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This is actually my first inspirational book in print. To me, it is a stepping stone to greater achievements. It is a launching pad to a more illustrious literary career.Yet, this great leap would not have been possible without the great assistance of some friends and relations especially my immediate family. Baby-Mum has been an indispensable asset right from the moment I breathed my first breath. Special thanks to my dad for all his wisdom. To my siblings who make the family a complete and all inclusive charm circle.The Uche Obioma family has been so encouraging too. God bless my teachers, Elder Uche Ekeoma, Lolo P.N.Umeh, Mrs. Urum etc. Thanks to all my friends- past and present- indeed, there has never been a friend I met who didn’t leave a positive foot print in my life. I must thank NnamdiNwankwo, NwankwoPrincemark,NwankwoChinelo, Nwachukwu Emmanuel,Ibem Emmanuel,Ndukwe Emmanuel,NdukweAmarachi Grace,NgeneEjike, Dr. The Okwuonus- Joy andLilian, EgelleChukwuemeka, Daniel Umunna, Okeke Chioma Success, BlydenUkem,Edozie Norah, EcheChinonye, Becks,Okoma Chinedu, Dr. LukemanBoladale, Iyaro Daniel Tosin, Isaac Ugochukwu Clement Ufomba, Pharm. IdongesitEkanem,Lt. OgbuehiChigozieChibuzor, Mr. AzariahOvieAzynwanye, ThankGodDibia, Engr.Ajiboye Precious, Mr. Chinedu, Dr. Kingsley; plus all those whom I worked with at All Saints Chapel of Redemption.

To my ministers and Chaplains I say thank you. God bless Rev. Dr. Miracle Ajah, Rev.Dr.Idowu, Pst C.E Kwakporwe, John C. Maxwell, PstDr.ChrisOyakhilomie, Pst. Dr. Samuel Omote, Rev.Dr.A.S.Idowu, Ord. Choice, Ord. Jephrey U.S.A., Bishop Oyedepo David, Pst. David Adekoya, Pst. Daniel Olukoya, Rev. OlusolaAreogun, Bob Gass, R.I. Seymour and all those whose ministry has made a profound influence in my life.

I must acknowledge with gratitude the priceless candor of all the men and women whose biographies make up the bulk of this epistle: my Presidents Chief OlusegunObasanjo, Dr. EbeleGoodluckAzikiwe Jonathan, Nelson Mandela (SA), Obama Barrack (USA), George Washington (USA), Lula da Silva (Brazil) and Winston Churchill (UK). Also, Thomas Edison Alva, Isaac Newton, Gen. OdumegwuOjukwu, Walt Disney, Albert Einstein, Henry Ford, Chief MichealAdenuga, AllesandroNesta, Mohandas Gandhi, Diego Armando Maradona, Ronaldo De Lima, Warren Buffet, Helen Keller, Carlos Slim Helu etc.

Big thanks also to the owners of Microsoft Encarta premium 2009: it gave me all I ever needed when I needed them. Above all, I thank God for making this publication a dream come true.