Tygo Tales: a unique and enjoyable reading experience Profile

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Join Tygo in his quest of discovering how our inner magic can help us improve our relationships and live more happily and peacefully.


Tygo Tales: a unique reading experience

Tygo Lee is a free spirit who has spent his life in contact with many different cultural groups around the world. He clearly understands that our differences should be celebrated rather than criticized or feared, and that peace is always preferable to conflict. Many of his best friends throughout the years have been his loving cats that he has shared his homes with.

With imagination and insight, Tygo’s creative writings range from the serious to the carefree and humorous, thoughtfully brought to life through a great variety of magical fables, fantasy tales, inspirational stories, and reflections. And his many entertaining cat tales are all grounded in our own daily lives for an enjoyable reading adventure.

Appropriate for adolescents and adults, you will quickly discover Tygo Lee’s publications to be a pleasant and unique reading experience. These are very special tales… for you.