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Nova Scotia


Alice Dawn is the pseudonymous author of Syd, the Imaginary Friend. She has published other titles under her real name. Syd was her tulpa, or complex imaginary friend, for six years. Dawn is currently working on a larger novel, 'the Memoirs of A Girl and her Tulpa', a book which will hopefully further explain the concept. Syd, the Imaginary Friend is her first book under this assumed anonymous name.

I love pollution and hate the environment, I am a proud Nova Scotian and Canadian, I've been publishing since I was twelve and I'm a fan of horror films and Criminal Minds.

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  • Syd, the Imaginary Friend
    Syd, the Imaginary Friend Short Stories by Alice Dawn
    Syd, the Imaginary Friend
    Syd, the Imaginary Friend



    Jul 2014

    Syd is a wonderful friend, but there's one catch... he isn't real. He has a life where people can't see him; all they see is his physical form, which is a pol...

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