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The Survival of Civilization

depends upon our solving three problems:

carbon dioxide, investment money and population.

Selected papers of

John D. Hamaker

Annotations by

Donald A. Weaver

Hamaker-Weaver Publishers

Michigan California


World Wide Web Edition


© 1982 by Hamaker-Weaver Publishers, © 2002 by Anita Hamaker and Donald Weaver, to protect the wholeness and integrity of this work.

Please respect the intent and purpose of this book, which is implied by its title. The book is no longer intended for commercial use, but for educational purposes only.

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Don Weaver

Earth Health Regeneration

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Quotes From Readers of

The Survival of Civilization

“I have received and read John Hamaker’s The

Survival of Civilization. Well done – completely convincing. I explained in Critical Path my whole grand strategy for what I could see would be the

most effective way in which I might carry on. This

does not include joining political forces with anyone.

It does include using every opportunity afforded to

clarify for those asking me to speak to them just what

I think they might do to be effective in coping. I will

tell all those inquiring of me about matters relevant to

our survival that they had best read Hamaker’s book

The Survival of Civilization.

Gratefully, faithfully,”

Buckminster Fuller

(Very possibly the most intelligent and synergistic thinker of the 20th Century)

The Survival of Civilization is regarded by a growing movement worldwide as a blueprint for the

survival of the Earth, restoring ecological balance

and, perhaps, even recreating Eden. The health and

well-being of all living things ultimately depends on a

highly mineralized, alive and vibrant soil. Rock dust

adds up to a hundred elements and trace minerals

and can greatly increase yield and quality of food,

making organic agriculture truly viable. Undertaking

the task of remineralization is urgent to restore our

agricultural soils, to save the dying forests in the

temperate latitudes, and to stabilize our climate.”

Joanna Campe , Editor

Remineralize the Earth magazine

“This visionary book shows how the survival of

civilization depends upon the recovery of culture and

agriculture from ignorance and greed. This recovery

entails the transformation of agribusiness practices,

politics and economics by natural science and

bioethics. The Survival of Civilization is based upon natural science, not the reductionistic and

mechanistic corporate science of industrialism.

Natural science leads to ecological wisdom. Healthy

soils mean healthy crops and healthful foods.

Bioethics leads to reverence for all life, including the

living soil, and in the spirit of this book, moves us to

radical compassion and spiritual anarchy: new ways

to live, to farm, to be.”

Michael W. Fox , author and senior scholar, Bioethics, The Humane Society of the United States

“It is essential in the current ‘global warming’ debate

to heed the many climatologists who predict not

merely rising sea levels but the threat of an imminent

Ice Age. Today’s freakish weather—high winds,

downpours, tornadoes, earthquakes—harbinger of

such a coming deep freeze, was predicted years ago

by the authors of The Survival of Civilization, a subject which is, or should be, of paramount interest

to mankind.”

Peter Tompkins, co-author of The Secret Life of Plants and

Secrets of the Soil

“I write the ‘Annual Review of the Environment’ for

the Encyclopedia Britannica, and I have written several environmental studies textbooks. John

Hamaker has developed a beautiful and

comprehensive theory of climate change, every

element of which is supported by scientific evidence.

His theory has been sitting under the noses of many

other scientists, but they have largely overlooked it.

In my judgment, John Hamaker’s theory is a major

contribution to humanity.”

Prof. Kenneth Watt

Evolution and Ecology Dept., U. C. Davis

“The world is in transition from a hydrocarbon-based

society (fossil oil, gas and coal) to a carbohydrate

society (crops, crop and forestry residues, hybrid

trees and grasses, yard and garden trimmings, and

the biomass part of garbage heading for the dump).

More biomass is needed. The transition requires

clean water and air, nutrients, and environmentally

enhancing agricultural/forestry practices. These are

growers’ responsibilities. This includes the need to

restore the mineral base of the soils—minerals that

have been depleted since the last ice age, as The

Survival of Civilization points out. Biorefineries

‘recycling CO ’ in every county and bioregion will


contribute to national and energy security, new

industries, good jobs, democratization of energy

supplies, and to U.S. leadership by example in a

world of people and other living things, intuitively

knowing that human synergy with nature is an

absolute imperative.”

William C. Holmberg , Director, American Biofuels Association, Virginia

“Hamaker and Weaver aptly point out the importance

of natural soil remineralization. Their claim we should

imitate natural grinding and transportation by

technical means to induce new life for the organic-

mineral buildup of soil seems purely logical. With

CO rising dramatically, evidence points to a new ice


age period approaching rapidly. It will need all our

courage, knowledge and joint global activity to slow

down the impact. The starting point must be the

buildup of the linkage system of soils. Man is still the

missing link in the restructuring of the biosphere he is

in danger of destroying.”

Dr. Gernot Graefe , agro-ecologist, Germany

“The diminishing mineral content of our food supply

affects everyone, including many who consume

natural foods. Inadequate mineral content diminishes

food quality and thereby reduces the potential health

benefits of whole foods. Even much of our

organically farmed land no longer yields such vital,

mineral-rich food crops as were found earlier this

century. Clearly food quality should be a major

concern for people throughout the world. Mineral

depletion also feeds directly into the whole problem

of the ‘Greenhouse Effect,’ as so eloquently

explained by John D. Hamaker in his superb book,

The Survival of Civilization. This is must reading for everyone on the planet.”

Mark Mead , writer, Massachusetts

“In each generation an idea is born that alters

mankind’s perception of itself, life and all that is

about. There is an awakening from ignorance which

once initiated alters the hopes, fears and aspirations

of those who experience it. Such an idea has

occurred in the mind of a man called Hamaker, co-

author of The Survival of Civilization. The concept he presents is simple and chilling. It provokes that age-old drive to survive.”

Henry Osiecki, Australia

“I’ve just finished The Survival of Civilization and I’ve never read a more interesting, provocative,

astonishing and truthful book in my life!! It should be

required reading in every grade, junior high, high

school and college in the world!!! I’ve been an

organic gardener for fifteen years but never realized

the importance of minerals in the soils. I’ve had some

excellent results using compost but I’ve had a few

problems and now know why. Thanks so much for

sharing your love of life with humanity. I truly hope

it’s not too late for all of us. What is being done now?

What can be done? What can I do?”

Nathan Bales , Arizona

“Hamaker’s concept of the 100,000-year atmospheric

CO cycle that drives (triggers) the glaciation


process, and that we might be able to control the

CO cycle through soil remineralization is certainly


fascinating. Based on the knowledge I have of soil

and plant sciences plus climatology, I don’t see any

flaws in the concept. At any rate it would seem most

imprudent to sit idly by waiting for the return of an ice

age to verify his concept when we have the means to

regreen the Earth, thereby reducing atmospheric

CO . It’s important to note that regreening of the


Earth would do society an immeasurable amount of

good even if it did not avert a glaciation.”

Bob Dixon , former USDA scientist

The Imprinting Foundation, Arizona

“It is becoming increasingly and excruciatingly

apparent that human activities are destabilizing the

Earth’s climate. By shooting unimaginable quantities

of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases into

the atmosphere and by ripping the ozone layer

asunder, we are jeopardizing the conditions that

make human life possible. How long we have to shift

from fossil fuels to renewable non-polluting fuels

such as solar is a matter of dispute, yet even the

most optimistic scientists acknowledge it isn’t very

long. Is there any way to widen the window of

opportunity and expand our odds? John Hamaker’s

work makes it clear that if we remineralize the soil

through the widespread application of rock dust, we’ll

have a much better chance of restoring balance,

saving our dying forests, generating a healthy

agricultural base, and stabilizing the climate.”

John Robbins, author

Diet for a New America and The Food Revolution

“Only rarely does a publication come along that

provides an adequate long-view understanding of

planetary dynamics that affect our small history-

bound lives. This new release of The Survival of

Civilization with its companion volume could not be more timely to awaken us and our political and

economic institutions with its clarion call for change.

A work as clear and brilliant as this has the power to

break us out of our denial and paralysis. Let us ask

those in leadership worldwide to read and

comprehend it. Let all of us do our essential part to

re-green and re-forest our homes and bioregions and

remineralize the precious soil on which all life


Sister Miriam MacGillis

Genesis Farm Educational Center, New Jersey

“It is the positive side of remineralization which is so

appealing, that each of us, in one way or another,

can do his or her bit to re-adorn the earth with her

beauty and abundance. Clearly scarcity was never

intended by the Universal Heart and Mind. It is the

result of mismanagement. Restoring the fertility of

the soil is vital for everyone. Alas! Human beings

seldom do the necessary thing unless they are also

afraid of its alternative. John Hamaker and Don

Weaver spotlight the threat that should make us take

action now namely that we have hastened the coming of the next ice age to the point that it may

well grip us before the end of this century. They tell

us that we can still avert it if we remineralize the

earth now, causing great increases in biomass, green cover, forest plantations, luxuriant high-quality

foodstuff that will absorb the CO —which is the chief


cause of climate deterioration.

“The prevention of the oncoming ice age will cause

mankind to unite. Earth, soil, food, water, warmth,

are fundamental to all. None can survive without

them. An ice age eliminates them all. Friend and foe

alike will suffer and die. Thus humanity working

together, uniting to live, can rediscover the

brotherhood of man! Harmony among people can

change the future to one of peace, abundance and

well-being. Mother Earth gives us the opportunity,

simply and gratefully, to give as we have received.”

Betsan Coats , founder

Men of the Trees Queensland and Hamaker Coordination Network

“The mechanism of cooling suggested by Hamaker

and Weaver—increased evaporation of ocean

waters, transport of clouds toward polar regions,

increased snow and ice formation, increased albedo

and movement of ice masses from the poles—I

consider as fully applicable and valid. I am certain

that global reforestation of the mountainous regions

to the tropics, regular rehumification of arable soils,

control of soil erosion, remineralization of acid soils,

and reasonable fertilization of all arable soils will very

much improve the planetarian balance of CO in the


biosphere. Of course every continent, natural region

and particular country requires its own concrete

program and sequence of actions. But general

theoretical principles and technology must be

coordinated to be complementary to each other.

“I am very much impressed with the intention to put

the ‘Problem of Earth Regeneration’ as the global

super-problem to the governments and scientific

circles as a vital subject of peaceful international

cooperation in the interests of humanity of the 21st


Victor A. Kovda , Director

Institute of Agricultural Chemistry and Soil Science, Moscow

“The buildup of atmospheric carbon dioxide poses

one of the most challenging problems that humanity

has ever been faced with. Gaian evolution is ‘forcing

our hand’ so-to-speak. Peoples of the world must

either acknowledge the magnitude and seriousness

of the problem, lay down their arms, and join together

in a world-around effort to replenish our soils or

endure untold suffering.”

Greg Watson , former Secretary for Science & Technology, Massachusetts and Director, New Alchemy Institute

“Evidence continues to mount as to the validity of

John Hamaker’s thesis regarding the underlying

causes of the glacial cycles the Earth experiences at

approximately 100,000-year intervals. His

engineering background and experience in solving

real problems fostered a systems view in putting

together the many diverse elements of this puzzling

phenomenon. In extending his construction beyond

the physical observations to include social and

economic characteristics of humans, he laid the

framework for seeking comprehensive societal

approaches to devising possible solutions. The

systems approach, so generally lacking in the

training and fragmented structure of the academic

research environment, forces the investigator to

model the known elements of the puzzle into an

interactively balanced operating relationship

consistent with human experience. It is an incumbent

requirement for anyone challenged with performance

as the measure of success in any attempt to solve a

problem. Lacking such a requirement, the academic

research community mires in a self-perpetuating bog

of papers and grant applications. Don Weaver’s

extensive search of the literature supports and

materially contributes to an understanding of the

thesis. Still, vision, action, and recommendations for

action characteristically elude that research


TSOC lays out a compelling picture of the climatic process and proposes actions that stand on their own

merit irrespective of the validity of the thesis in all

detail. The persuaded reader must risk acting on that

persuasion in his or her own individual setting. No

enlightened scientific, political, or economic entity will

champion the coordinated effort necessary to

address the still-uncertain timing and severity of the

challenge Hamaker and Weaver lay out without such

convincing evidence of individual commitment.”

Frederick I. Scott, Editor

American Laboratory and International Laboratory

“The Hamaker-Weaver study exposes serious flaws

in the official warming theory. It presents a well

researched case that cries out for an urgent

investigation. In 1982 they first urged specific

measures, on a crash basis, to reverse the deadly

climate shift now gaining global momentum. Their

arguments were ignored but never scientifically

refuted. Meanwhile, without our knowledge or

consent, our government is betting our lives on a

flawed warming theory that has not been subjected to

open examination or public debate. . . . The potential

benefits to humanity of global soil remineralization

could be the dawn of a new era of health, abundance

and a higher quality of life. It is no exaggeration to

say humanity is now poised on the knife-edge

between a glorious rebirth and the final abyss.”

Bertram Cohen , New York

The Survival of Civilization is a most compelling and inspiring work on soil remineralization and Earth

Regeneration! As a farmer and arborist I’ve seen and

tasted the fruits of remineralized soil and urge

growers everywhere to experience the benefits of

remineralization. Most importantly, the book’s

message and logic go beyond the simplistic models

being used to anticipate climate changes, foreseeing

a massive breakdown of our interglacial life support

system. Combining this with information on human

and animal health, and our inextricable dependence

on soil organisms makes TSOC a Millennium


Captain Tim Carr , Hawaii Director of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, eco-farmer, Permaculture design consultant

“I’ve just finished your earth-shaking The Survival of

Civilization, and it shook me up equally as much.

You’ve both done a magnificent job. With the

worldwide fulfillment of your prophecies now so

graphically portrayed every night on TV, maybe this

will trigger a serious interest in your message. Would

to God the farmers of the world could see the light

and heed your message and remineralize the soil.

Then we and this sad old earth might have a chance

to survive.”

George Fathman , co-author (with wife Dorothy )

Live Foods, Nature’s Perfect System of Health

(George and Dorothy are 92 and 87 years young)

The Survival of Civilization contains the most important information on climate in our time.

Remineralization of the soil is a first priority which is

fully explained in Hamaker and Weaver’s momentous

work. It is my profound desire to make this book

available to everyone as soon as possible. We are

already dealing with devastating impacts from climate

change but there is a solution to this climatic

deterioration if we’ll work together NOW as sovereign

citizens of the Earth.”

Dr. John Whitman Ray , President

World Assoc. of Integrated Medicine and

Director, New Zealand Natural Healing Center

“The young Zulu on this card is born to sing and

dance. Hence my tree project is designed to keep

these young stars dancing ecologically. I am sure

The Survival of Civilization is the book for me and my Zulu people and all peoples of the 3rd World.”

R. T. Mazibuko , South Africa

“I have just read The Survival of Civilization which I found to be a brilliant multi-disciplinary synthesis. It

seems you’ve really gotten down to the root of the

problem. For some years I’ve been working to

identify the causes of and solutions to desertification,

and I think you’ve hit upon the answer. Your

programme of remineralization has my fullest


David Mulligan, Director, Green Deserts, England

“Not too many people know it, but there have all

along been two streams of science, a science of life

and a science of death. The one has given us

nuclear bombs, nuclear power, chemical agriculture,

genetic engineering for commercial profit, biological

warfare, fossil-fuel technology. The other has

discovered how to make humans more alive, creative

and intelligent, how to eliminate all diseases without

drugs, how to make the earth more beautiful with

more abundant life, how to settle disputes peaceably

with mutual benefit, and apparently even clean and

unlimited energy without even burning anything. This

earth remineralization advocated in The Survival of

Civilization strikes me as a fine example of the science of life.”

Joe Alexander , artist, author, Arkansas

“I’ve read The Survival of Civilization and am much concerned about the danger of glaciation. As a

graduate of the college of Agriculture at U. C.

Berkeley, I understand how our soils are depleted

and how important it is to grind up rock flour fine and

apply it to our agricultural lands and forests. The

scientists are not doing anything. You will have to