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Be complacent with: "It's another satanic drug-thing - few would care or understand!" or visit:




Unconventional and controversial, obviously more pariah than elite university. That kind of sermon is usually heard, when people try to keep it civilized and diplomatic while talking about me.

I was born on the 2nd of July in the year 1972. I recently returned from my status of having been made urban homeless to so-called normal life. My latest summary about me was: "By now I can be both, a decently good man of the world who has lived thru much and achieved some wisdom & a fierce, unforgiving, and violent-prone bastard, when i am pissed-off. Both is me, and always has been."

On TV I liked: Dexter, Game of Thrones, Sherlock, Those who kill, and Supernatural (early seasons). Books I read plenty, but outside of Satanism I noticed that I disliked making small-talk about them. I was an occult-dabbler for decades, an ex-martial artist/enthusiast, an ex-roleplayer, and computer-addict. I am a gluttonous person, bounce between workaholic and utterly lazy, and I never had it too easy with women, so some know me as the boring loser to ignore, others as quite a sexist macho. I like plenty of animals, and I am able enough to socialize, if I decide to try.

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  • Banish with Laughcraft
    Banish with Laughcraft Short Stories by Andre M. Pietroschek
    Banish with Laughcraft
    Banish with Laughcraft



    May 2015

    Mini-ebook, by now superseded due 'Old roleplay stories & fiction' including this: A Roleplayer's narration. It does not matter much, IF you know 'Call of Cth...

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