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Nearest city: Bangor


Martin Bristow was born in The Sudan in to an Austrian mother and a British father In Martin his parents and his older brother moved to North Wales which is where Martin s younger brother was born After a brief time there they moved to Bedfordshire England Then in the summer after Martin's sixth birthday Martin and his family moved to the Isle of Anglesey in North Wales which is where Martin lived for the remainder of his childhood During this time he and his two brothers would often spend summer holidays with their maternal grandmother and Austrian cousin travelling around Austria and other parts of Europe In the summer after completing further education and at the age of eighteen Martin travelled around Europe for one month using an Interrail Pass Upon his return he began a four-year 'Civil Engineering with German' higher-education course at the University of Nottingham For the third year of the course he studied at the Dresden University of Technology as part of the Socrates II Programme a European Union initiative Following university Martin cycled around part of Scotland for three weeks before travelling further afield in various countries in North America Oceania and Asia His aims were to see more of the world and to broaden his horizons From June to April Martin worked full-time as an engineer for Jacobs in locations in the South East and North West regions of England He worked next at Trawsfynydd Nuclear Power Station for months also as an engineer From September to October he worked for GreenWood Forest Park doing maintenance and administrative work Since then he has written three books On rd June Martin voted in the European Union referendum and the result initiated Martin s strong interest in voting reform He sees himself as being a