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Campbell River


22nd April



It began at a young age. I remember day dreaming often; my mind wandering through far away places, creating all sorts of characters with their own stories to tell. A vivid imagination, and a deep desire to share my stories has led me here, where to my absolute surprise and joy, the world on-line is reading my work. I studied at Canadore College in Ontario Canada; attending psychology, sociology and criminology lectures, intending to one day enforce the law. After realizing later that my true calling was not awaiting me in the world of law enforcement, I left the college near the end of my second (and most trivial) year to board a late night, westbound train on a 3 day ride across the prairies, over the rocky mountains and down to the coastal city of Vancouver. I never imagined then that I would grow into a man completely possessed by the need to write. Many years later, I now make Vancouver Island my permanent home, where between the hours of working and caring for my beautiful wife and young family, I write, and write and write.