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Man had always a quest to control every life and material to exploit them for his own comfort and pleasure. To a great extent they succeeded too.


Our ancestors studied the behavior of most animals so that  they can control  and domesticate them. They succeeded in it.





They discovered that every one life form, such as animals, has an unique behavior. For example, the horses in India behave the way as every another horse anywhere in the world behaved.


What determined behavior or animals & human?


It is the mind, that is said, to be responsible for the behavior of any life.


No one has an idea as how the mind looks like and where it lies. But we understand it in the way, incomplete and vague, the proverbial blind men perceiving an elephant.




Not one of those blind persons gets a complete idea about how the elephant looks like. But, together they can make out some form distantly resembling an elephant.


Several  generation   of  human jus use the knowledge which was passed on by the ancestors. Surprisingly, they are valid today. May be it would remain the same for a foreseeable time in future.