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I am czech writer and I concern myself on novels from african environment





Hana Hindráková was born in 1982 in Trutnov, where she spent her childhood and graduated on the Business Academy.

In 2001 she moved to Prague and began studying International Business at the University of Economics. In 2005, she successfully passed the bachelor exam and decided to change the main specialization in Tourism. As a minor specialization opted for Development Studies, which sparked her interest in the African continent.

After university studies in 2008, she started her own non-profit organization Fair and in the implementation of development cooperation projects fell five times in Kenya, which he very fond of: the country has become a major issue for her fiction books Nobody´s Children, Karibu Kenya, The Volunteer and The Enchanted.

Through fiction author draws attention to the urgent problems of the black continent (street children, child trafficking, discrimination of HIV-positive people, etc.).

In 2012 she made her debut novel Nobody´s Children, who is ranked among the best-selling book of Alpress Publisher in February 2013 and was nominated to the shortlist of twenty books on the book of the year 2012. The novel has also been translated into English.

Then the manuscript of the book Karibu Kenya won the competition I have a talent organized by the Euromedia Publisher (2012).

In January 2014 her novel The Volunteer was published by Alpress Publisher, a year later, in February 2015 novel The Enchanted.

Her most recent novel The Skull Hunters was published by Grada in May 2016.

The author is currently working on a novel Deadly business, thriller taking place in Uganda.

Besides Africa, she has traveled almost the whole of Europe, the US, Puerto Rico and the adjacent islands, Cape Verde, Morocco, Egypt, Tunisia, Argentina, Chile, United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Nepal and New Zealand.

Hana Hindráková lives in Strančice near Prague.

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