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I was born near the hamlet of Avebury in the south of England in the year 600 A.D. It was a time of great darkness and my parents were subject to the will and wont of the local overlord. Sensing a destiny and my place in it, when I was three years of age, they turned over all their worldly goods—and me— to the wise and loving brothers of a newly established monastery. Shortly thereafter my mother and father perished during a pestilence. The monks raised me and eventually trained me as a parchment maker. When I came of age, they returned to me my parents' sheltery and all their possessions which had been held safe for me.

Only then was I prepared to meet my Master Armaton and my destiny. He prepared and escorted me on a Journey to the 11th dimensional realm of the Society of Folk. My time there was limited to three days as measured on Earth, a leisured year in Folk Space. It was there I wrote "Sacred Memories" … for you and for Mother Earth.