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Hi, My name is Pavel Šlajs and I’m international author from Czech Republic also recently consul for Prague Singles Group who loves sharing knowledge and helping others on the various topics and it’s Dating in this case. This is part of my 2nd trilogy

Dating Guru: Lost Chapters

First part you can get here: Dating-Guru-Lost-Chapters

I’m a passionate personwith strong motivation based on true human values who always go the extra mile and over-deliver.

I also believe in “Walking the Talk”.


Words of wisdom

There are no secrets or shotcuts to becoming successful in life. There are just temporary “loopholes”.

I believe the result to true success in life is the result from hard work, the preparation, persistance and the most important of them all. Learning from the failings and taking action in the right direction.

Strategy is long-term, tactics are temporary.

If you would like to learn more from me, please visit:

DatingSolved.Com or Get My Official Book on Azon

Send me DM at @pavelslajs1

Thanks Goes To my Family who are always supportive. My friends!

& Girls I never forget.



Table of Content



Introductory 5

How to Send the Right Social Signals 14

Chapter 1: Killer Love Phrases 21

Chapter 2: Tips For Loving In The Fast Lane 25

Chapter 3: Seduction Tips 27

Chapter 4: Build a Romance Bridge 29

Chapter 5: Communication In Romance 31

Chapter 6: Dating and Relationship Tips 32

Chapter 7: Friendship And Love 34

Sex Intro 35

Chapter 8: A Guide on Sexual Health and Aging 36

Chapter 9: Creativity Fuels Sex Life 38

Chapter 10: Body and Mind-Sex and Stress 40

Chapter 11: Do You Attract The Opposite Sex? 42

Chapter 12: Female Orgasm During Sexual Intercourse 45

Chapter 13: Is Safe Sex Really Safe? 46

Chapter 14: Kickstart Your Sex Life Today! 47

Chapter 15: Sex Addiction 50

Recommended Resources 68





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