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An ambitious mastermind, a logical thinker. It's been a while since I published my first and only poetry book "A Youth's Thoughts." A lot has changed since then, personality, thinking, and language wise. Still, it's been a pleasure sharing my thoughts and experience with you guys. Sometimes I look back and wonder, how did four years pass so quickly?! I've graduated from college in 2014, and I still remember doing this as if it was yesterday. Thank you for reading this.

Books I've written

  • A Youth's Thoughts
    A Youth's Thoughts Poetry by Wael Hussein Bobsait
    A Youth's Thoughts
    A Youth's Thoughts



    Aug 2011

    Thirty poems about love, depression, and life written by an 18 year old young man. Live in this youth's mind and see the world through his eyes!

    Formats: PDF, Epub, Kindle, TXT