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Thanks for checking out my books. Please leave a review or comment. All feedback is welcome and greatly appreciated. The Resurrectionist Book II: Lost People has recently been published and can be found in digital and paperback formats online.




I live in Minneapolis, Minnesota with my wife and our two children. I'm passionate about all things paranormal, supernatural, and spiritual. I enjoy bringing these topics to life through characters and storytelling. I am currently writing the third and final book to the Resurrectionist Trilogy entitled; The Resurrectionist Book II: The Great Tribulation. My goal for the books to engage the reader in thinking about what might exist beyond the physical world of the five senses and bring awareness to the unknown. I hope you enjoy my work. If you downloaded my book please let me know. Your review and feedback is invaluable and I appreciate it greatly. Reviews can be found on Amazon and Goodreads. mgesellchen@gmail.com