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The Winter Booklet

by Sarah Kress


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Dear Reader,


Thank you for downloading The Winter Booklet. I hope you will find inspiration here for appreciating this surprisingly rich season.

Traditions for celebrating the seasons are important because they interrupt our every day routines and encourage us to anticipate heart-warming activities that are familiar to us, but that are out of the ordinary. For those of us who live in cities and who work indoors, it can be challenging to notice all the natural changes that take place in nature as the months pass. Without holidays and traditions to celebrate these changes, it's hard to distinguish memories from years past. In this way seasonal celebrations help to prevent the feeling that life is escaping us.

Winter traditions can be as simple as hanging a wreath on the front door, or as grand as taking a vacation to Hawaii every January. If escaping to a tropical paradise is not an option, there are plenty of affordable activities which can be enjoyed at home during the cold months.

Your feedback about the content of this ebook is very important to me. I would also enjoy hearing about your favorite winter traditions. To contact Sarah’s Writings, LLC please send an email, or fill out a feedback form below.

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Thanks again,


Sarah Kress, Managing Member

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