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9th November


Colours In Blackness is an entire book series containing five books; A New Life, Reprieve, Desolation, Betrayal and Insight. A New Life is the first book and the one I am offering to you free of charge. I have never written anything before this series so this was an amazing adventure for me. I have learned so much through this journey about publishing books. I had absolutely no idea of how hard it is.

After a fall down the stairs, and complications due to Fibromyalgia, I had to leave my factory job. I fight through chronic pain every day. Writing these books has been a real challenge for me. There are many days when I have what I call a foggy brain, where not much is going on up there.

These five books were created from a dream I had involving the three main characters; Laura, Laden and Todd. Each book brought new challenges for me in ways I couldn't have even imagined. I have an amazing sense of pride in the characters and how they carry each adventure to a more intense story than the previous novel. The fifth and final book is the one to tie everything up into one complete package. Every lingering question is answered leaving the reader with a smile and a heavy sigh. Please enjoy my tale, and the characters that play it out, for I have fallen in love with each and every single one of them.

I love to spend time with my kids, of course. My dogs are some of my best friends but my husband is my bff first and foremost. Hiding out in my camper on the lake is my favorite time to write. I also love to assemble huge puzzles. I've completed an 8000pcs, two-6000pcs and a 5000pcs puzzles. So for the most part, if it's tedious, I will probably enjoy it. There is so much more that I enjoy doing like going to see movies, reading a great book, surfing the web, etc.

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  • Colours In Blackness - A New Life - Book #1
    Colours In Blackness - A New Life - Book #1 Fiction by Tammy Dunning
    Colours In Blackness - A New Life - Book #1
    Colours In Blackness - A New Life - Book #1



    Mar 2012

    COLOURS IN BLACKNESS - A New Life, Book One in a series of five. Laura is a normal 18 year old girl who's life is flipped upside down after she sees a vision ...

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