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Interesting 31 Day Movement Dials


Using 31 day movement dials to develop spectacular and unique watches is something many individuals do not also recognize is possible, not to mention something any individual can do reasonably easily. The 31 day dials have the common twelve (usually Roman) numerals suggesting hours, yet in addition the (Arabic) numbers from 1 to 31 are dispersed uniformly around the area. In this post we see just how remarkable such clocks can absolutely be.

These 31 day movement dials are so called due to the fact that they have to coupled with an exactly coordinating electric motor, or movement. Simply put, the motor is developed not just to rotate an hour, min, and also pre-owned across the conventional part of the clock face to maintain proper time, however it likewise turns a fourth hand, the calendar hand, very slowly (approximately one-sixtieth the rate of the hour hand) to indicate the correct day of the month. The schedule hand advancements to the next position, or date, following twelve o'clock at night.