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Top Ten Ways To Improve Your Golf Swing
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Introduction: A Game of Precision
Practice Your Aim and Alignment 2. Perfect Your Posture and Stance 3. Check Your Grip 4. Your Takeaway Should Be One Simple Movement 5. Know When to Unhinge Your Wrists 6. Get Your Shoulder Behind the Ball 7. Rotate Your Hips as You Follow Through 8. Keep Your Backswing Low and Slow 9. Always Finish Your Swing 10. Commit!
A Game of Precision

Ask any golfer and they will tell you that golf, whether professional or recreational, can be a rewarding yet frustrating experience. Most golfers constantly veer between satisfaction and dissatisfaction regarding their game. That’s because golf is not something one can master in a lifetime, not even if your name is Tiger Woods. Golf is a game of precision and precision is difficult to repeat, even for the pros. Chances are, what works one day won’t work the next. In fact, every journey onto a golf course presents new obstacles and new experiences from which you can learn. That is what makes golf so exciting– you never know what awaits you when you step onto the green.

That is why for most players, golf is a journey of personal discovery more than a game. Golf will actually teach you more about yourself than any other activity, such as how you react under pressure, you’re ability to remain consistent, your ability to quickly learn and adapt to new techniques, and perhaps most importantly, how to master your emotions. Whether you are an avid pro or a part-timer, golf requires you to be humble. But that doesn’t mean you need to stop striving to improve your game. Whether you’re new or old to the sport, there is always reason to look at and perfect your golf swing.

Without a solid swing you can never hope to improve. Whether you need to drive the ball 200 yards, or you need to clear a small hill to reach the green, your golf swing is the only way to get there. A good swing will make your game while a bad swing will destroy it. From your starting position, through the backswing, the downswing and the finishing position there are dozens of factors you need to think about. But, think too much and you risk a sloppy shot. Remember we said golf is humbling? The key to a good swing is the concentration on your various movements but also the freedom to relax and let the club fly. While it can take years, even decades, to perfect a swing, the good news is that there are some easy and simple techniques you can employ to help you make progress more rapidly. In this e-book, we will discuss ten simple fundamentals that you can apply to your swing. While it is true that a good swing is the perfect storm of many moving and unmoving parts, by concentrating on a few key areas you will begin to see more consistency in your swing, your ball path and distance.


Our advice is to try one technique at a time. Practice in front of a mirror, and then hit a few buckets of balls until you feel you are comfortable with the adjustment. Then move on to the next tip. Before you know it, you will begin to see your swing come together. A perfect storm. Once you can begin to swing with confidence the rest of the game is downhill. Happy golfing!