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Hello, All. I wrote "Bone-Crusher" and posted it here to introduce you to a truly interesting and unique character, Baron Godric MacEuan, the brilliant young siege master who will retake Jerusalem to win the first Crusade in my "Siege Master" series. "Cal


Dumfries, VA


TOM VETTER is the author of "Call to Crusade," the first book in the "Siege Master" series, in which Baron Godric MacEuan relates his experiences as siege master of the First Crusade, and "Bone-Crusher," a Godric MacEuan novella highlighting Godric’s development and combat use of the first counterweight trebuchet. Tom has also written a soon-to-be-published work of nonfiction, "Thirty Thousand Leagues Undersea," which recounts his adventures in the deep ocean as a submarine officer and deep submergence pilot. Tom lives with his wife in Dumfries, Virginia, and as care-giver duties permit, he writes every day.

Too numerous to itemize, but which include: reading, writing, history of all kinds, travel, music, adult beverages, beautiful women (especially the one I married four decades ago), exotic locales, adventure in and on the deep ocean, cooking, good food, and many more.