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Birth; Only Information,

Death; Also Information,

In Between; Struggles…

Moments Expansive, Tough,

Life; Short, A Trough…

Reality, Just Information,

Journey Of Affirmation…

Still; Habitually Though,

Beyond, All Cognition;

Consciousness Remains,

Uninformed; In Negation…

Happily Oblivious Of,

Information; Realization…

In Initiation, Continuation,

All Along; Enterprising,

Information; More Information…



Let Us Do It; Together

What Is Bliss; What Stands as Misery? We may settle, probably. However, this Satisfaction – a simple, calm and poised Acceptance, after thousands of years of human struggle and enterprises that now, in 21st century, we have the dexterity, information and wherewithal to comprehend and Cognitize; as we stand as the media of Everythingness of all happiness and sorrows, their awareness and feel; What it is and How and Why it is Whatever it is.

The joy and grief, which are only just a small part of the larger expressions of reality of the media of ‘I’; are there to be understood, known and internalized as Reality; in all its expansiveness and munificence, stands tall in front of us. Can we bypass and stand in ‘Happy’ denial and disregard of the knowledge of Reality, which muffles us and stretches all around us as unavoidable landscape? Can we ‘merrily’ be oblivious of this shining and inviting landscape and still think of attaining real and true wellness?

Probably, we can! A mass majority of 99 percent humanity of the 7.5 billion people now and billions in the past have survived and lived their lives out, in ‘blissful’ denial, deception and oblivion of true and real knowledge of Reality. It is nobody’s prerogative to say, they didn’t witness ‘happiness’. But then; it is a meaningful and critical inquiry, whether their happiness were true or ‘scammed’. This is a timely inquisition, whether this attitude and propensity of mass majority, has manufactured this depraved, brutal, criminally inclined, fudged, fake, conflicted, chaotic and fraudulent world, we struggle against in daily life-living and feel suffocated to breathe the elusive fresh air of joy and wellness. This hypothesis needs objective and holistic investigation. We journey this process…

Ignorance does not kill a bird; only ‘Knowledge’ kills, when it is fake, fudged, fabricated, fraudulent, propagandist, fictitious, depraved, partial and cunningly structured to scam average unsuspecting and unaware people as well as the Self. The massive plexus of cultures, politics, faith-system, economy and commerce buy and sell in bulk the above-mentioned ‘ingredients’ to manufacture ‘pollution-layers’ that have successfully replaced the grassroots landscape of Reality. Ignorance cannot kill; scams kill and the worst ever scam of humanity is ‘Knowledge’ – Fake-Fudged-Frilled! I very humbly invite you to a journey, to decipher, unravel and actualize this all; in humble and sincere togetherness. Give me your hand…



A Humble Advocacy…

I have no eligibility. I am not even literate; given what colossus the knowledge stands out there as, to be internalized. I, however, write to instill this indispensability of Learning, to earn the eligibility of the precious nomenclature of being Human. I only very humbly share my internalized Contentment that emerges and is engendered, as I journey untiringly on the pathways of experiencing Novelty and Alternativeness; without a shade of insinuation of a claim to finality. No knowledge can ever be the finality. Beauty and bliss of knowledge is that it is ever-evolving. I don’t know; can’t even present the pretence of it, yet; I attempt to present a humble advocacy for learning; understanding Information, in its magically marvelous holism and enlightening entirety. Unashamedly, I confess of my perennial stupidity, to be the transcendental energy, to remain an ardent and persevered learner of Reality; in all its probabilistic holism and entirety. If I am a Media; though insignificant and insufficient; my consciousness must only Align with perpetuity of Journey To Ever-evolving Reality. I, through my restrictive inventory of words, only very humbly present this innocent advocacy of unfettered consciousness of learning. If Happiness is a credible Reality; in whatever probability; it is unraveled and deciphered only through this process. A Journey; as a metaphor, seems truly a probabilistic reality and encompasses the essence of true bliss.



Truly great people cannot ever be ‘Happy’. It is a time-tested hypothesis. True Intellectuals do not even chase Happiness. Contentment, in its holism of joviality and exuberance, muffles them all around. They remain consciously invested in ‘Happy’ processes; as a Seed is, in the Soil. They only perceive and internalize Un-Happiness differently. Eligibilities are ‘Happy’ expressions of Cognitive entitlements. Most brilliant and satiating entitlements are ‘Processes’; not attainments. Happiness too…!



Journey of Questions; Probable Answers…

Evolution; as humanity has now objectively known and understood; is deemed as calibrated progression of brains of organisms, as Media of information processing. The human brain is still not fully deciphered and unraveled, yet; it is accepted as the marvelous culmination of nature’s definitive plan to evolve the ‘most suitable’ species in linearity of Time succession. The history of human brutalities; its embedded penchant and propensities for unimaginable criminalities, depravity and cruelties, not only on other species but primarily against its own; undeniably and sincerely seeks true and real answer of so many questions about human consciousness and its most complex brain. Science has begun to understand human brain and especially Consciousness better, as evolutionary biology has added its own perspectives, along with neuroscience and artificial intelligence. If humans have the most complex brains than all other organisms, extending humans the much cherished label of ‘most suitable’ species; the question that cannot be denied is – How come this Complexity attain such atrocious Criminality? If survival success, especially sexual successes, in its multidimensionality of shades and meaningfulness, are the benchmarks of the golden ‘suitability’ and superiority of Humans, which this ‘most evolved’ and ‘most complex’ brain endowed and installed; how come this success and suitability engender this ghastliness and notoriety of brutality, cruelty, depravity, criminality, insanity, shamelessness and treacherous ingenuity in humans? What made the superiority, suitability, excellence of complexity and evolved maturity get expressed in deadly and disastrous eventualities? If we accept the quintessential and transcendental hypothesis that all organisms, including the mighty humans, have only one Purpose in life-living and that is to pursue Happiness and reward feelings; it is a simple, straightforward and logical inference that all the above-mentioned criminalities, depravities and brutalities, which human history and contemporary human world are full of, must be hugely pleasurable, rewarding and blissful! If nobility-compassion is in miniscule minority and criminality-depravity-brutality is in absolute majority in human world; it is clear that nobility is painful and happiness is invested deeply in all the infinite shades of ignobility and immorality. The question therefore needs to be answered as what exclusively ‘human’ is there in our Consciousness and Cognition that makes this reality. It is hugely important to decipher the reality of ‘Happiness’ in its entirety and holism to unravel the embedded ‘scam’ in it, which makes it so innately aligned to criminality and depravity. The answer must be in human brain itself! The answer must be in evolution and progression of this very powerful and amazing brain – from a simple crawling worm to contemporary humans. The answer must be in the complexity and intricacies of brain’s interaction with external milieus, which humans have conscientiously or un-conscientiously made hugely complex, conflicted and depraved. Together, we shall try to journey all questions; probable answers. If humans; as a superior species, truly qualify to be adorned with crown position, after billions of years of evolutional intelligence; then only Happiness has any relevance. If Happiness has a true and actual Reality; it must justify its lustful and besotted dalliance with conscientious criminality and heinous brutalities. We shall journey all probabilities of all realities; together…



At The Very Outset…

For vast majority of people, it is difficult to perceive and accept that they can die. Living and incessant processes of corroboration of life-feel, seldom allows the percolation and installation of the inevitability of death; especially the total and irrevocable mortality, which is deeply engraved and embossed on life, since inception. The subconscious denial and cultural mind training to consciously deceive reality is handy. On the contrary, there are people, for whom, it is equally hard to feel and accept that they are actually living; at least in the way, most accept living-ritualism as. They feel, they are already dead; just witnessing the processes of life-living; from some vantage point, akin to a movie in a theatre. Interestingly; their struggle of ‘denial’ is just inverse, as they consciously negate the probability of they being actually alive the way most people perceive and accept.

The theorists of geographical and anthropological idea of Determinism believe that this is the core difference between broad Oriental and Occidental cultures, generic cognitive processes and belief-systems. Blame it on geographies and climatic causalities. Life presented different dimensions in two differently Sun-Endowed geographical realities and the evolution installed its ‘suitability’ signature on mind consciousnesses differently. Probably, it is some sort of a ‘geo-climatic dimorphism’, which affects the way same genes express themselves differently. The morphological difference is also very marked. Phenotypes and genotypes are happy couple. Somehow, life’s own precarious and undulating trajectory is powerful; it makes so many people confront the ‘feel’, the two extreme ends of life and death engender. We don’t need to go into details of it here. Dimorphism in its holism however, is interesting field of knowledge, aware men and women should invest in.

Then, there are new age people, who believe in simulation and perceive life-living as simulated reality. The metaverse ideas infuse some more perceptions and feel of reality of life and living. Science adds its own dimensionalities to reality, as it installs different probabilities of realities. Human brain’s innate abilities to paint imaginative abstractions are tools to engender innumerable shades of probable realities.

This is classic example of dualism of reality, where diametrically opposite ideas exist for perceptions of a single reality of Life. In fact; a single reality is experienced and felt in myriads of shades and each one vies for being the true and real. This is the seed input of marvel as well as depravity. Can someone say, with proven certainty, which of the many ideas about this reality is right, true, real and normal? There always is the inevitability of ‘insufficient data’ to seal a singular Reality. The bigger question probably is – Can the feel of reality; as different people experience, be denied and rejected; even if there is singular reality? Here is this productive soil, which allows the harvest of varied criminality as men and women go to extreme ends to install and make others accept their ‘version’, shade, belief, faith and perceptions of reality as The Finality. Cultures are big schools of learning of this artistry of criminality.

Since ages, it has been said and even accepted that Reality is what and how one perceives as. In other words, reality is how it is manifested and unraveled to different people in different ways. Then; should we ask, ‘How big and deep is this domain of Perception of Reality?’ This somehow is similar to asking, ‘How big and deep is the universe?’ Both have answers but with loads of abstractions and some pretence of actuality; some mathematical complexity; not realizable by average human brain.

The bigger and deeper question; more relevant in societal-cultural-political-commercial-faith milieus of contemporary times, probably is – Are we truly perceiving things differently? Are we allowed and extended a liberal and compassionate milieu in our life-living to make multidimensionality of perceptions possible; let alone accepting them? Does an individual actually experience and internalize the feel of this perceptional rainbow, in all its different shades and hues?

We all know, probabilities of reality extends much more on both ends of the spectrum of the seven colors of rainbow, our visual field is restricted to. The Infra Red and Ultra Violet are not amenable to normal sensory registry. Average person does not even think of their existence. Do average men and women realize and actually remember that our sensory perceptions are only a very small width of a window to actualize reality? Scientists are trained to undermine the predominance of senses and go beyond them to look for reality in its holism and entirety. Do average men and women ever get even a semblance of a mind training to see and accept realities, beyond their sensory limitations? Do average men and women accept that believing a reality and actually personally experiencing the reality are two different aspects? Can we accept with sincerity of perceptions that reality may manifest and unravel itself to different ‘media’ of living beings and all these shades of realities are equally probable and no single reality can be definitive? A dog has six times better smelling abilities than humans and through their olfactory sensibility; they can conjure up an imagery of reality of the external milieus. We cannot. Can we say, dog’s reality does not exist for us and that is why not true?

The answer is probably ‘No’. Most of us do not do it! We are not culturally trained to accept with equanimity and respect, different competing shades of realities. Our centuries old and now obsolete education system does not in any ways help us actualize these all. The Universe of Perception is colossal and deep. We do not even admit this reality, as we do not ever perceive and internalize how huge and complex is the universe, of which we live in a place called earth; as tiny as sand particle. The family, society, cultures, nation, polity, economy and faith structures, etc; they all become larger and deeper than universe for us. They fill up 99 percent of the ‘universe’ of an average person and they all dump their own restrictive, partial, fudged, fake and scientifically invalid ideas and boundaries on us. Tragically enough; we are almost forced to live them out, experience them in second-hand ways and ape them. Tragically enough, 99 percent humans do not feel and allow this probability that our consciousness is very localized and our eyes cannot see things beyond 16 kilometers. The worldview of Frog in the Well, is a proverb, not popular and seldom recalled for daily life-living prudence and pragmatism. Scams sustain and get internalized this way.

This ‘reality’, which most people are subconsciously accepting, living out and chasing as dream attainments; is a huge Scam. It is there, lived out and has grains of what may be termed as reality but incorporates loads of cooked up and farcical contents. Why this reality is a huge scam? When I subconsciously or consciously accept ‘part’ of something as everything; when I accept a grain as universe; when I accept a perception as the only reality; when I deny my own mechanism and deceive myself to be right, I live out a scam. Worst however is the fact that I have very little innate inclination to even admit that I am in a scam. It needs evolved consciousness. Scam happens primarily because they emerge from a universe of perception, which itself is scammed; since ages. The simple reason of we living out a scam is the fact that the cosmos of perception, which is the ambient external milieu, under which all humans are surviving, since centuries, are all partial, farcical, half-baked and massively hypocritical. The raw stock – the macrocosmic socio-cultural-political-economic-ideational milieu, which forms the dominant ‘ingredient’ for most of the perceptions about realities, humanity lives out, is itself scammed. Scammed perceptional soil shall almost always harvest scammed ideas and shades of realities.

Modern humans are forced to live out and accept many of such scammed ideas and idealisms. Humans are ‘happy’ to reject the farm products out of the ‘scammed soil’, infested with harmful pesticides, fertilizers and hormones and insist on ‘organic’ produce. However, they do not ever seek to reject and dump the ‘scammed soil’ of perceptional poisons and contaminations. Happiness is only one of the scams! A Huge one! This is a hypothesis! We shall test this hypothesis in all objectivity and scientific factuality of utmost precision. If we prove ourselves wrong; with honesty and objectivity; it shall be a Happy situation!

The question, which must be asked, is – how this huge scam runs its mechanisms in the brain states and how it happened to be? We are attempting the answer, with singular sincerity, based holistically on objective science and contemporary knowledge of collective humanity. As hinted earlier; the answers are there in the mechanisms and processes of brain functioning. The universe of perception is in the landscape of brain plexuses. The answers are being mined by our brilliant scientists, who have made huge breakthroughs in understanding not only contemporary human brain but also the evolution of the brain, in the last hundreds of millions of years. They go beyond; some 3.5 billion years back, when the first single cell living organism came into existence. The colossal cosmos of perception, which harvests different crops of realities, have the seeds embedded in brain and human milieus. The seeds have answers; the true answers.

Happiness is a scam; it is a hypothesis, we shall test in details. However, it is probably only a small manifestation of huge perceptional scam. We are hypothesizing that it runs deep and wide in entire human world. In that sense; there are bigger and wider issues, which need to be detailed and deliberated to understand the true and real dimensions of stupidities and hypocrisies, which larger humanity has been sustaining and accepting as life-living ‘normality’ of realities. If they are scammed realities; they need to be unlearnt, fast and permanently. The humanity has come a long way to a stage of knowledge, where the scam stands exposed. The humanity is in need of completely novel and alternative life-living realities and benchmarks of purposes. The idea is simple – Either humanity changes completely and dumps its scammed perceptions or is ready to perish in painful ways. It is already too late. If average person does not understand and accept that a ‘perception’, he or she holds as true and real, is only a shade of the large spectrum of the holism of knowledge; the trouble begins. A perception is just a shining star called Sun, which may be the basis of your life but the universe has billions of such stars. However, popularly, we don’t call any other star as Sun and therefore, ‘Happily’, we have only ‘ONE’ Sun. If even in 21st century, average person does not accept the reality of the holism of true knowledge; the humanity is definitely doomed. As we said earlier, ignorance does not kill; only fake-fudged-farcical-partial perceptions, which a person holds as his or her knowledge, kills. This ‘killer’ is already out and massacring humanity. Happily, they don’t figure in statistics of Crime Bureau Reports of any country.

There is another hypothesis, which we are accepting and this shall decide the constitution of this eBook. We are hypothesizing that average person does not have the time and inclination to read through lengthy and complicated books. That is why, what we are doing in this eBook is talking only about happiness as scam. This may then apply to many other ideas. Secondly, as we do not wish to make this eBook long and boring, we shall deal only with specific aspects of the idea that happiness is a scam. As I always believe in personalizing an eBook, with special and specific needs of you as reader, I shall detail those aspects, when you write me about them. This eBook is short, straight and simple. The details may follow; if you wish!



The Intent – Aim and Purpose

It is a humble and very affectionately honest affirmation that if we try to understand and realize something, very different and unknown, we shall have to dump the analogies, metaphors and symbolizations, through which most of us are habitually inclined to see and accept an idea or reality. Our cognitive spectrum is so used to seeing through these analogies, metaphors and symbolizations for realization and perception of realities. For example, if we ask, what is life; the popular answers are – Life is a Journey, Life is a Stupid’s Story, well told; Life is a Dream, Life is a Drama of unscripted theatrics; etc. All these are metaphoric expressions of a probable reality, which is too huge and complex to be simplified in such symbolic terms. However, we all usually understand most realities only this way, for ease of perception. We may hypothesize; our brain is designed and evolved this way. That is probably why our languages evolved this way. Therefore, the same prism probably cannot serve the purpose, if we attempt to visualize and internalize some novel and alternative ideas and realities.

This novelty and alternativeness can happen, if we alter the question itself. So, if we instead ask, ‘What constitutes life; or what mechanisms-processes define life’, the metaphors would not help or at best, they shall have to be altered too. As I proceed to talk about novelties and alternativeness; I humbly urge you to accept this hypothesis and be open to visualizing things beyond the restrictiveness of analogies and symbols; especially the populist ones; at least for the sake of progression of the journey of words here.

It is almost impossible to arrive at and describe in specificity, something, which is essentially an intangible registry of the brain states, involving billions of neural cells and trillions of neural connections. Somehow, humans could evolve a mechanism, called language, which marginally facilitated expressions but with loads of limitations and vitiations. Language is essentially a fixed pattern of analogies, metaphors and symbolizations, through which a reality, idea, thought or feel is expressed and realized. Very naturally, an analogy only limits the meaningfulness and spectrum of reality by presenting a limiting ‘context’ of a symbol or metaphor. As language is so heavily binding on average human and most humans are poor at languages; the reality, idea, thought or feel become fixated and confined to some popularly and dominantly held expression.

If you ask, ‘What is Happiness’? The replies may come as – Happiness is Elixir of life; Happiness is true Meaning of life; Happiness is being Healthy; Happiness is being Successful; Happiness is a state of Wellness; etc. As we earlier talked about life; these are all also mere symbolizations of a reality. They only present a partial ‘context’ to the expression and realization of a feel of reality. They are not the true and right answer of the question asked as they do not present the Holism of the Reality of Happiness. Science tells us to approach a reality beyond the ‘normality’ of sensory suitability, to reach out to novel and alternative dimensions, available as probability of reality. The same happens when you ask – What is Love? What is Success? What is Reality? Etc.

What I very humbly seek to say is this simple yet very difficult hypothesis that humanity has since ages suffocated itself and has been sort of slave to the ‘contexuality’ of Reality in very restricted and limiting meaningfulness of realities. The languages have somehow made us slaves to this constrained ‘partialism’ of reality, idea, thought or feel; as most of us simply cannot free ourselves from the subconscious chains of populist and dominant patterns of analogies, metaphors and symbolizations, which lend ‘form’ and ‘shape’ to realities. It is time to change and come out of the slavery! As humanity has now known and accepted, true and objective knowledge cannot be wholly internalized through ‘Intuitive’ perceptional windows. We need to break free, come out in open and breathe the air of non-intuitiveness of perspectives and cognition to decipher knowledge in its entirety and holism.

Human knowledge has progressed leaps and bounds. The languages, humanity evolved and matured through centuries, however have only deteriorated and got emaciated. Much of the sensibilities, rhythm and musicality of languages have either dried up or vitiated. The languages surely haven’t kept pace with the exponential growth in human knowledge in many fields; thanks to modern and contemporary science. The contemporary scientific knowledge about brains, human physiology, information processing and evolutionary factuality has created such a milieu of insightfulness for us that humanity now needs to dump most of its old, archaic and obsolete ideas and analogies of reality. Contemporary knowledge of Reality seeks a new human, a new human system of life-living, alternative cognition of realities, a novel language system and above all; a novel and alternative culture of ‘Perception’ of Reality; based not on old, archaic and now obsolete patterns of analogies, metaphors and symbolizations but based on objective and measurable science of Reality. As humanity does it; loads of scams shall be busted and it shall pave ways for a truly meaningful and truthful life-living.

As I said, we still have to use this very restrictive media of language to express even the novel and alternative realities, which contemporary scientific knowledge of reality facilitates; we need to rise above and consciously make efforts to liberate ourselves from restrictiveness of languages too. This is my humble request.

As we talked earlier; reality, as we all perceive and is unraveled to us, is always ‘contextual’. It is critical cognition to visualize and internalize that Reality almost always gets unraveled to us as contextual to perspective or a vantage point of subjective or collective observance. To simplify this expression – whatever we see, feel and accept as something real and true, is perceived and realized largely through an analogy, symbol or metaphor; like we talked above about happiness, life or love. The ‘context’, which shapes up or extends ‘form’ to a reality, is not only confined to symbolizations of languages we know and speak. The contexts for human perceptional universe are so many. We shall talk in detail about such ‘contexts’ and the modern knowledge about these contexts as well as their role in restricting and limiting the perception of realities for us. Alternatively, we can also call these contexts as filters. This shall help us in unraveling the scam, we have hypothesized about.

The mention of context here is to point out to the fact that different contextuality creates segregated perception of realities. Like; if someone accepts ‘happiness is health’, shall have different overall feel and perception of happiness, compared to someone who accepts, ‘Happiness is Success’. The contexts are different as different symbols or analogies have been used as media of expression of context. Despite the fact that both sets of perceptional insistence talk about the singular ‘reality’ of Happiness; they are so different and powerful that they have almost divided the human world into two mutually exclusive ‘belief systems’.

The crucial point, we deal with in this eBook is how different ‘forces’ – personal as well as collective, conscious as well as subconscious, innate as well as synthetic, motivated-orchestrated as well as unintentional, etc. work their ways to influence and even scam the ‘contexts’ or ‘filters’ of perceptions; thus making a reality, like Happiness stand exposed to many manipulations and depravity. This makes Happiness a deeply scammed reality as the very perceptions about Happiness are itself subjected to fake-fudged-farcical-fraudulent contexts. As we understand this all; we shall have better understanding of the reality of happiness, which in turn shall optimize our wellness. This is the core purpose and intent of this eBook.

This we are talking to hypothesize; as we have talked earlier; that the cosmos of perception is deep and wide because the contexts, which shape up perceptions or feel, are so many and diverse.