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Frankie's writings are wellbeing based i.e. they amuse the reader so hopefully the reader feels good. Lots of books at reasonable prices are on




Frankie hopes people enjoy reading his work as much as he enjoys writing it. It's difficult sometimes to categorise his work as he tends to write freely, sometimes crossing genres, although off the wall might be a good overall view (mad is the new normal).
We have five up here which we'll change occasionally, but on the website we have a full shop of his works (extremely reasonably priced). Anyway, the keyword when you're reading (as well as doing all the other stuff in your life) is 'enjoy'... very abnormal and unprofessional we know, but good for the soul.
There are lots more books on 'our' website, pop along and have a look in the Wonky Bookshop ...

October-Aurora-Sunrise, Frankies PA and Psycho Analyst.
PS: There is a donation button, so you have the golden opportunity to buy him a drink, which will do two things. 1: Stop him moaning, and 2: May encourage him to write something really off the wall and offer it to you on here. Not bad for a quid (dollar?).

Varied. Anything interesting interests me. Photography (come to the site and see the gallery).