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MY first and foremost thanks and appreciation go to Jesus

Christ. It is because of Him that I have been able to write

this book, live the stories contained therein and enjoy a life

of love, freedom and salvation. Without Him, there is no true meaning

in life. My most sincere thanks to Him for all He has done for me and

my family.

Thank you to my wife, Kimberly, and our kids: Jack, Matthew and

Catherine. You have been gracious in putting up with my craziness, time

constraints and unique sense of humor. Thank you for loving me.

A big thank you goes out to the following people for helping to edit

my book and more.

Johnnie Wesson – you are a great mother-in-law.

Hank Nuss – thanks for the brutal honesty.

Brian Enos – thanks for your humor and honesty.

Claire Grassedonio – thanks for the hard work, perseverance,

honesty and being the best Mom in the world.

Shannon Trial – thanks for the extra work.

Kari Kurz – thanks for your example, faith and how you love kids.

Ken White – thanks for your friendship, honesty, willingness to

hold me accountable, and your model of living the Christian


Lauren Brown – thanks for all the work you did on the cover of

this book.


3 MinuteS to god

Last but certainly not least, my humble thanks to The United States

of America for the opportunities and freedom it provides. May we

remain a Christian nation, united and strong!



Since this book is part of my ministry, I am giving it away for free in electronic

format. It will make a great Christmas and/or birthday gift. Please spread the word

to everyone you know, especially pastors, priests, those in youth ministry and all

others who will enjoy it and/or find it a useful ministry tool.

In hopes of making up for the expenses associated with the production of

this work, I am asking a special favor of readers. If, when you have finished reading

this book you find it has touched your life in any way please go to lulu.com and

purchase a hardcopy (or maybe 100). It will help me greatly. I REALLY appreciate

your help and generosity!!

be PubliShed in My neXt book!!

3 Minutes to God is intended to be a series of books and I need

your help. I am currently looking for stories I can use in the next book.

They can be funny, serious, poignant, outlandish or anything else – but

they must be clean. If you haven’t thought of a way to relate them to

God, it’s ok. I’ll take care of that.

Send your story, in 300 words or less, to threeminutestoGod@

yahoo.com I’ll review it and if your story is chosen, I will send you a

free, signed hardcopy of the book when it is published.