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God Still Speaks Today This Book Is Inspired By The Word Of God Which Speak To Us Through The Holy Spirit And Through Visions And Dreams Visions And Dreams My mom told me that she heard the voice saying put the visions and dreams In a book. It was exactly 10 years ago when the visions and dreams began.  I Remember Clearly These Visions And Dreams Which Began In The Year 2003

In the year 2003 I was a freshman in college and I thought I had found the love of my life. I became pregnant and my son was born in August of 2003.


On the night of his birth the entire ward was calm, it's as if God walked through every room. Everyone on that ward gave birth the same day. The nurses were surprised and were whispering to each other that they have never seen anything like this before, no complications and such quietness and peace.

I was persuaded by the nurse that was assisting me to stay for two more days so that I could attend the baby training class, because I was a new mother. While I was in the training class we were all asked when our babies were born, everyone except for one person gave birth on the 19th which was the same day my son was born.

Before my son was born I had a vision In which I saw a young lady and a young man in their early 20s they came and was measuring my belly, and to let me know that the baby was about to be born.

One night as I was sleeping I heard a voice speaking so I jumped up out of my sleep to see my mother repeating a name, I then said what is that? She then told me that she had a vision in which she heard a voice saying that the babies name is Tewi and the voice kept repeating the name until she woke up, so she said that is why she woke up repeating the name. I then said what does it mean? She said it means God is with me I shall prevail, that was the  meaning she got in the vision. My mother went on an assignment to take care of one of the elder's from her church who was diagnosed with terminal cancer, she received a call from a lady that needed to speak to the elder, after she spoke to the elder my mom and her prayed and from then on they became prayer partners.

During a season of prayer she had a vision in which she saw bright flashing lights in her city, it was coming from a chariot in which the Devil was controlling, it attracted many people so they came running out onto the street towards the light, as they approached the light the chariot took them away.

In the vision my mom said that she called me from Philadelphia to let me know that when I saw the flashing Iight I must not go outside. While she was having her dream in Philadelphia, I was also having the same dream in Trenton that same night, I saw this bright colorful flashing light through my bedroom window, I opened my front door and I saw the people running out and I started to warn them, but they did not listen and the chariot took them away. I then saw my mom calling me telling me not to go outside if I see the flashing light. So I ran back inside, while inside I saw my mom running into the house and took my son father and I into the bathroom and prayed with us and told  us we need to get our life together because God is coming back soon.

When I woke up in the morning I got a call from my mom, but before she spoke I proceeded to tell her my vision, then she said I was calling you to tell you about my vision, that's when I realized we had the same identical vision.

In another vision I saw God looking down at my son and I through a very large magnifying glass, he looked very keenly as he zoomed in to take a closer look at the baby, he was very amazed and very happy to see him. Then he told me leave the man and take the baby and come. I then saw a portal and I proceeded to walk through it. As I was walking through  the portal I saw people dressed in all white holding hands and dancing in a circular motion. I finally arrived where God was, and he was sitting down on the grass, he motioned for me to sit down next to him, he had someone to take the baby so that we could talk. Then suddenly a man appeared very angry and proceeded to burn God's house down. God began to stand up then the man yelled at him angrily saying sit down, so God quietly sad down. When God saw that the house was really burning down he waved his hand and froze him.

In another vision a voice was heard speaking saying keep away from sexual immorality and you will fly. So from that day my decision was made  to keep away from such things. When my decision was made and when I prayed about it something miraculous happened