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L.A. Wilson is an unconventional independent writer and published author, whose ten book series called 'The Silurian' will challenge everything you have ever read before about King Arthur and his knights.
L.A. is dedicated to bringing to the reader a whole new world of authoring original works. The Silurian series, standing at well over a million words, and still counting, has opened the door to new interpretations within the Arthurian genre, that is, a writer of imagination, able to create characters who stand alone within genre fiction writing.
Having studied the craft of writing in action, actually committing to 'on the job learning', L.A. has been crafting The Silurian books now for ten years, with an apprenticeship in creative writing extending long before that: from midnight-dark vampires, to a golden lost boy of a speculative world, to a mysterious place within the Universe and its Master creator, to early and extensively studied writing arts, L.A. Wilson produces unique books coming from a unique point of view: that of the iconoclast, ever seeking to break the mold of mass produced and formulaic novel construction.