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1. In which 2002 film did did Hugh Grant play a lead role which had been rejected by Brad Pitt?

2. Which 1955 film showed midget submarines damaging the warship Tirpitz?

3. What was the last feature film of Irene Handl?

4. Who were the stars of the 1949 film Adam’s Rib?

5. Who played Pugsley in The Addams Family?

6. Who played the title role in The Adventures of Barry McKenzie?

7. Which famous crime novelist did Vanessa Redgrave play in a 1979 film?

8. Who played the female lead in Airplane?

9. Which John Wayne film is banned in Mexico?

10. Who directed the original Alfie?


11. Which 1945 film was being written while the battle it portrayed was still being fought?

12. What is the name of the character played by Michael J. Fox in Back To The Future?

13. Who starred in 1991’s Backdraft?

14. Who was originally cast as Barbarella?

15. Who directed Barefoot In The Park?

16. What was the sequel to The Adventures of Barry McKenzie called?

17. Who played Batgirl in Batman & Robin?

18. Why were the flying scenes in The Battle Of Britain filmed with cloud backgrounds?

19. Who did Tim Burton originally want to play Beetlejuice?

20. Which actor had a clause in every contract which stipulated that his accommodation must have a bed which faced east/west?


21. Who was originally cast as Axel Foley in Beverly Hills Cop?

22. Who was the star of The Billion Dollar Brain?

23. What age was Sidney Poitier when he played a juvenile delinquent in The Blackboard Jungle?

24. Who was the original choice to play Deckard in Blade Runner?

25. What was the name of Gene Wilder’s character in Blazing Saddles?

26. In which year was the film The Blue Max released?

27. In which year was Blues Brothers 2000 released?

28. Name the stars of Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice?

29. For which film did Morgan Fairchild act as Faye Dunaway’s stand-in?

30. What is the name of the character played by Tom Cruise in Born On The Fourth of July?


31. Where were the battle scenes in Braveheart shot?

32. Who is the female star of 1980’s film Breaking Glass?

33. Who starred in The Bridge At Remagen?

34. Which actor said “I can’t imagine anyone wanting to watch a stiff-upper lipped British colonel for two and a half hours”?

35. In which year was Bridget Jones’s Diary released?

36. Which 2003 Jim Carrey film was banned in Egypt for sacrilegious content?

37. In which year did Bruce Lee die?

38. Who took the starring role in The Buddy Holly story?

39. What part did John Cassisi play in Bugsy Malone?

40. Which part did Jack Lemmon turn down in Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid?


41. Who was the female star of 1980’s Can’t Stop The Music?

42. What was the title and year of the first Carry On film?

43. Who played Douglas Fairbanks in the film Chaplin?

44. Who played The Cheap Detective in 1978?

45. What is the sequel to Chinatown called?

46. Who plays Inigo Montoya in The Princess Bride?

47. Who starred as Cinderfella?

48. Adjusting for inflation what is the most expensive film ever made?

49. Who directed A Clockwork Orange?

50. In which year was The Color Purple released?


51. In the 1993 film Dave who played the President’s wife?

52. What is strange about the soundtrack music on The Day Of The Jackal?

53. What is the famous alien phrase in The Day The Earth Stood Still?

54. In which Star Trek film does Captain Kirk meet Captain Picard?

55. Who was originally cast in Robin Williams’s role in Dead Poets Society?

56. What was Charles Bronson’s final film?

57. What is the most successful film of all time regarding cost against take?

58. In which 1943 film does Cary Grant play a submarine captain?

59. What is Deuce Bigalow’s profession?

60. Who played the title role in The Diary of Anne Frank?


61. Which film is Dirty Rotten Scoundrels a remake of?

62. What is Groucho Marx’s real name?

63. Who directed Dog Day Afternoon?

64. How many lines does Christopher Lee have in the 1958 Dracula?

65. Which actor links MASH with Dragnet?

66. What was Zeppo’s last Marx Brothers film?

67. Which actor did Donald Sutherland replace in The Eagle Has Landed?

68. What is Captain America’s name in Easy Rider?

69. In which film does Julie Walters have seven different hairstyles?

70. Who was the executive producer of The Elephant Man?


71. Who played Elmer Gantry in 1960?

72. What nationality is Emmanuelle actress Sylvia Kristel?

73. Who plays Khrushchev in Enemy At The Gates?

74. Which film was the first for Larry Hagman?

75. In which film does Erin Brockovich play a waitress called Julia?

76. Who played Ray Kinsella in Field of Dreams?

77. Who played John Wayne’s sidekick in The Fighting Kentuckian?

78. What is the anti-gravity substance discovered in First Men In The Moon?

79. John Cleese’s character in A Fish called Wanda is Archie Leach. Why?

80. Kurt Russell auditioned to play which role taken by Sam Jones?


81. Of which film is Never Say Never Again a remake?

82. Who is the female star of Flashdance?

83. Who played Wilma in The Flintstones?

84. In which film did Raymond Massey make his film debut?

85. In which year was James Bond film For Your Eyes Only released?

86. What was Robert Shaw’s last film?

87. Which was the first film in which Billy Wilder and Walter Matthau worked together?

88. In which year was the first Frankenstein film released?

89. What is the name of Robert Carlyle’s character in The Full Monty?

90. What is the sequel to Westworld called?


91. Which long-running play helped to fund the filming of Gandhi?

92. In what years were the two versions of Get Carter released?

93. Who was the role of Winston in Ghostbusters originally written for?

94. Who did the director want for James Dean’s role in Giant?

95. What was Sir Ralph Richardson’s last film?

96. In which film does the war chant from Zulu reappear?

97. Which film features the Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry’s founding?

98. Ernest Borgnine, Edward G. Robinson, Orson Welles and George C. Scott were all considered for which role?

99. In which film does Eddie Murphy play Chandler Jarrell?

100. Which actress was painted gold in Goldfinger?


101. What is Stiffler’s mom’s first name?

102. Who is Gwyneth Paltrow’s husband?

103. On which film did Peter Sellers refuse to be filmed till a crewmember changed his clothes?

104. Which film paired Eddie Murphy with Owen Wilson?

105. What is the name of the suspect robot in I Robot?

106. What was Rock Hudson’s favourite film in which he appeared?

107. Who played Indiana Jones’ father in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade?

108. Who played Serpico?

109. Name three actors who have played Inspector Clouseau.

110. Which film did Richard Harris turn down to make Caprice?


111. Which film was banned in Britain because it seemed to claim that America had won WWII single-handed?

112. Which actor was rejected for the part of Bond because he would be competing with Sean Connery in Never Say Never Again?

113. Who wrote The Odd Couple?

114. What is amazing about film composer Lionel Bart?

115. In which film do Henry and Jane Fonda appear together?

116. Who was originally offered the role of McMurphy in One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest?

117. Which TV show is the film One Of Our Spies Is Missing derived from?

118. Which character is Our Man Flint a spoof of?

119. In which film did Kurt Russell con Goldie Hawn?

120. Who first played Tarzan?


121. What character did Hugh Jackman play in The X-Men movies?

122. Who is Krishna Bhanji?

123. Which member of the crew directed Star Trek:First Contact?

124. Which British film company specialised in horror films in the 60s?

125. How much did John Travolta’s white suit from Saturday Night Fever sell for at auction?

126. Who turned down the role of Private Ryan?

127. When was the first Scary Movie released?

128. Who turned down the chance to direct Schindler’s List?

129. How many Mad Max films were there?

130. Who wrote the play on which The Madness of King George is based?


131. Which guitarist was cast to appear in the Beatles’ Magical Mystery Tour but couldn’t make it?

132. Who wrote the legendary score for The Magnificent Seven?

133. Who was originally cast as Sam Spade in 1941’s The Maltese Falcon?

134. What is the Indian film industry known as?

135. Which three actor pairings were first considered for the Sean Connery and Michael Caine double-act in The Man Who Would Be King.

136. What does the Martian girl never do in Mars Attacks!

137. In which film, set during a war, are the only gunshots heard from a referee’s whistle?

138. Which legend’s mannerisms does Keanu Reeves imitate in the Matrix?

139. What is the name of the character played by Peter Sellers in The Millionairess?

140. Who is Miss Congeniality?


141. What was the feature film debut of David Suchet?

142. What is Willem Dafoe’s real name?

143. Which two acting legends were paired in The Missouri Breaks?

144. Who was the female star of Moonstruck?

145. Who played Merlin in Excalibur?

146. In which film do the extras chant ‘ohwhatanarseyouare’?

147. How many feature films have The Muppets made?

148. Who starred in 1971’s Murphy’s War?

149. In which film does the character Mona Lisa Vit appear?

150. Which film was Tom Selleck’s feature debut?


151. Who is the film Walk The Line about?

152. Who directed The War Of The Roses?

153. Which two films, with almost the same title and the same story, were both released in 2005?

154. Which film was regarded as a bomb though it made $80 million dollars profit?

155. Which was the first British film to credit the stunt crew?

156. Which famous scene was shot in Katz’s Deli on New York’s East Houston Street?

157. What connects Margaret Lockwood and Faye Dunaway?

158. In which film do two Englishmen, an Australian, ,an Eastern European and a Swede play Scottish characters?

159. Who played Florence Nightingale in The Lady With The Lamp?

160 Which script was considered to be too profane to be filmed in 1970, but not in 1972 because attitudes had changed?


161. Why were 2,000 Chinese soldiers given a $3.50 bonus for The Last Emperor?

162. Who played Idi Amin in The Last King of Scotland?

163. Which character is called Natty Bummpo in a Daniel Day Lewis film?

164. In which film did Audrey Hepburn first appear?

165. What role did Peter O’Toole beat Albert Finney for?

166. What character does Tony Curran play in The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen?

167. In which film did Jack Lemmon last appear?

168. Why was Lesbian Vampire Killers so titled?

169. In which Lethal Weapon movie did Joe Pesci first appear?

170. In which year was The Life of Brian released?


171. How much extra were the child actors in Kes paid for being caned on the hand?

172. What character did Charlton Heston play in Khartoum?

173. Who was the Kindergarten Cop?

174. Which film had the widest cinematic release in America for a foreign language film?

175. Who directed Unbreakable?

176. Who was Uncle Buck?

177. Who was the original choice to play The Unsinkable Molly Brown?

178. From which film does this line come – “You just fulfilled the first rule of law enforcement: make sure when your shift is over you go home alive. Here endeth the lesson.”

179. What brand of car does Will Smith drive in I Robot?

180. What was Howard Hughes’ favourite film?


181. Which film has the record for the longest time for applying make-up to one character?

182. What is Joe Dante’s directorial trademark?

183. Where does the film title Zardoz originate from?

184. Which ship suffered more damage in the film of its exploits compared to the battle?

185. In which film did Teri Garr get her part because of her ability to do a German accent?

186. Billy the Kid’s real name is thought to be William Bonney, but in which film is it revealed that his real name was Henry McCarty?

187. Who played Young Winston?

188. For which film when shown in-flight did airlines delete dialogue reeling off statistics of airline accidents in?

189. What was Montgomery Clift’s first film?

190. Who was Red Sonja?


191. Who were to star as the original father/daughter duo in Paper Moon?

192. Who directed Parenthood?

193. Who played the Character Alias in Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid?

194. Who played Patton in the biopic?

195. Which Bob Hoskins TV role was reprised by Steve Martin in film?

196. Who played the Predator?

197. Which two actors have played the character Leo Bloom in films?

198. How many Star Trek films have been released to date (2008)?

199. Who played Lara Croft’s father in Lara Croft:Tomb Raider?

200. Who plays Zebulon Gant in The Last Samurai?