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7th May 1960


Imeh David is an inspirational blogger and a fervent researcher on success. He holds it to be true that God created every one of us in His own image, with enough talents, endowments, and gifts to maximize life and fulfill purpose.

He is driven by the vision to inspire people to succeed all-round, and provoke their passion for needs-meeting contributions to the world. Interestingly, he simplifies success and reduces it to a phenomenon anybody, irrespective of family background, sex, skin color, and country of birth, can accomplish spiritually, mental-emotionally and physical-materially.

For several years, he has had exposure as a civil and later public servant. He taught for many years in the Polytechnic, Calabar, and later Cross River University of Technology, Calabar, all in Cross River State of Nigeria. He has also had several sessions on radio and television on success inspiration as well as written newspaper column for years on the same subject

His commitment is to take all his readers to a point of action of recording astonishing proofs with ease especially in the areas of wealth, health and fulfillment.

Breaking New Grounds, Self-improvement, Success Inspiration, Business Strategies, Leadership Coaching

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