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9th August 1964

Sourcing Security From China

Thousands of new companies begin importing from China each year, yet they don't know where to start and they tend to fail to remember essential precaution. Below is a "survival overview" that could help customers eliminate 90% of the dangers associated with China sourcing.

Finding a Suitable Provider

1. Getting a good sample does not mean a vendor can in fact make the product. It is just a basis for very easy interaction regarding your needs.

2. On-line directory sites (Alibaba, Global Sources ...) as well as trade convention are only a starting point. Distributors pay to be listed or to exhibit, and they are not carefully screened.

3. Run a background examine the firms you shortlist. A "Company Credit rating Record" sets you back just 255 USD on Globis, and will aid you identify the middlemans that claim to have a plant.

4. Inspect the factory. Take a look at the products they make, the procedures they run internal, their various other consumers, etc.

5. Order a capability audit, if you can ´ t check out the factory on your own. Every third-party examination company provides this solution.

Asiatic Sourcing