobbit that as Hobbits are, doesn’t wish to leave the comfort of his home, but is compelled to by a Wizard. With him as a bugler, and a team of people beside him, they set off to reclaim gold and a lake of treasures stolen by a dragon.


Carrie is about a girl whose mother was strictly religious.. strictly Christian. And that girl begins to develop magic power. In school Carrie displays magical powers. She can do weak magical things at first. But in the end she becomes enraged at a humiliation dealt to her during prom.. there was a much lesser known sequel to this I like even better, called Karrie (with a K) that tells the story of her daughter.


Drive for a chalice

Drinks are very definable as how to be used magically, on a de-facto way even, given people have the same general reaction to tastes from driving to drink. This can be summed up as drinks that make you feel.. peaceful, drunk, invigorated, or if things sweet, sour, etc.. so this is about the nature of drinks in regard to magic purposes. And I’ve long been a person very interested in trying any drink, as there are very, very many, all distinct, and it us a pleasure to try anything new among them.


Grape Juice

Grape juice is much like blood. And you don’t have to drive blood (which for any normal person would be discussing.) A communion drink. An intensively flavored drink. Can be a blasphemous communal drink.. or a holy one.. or both. It takes less. The rich taste us very over powering if taken in large gulps.

Pomegranate Juice

Pure pomegranate juice is hard to come by. This has long been considered a godly elixir. It is magically potent. It’s very good tasting, and comes from one of the strangest fruits on Earth. It can be kind of expensive though to get it in 100%. It is usually mixed with other fruit juices.

Black Tea

Black tea actually has two stimulants. Not just caffeine. And given you drink it in a taller cup than coffee, especially when it’s iced, you are getting more caffeine plus this additional stimulant. It’s always being found to be healthy.. with anti oxidants, flavonoids. As it’s taste isn’t too string and it’s taste being what it is I would use it in more informal magic, or in group settings, especially of a casual nature. But those that drink it, may they feel as Kings and Queens. It is a drink of royalty and commitment.


Oolong Tea

Oolong is a very distinct tasting tea. I have found it to be powerful in the use of meditative magic as it has a taste that lends to thought. It calms in a way but also due to a slightly sharp taste can itself give a bit of energy that may be useful. It helps you focus, as long as you pay attention to that taste.


In things if overall balance, wine is always a good choice for incorporate into magic. When nothing else works wine will. It has just the right taste and does just the right thing. So very magicians have known it to be true. And wine is used more in magic than any other drink. It can also just be an element if entertainment, as comes from feasting.. and feasting itself id a magic rite, a very good one in fact.

Other alcohols

Be they whiskey, beer, rum, or anything, these can elevate your mood. And so much as to open up windows in heaven, which are opened in revelry. Drugs, however, do not have that same effect. At least not according to how I was taught by Aeon.

Iced water

If you are parched you would want only water. A person who is badly thirsting thinks very good of water, may not otherwise. So I’m putting it here not as a magic elixir but as a thing to drink before you drink a magical elixir, at least an hour before. Drink it slowly, feel pretty from so doing.

Lemon Juice

Lemon juice can be used for self discipline. It can be used to bring to mind negative thoughts, then driving by lemon juice, you will tell your own mind that that was a bad thought, which can be as such things as negative thought, self hate, or such things. It just brings to mind things you don’t like and treat them.. with the taste id lemon. Whether you are ordering your thoughts better it casting a curse. Both can be done with lemon juice, especially the undiluted kind.

Cherry Cider

Cherry cider is good for all happy magic, even childishness, of anything done with vibrancy and positivity. If you’ve never had cherry cider try some, it has a great taste. It’s much better than, say, apple cider.


I would categorize it as a comforting drink. Can be used by those that need comfort. A drink of warmth and peace. One that can be used year round, not just once a year as it usually is. But then, too, it may be best used to settle old matters and come into the new year with commitment to do even better than the year before.

Rice Water

It sounds awful but it isn’t as awful as it sounds. You might even like it. This drink us all in good fun too, a nice drink to have wherever you are. A very healthy drink. One that the mind likes, so it must be good for something.


I have more of a method to drinking it than I do for it’s uses. That is to chug it. Chug a large cup of it barely able to breathe, then kind of gasp for air. You won’t suffocate yourself, hopefully. Be careful. But doing this can be extremely invigorating. It is a total quenching of thirst. Since it is soda, it is more difficult to chug. But that only adds to the effect.


Half and half is the best, though not as healthy, as is often the case. I use this to play the child to my deities. And I am one wrapped in the wings of a Mother Goddess. And when I drop it I say to myself in meditation my blood is blue.








This has been my only book that was entirely about magic. It will be the only one I have written, as I am stopping at 40 books. It is my intention to only write 40 books. This has certainly brought anti-voidalism further into the realm of religion. It was a religion before this, magic has been added to it as well as could be. I have a lot of experience with the subject especially from my year-long dream.

I know the ideas will work for you. Those magicians that are dedicated and persevere, becoming into adult magicians, even until old age, will see great things. In fact a lot of the metaphysical is hidden from children and young teenagers, under orders of God. Much like one cannot sell their soul at an early age, as I explained before. But if you continue magic unto adulthood, the metaphysical world will open to you, and only then could you fully embrace it.

This has been the fourth book of anti Voidalism/ Aeonism, There is one more to go before I will have satisfactory established it. And going even deep into it, enough that it is uniquely it’s own thing and stands complete. Anyone can add to it’s content. I do not prevent such a thing, unlike so many religious leaders that established themselves as the first and final word.. nearly all have. But in the end people will come forth and add to what was told not to be. People adding to the Old Testament Bible, and also the New, such as Mormonism, people adding to “LaVey’s” Satanism—and that copy cat him, adding very little anything additional, and things like the Koran replacing the New Testament of Christ altogether. But as for me, I just say: if you can be a leader. And you are a leader. Than you are a leader, whether you did it with permission or not.

Like all of my books this is best read by just skipped around and coming back to it often. Just as many religious books are. Some may read the Bible cover to cover, others choose and pick chapters and pages far apart from each other, sometimes, and some just randomly pick a page. Since this is such a thing as book, randomly reading it is just fine, and is a natural read that way, an easy one.


To summarize this book:

An important part of my magic comes from your relationship with the deities you either worship or honor.

We don’t know how magic works exactly, except that it is a manipulation of spiritual powers over physical, more tangible ones. God is a spirit being. Though the Earth and existence may seem so impenetrable, it isn’t. There is a breech. There are outer boundaries of being that seep into the metaphysical dimension, where spiritual beings reside that we can interact with.

Magic though is made to be hidden from the common eye. The outer realms desire secrecy. They don’t want to be seen. That would obstruct human existence, something that God forbids. But we can still do great things and make great changes, as when most are none the wiser.

Being a magician is a life long pursuit, if a magician is to teach her or his full potential. Some magic is easy. Particularly powerful magic, however, tales a life time to master. But generally speaking, you will progress. You will even be able to make a few great leaps in your lifetime. And with perseverance, magic will get you far. Always keep your greatest wishes at heart.

I can attest that magic is real and that magic works. It is something that most people would refute, despite the personal testimony of others. Despite any evidence. For when most see it, they’ll have some other different understanding of it one “scientific” or will just regular that evidence as false.



The Principle List of Lucifer

Here it is again, the principle list. These are given to 11 of your loved ones and yourself. They can be for friends, family, or both. Just try not to change who you assign them to. These are then observable in an occult way from movies, books, and video games. The first one is given to the oldest person in your list, down to the youngest, fitting yourself in where you come in by age. That’s important as it was made just that way initially. If you are wondering what mine is, it is Goat, Ring, White, Thief.


Person One: Red, Hand, Staff, Bird

Person Two: Brown, Bee, Cane, Bear

Person Three: Green, Rabbit, Seed, Stage

Person Four: White, Ring, Goat, Thief

Person Five: Joker, Swine, Gold, Sword

Person Six: Red, Whip, Fairy, Cat

Person Seven: Yellow, Rodent, Wind, Duke

Person Eight: Bomb/Blast/Want, Black, Beast, Fox

Person Nine: Yellow, Toad, Dust, Horse

Person Ten: Assassin, Creature, Word, Tiger/Lion

Person Eleven: Blue, Spirit, Elephant, Stone

Person Twelve: Dragon, Mask, Purple, Wolf/Dog.






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