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Hey, come to read my New book: A Polish patriot, who believed that Poland was his eternal homeland, saw how his family and his people were being destroyed by the Nazis; the Poles did not lift a finger to help them...




13th September 1947


Born in Stettin, Poland, in 1947. Emigrated with his parents to Israel as an infant. At the age of 18 he joined the Israeli army and served in the infantry, participated in the Six Days War as a photographer in combat.

After three years of compulsory service went to London for a year and then moved to Italy to study medicine at the University of Padua. He never graduated, after deciding that it was not his direction in life, but went on living in Italy on and off for sixteen years.

He likes challenges – in 1968 he bought an old car and drove to Prague to demonstrate against its occupation by the Red Army. He travelled around the world - Egypt, Poland, Mexico, USA, Turkey and all European countries.

For years researched the history of the Jewish people and especially the Holocaust period and anti-Semitism. He visits Poland from time to time, writes about those issues for numerous sites in Hebrew, and his book "The Polish patriot" deals with the subject of that terrible war.

Uri lives in Tuscany, married with three children and five grandchildren.