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Still no progress on finding Jack according to Detective Riley when I called him at lunch time The guy was a ghost He couldn't even be sure he was still in the area I was reasonably certain he was A different fast food joint for food and wifi at lunch Arby's this time I was wondering if I should go looking for Jack myself Maybe I could draw him out If he did want to follow me from work maybe I should go to work and see if I could lead him into a trap like the idiot on Saturday I got home after work and sat down for supper Julia was made to get under the table and lick all the women to orgasm except Mistress Dark's two slaves still wearing their Slave Trainers as was Julia Still there were lots of their fluids running down their legs and Julia had to lick that up I was feeding Lisa and she was seated on my lap her punishments done this morning She'd occasionally flinch when she sat wrong on my lap her bottom still tender When it was Lisa's turn to be licked she spread her legs over mine so Julia could lick her the resulting orgasm welcome I noticed Julia licked my cock a couple times in the process I thought perhaps Mistress Dark would have Julia suck me off but it was only the females she served She was able to get everyone off without much difficulty I suspected she'd had a lot of practice today We were only half done with the meal when she took her seat her face slathered in girl cum which she didn't bother to wipe off At PM the Slave Trainers were dying and they'd been on for twenty four hours