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Swiatek taught high school math for eight years, entered the business world, most of the time as a software consultant. He retired in 2001 and resumed his third career as a writer, chronicled in his March 2008 book – highly recommended by Midwest Book Review – I Don’t Want To Be a Pirate – Writer, maybe. His latest book – on genealogy – We Arrrgh Family was published in November 2012, preceded by We’ve Got to Get back to the Garden (a book about addictions) and Computers For Smart People, which was published in February 2012. It’s the very first book he wrote. He has also written three books on missing intelligence – it’s everywhere you look and filled with laughs – a novel about the national lottery, a book about truth, two books on work, a cookbook and books on the environment. His books have received rave reviews, which you can find at the website he designed and maintains, WWW.BOBCOOKS.COM. He lives in Buffalo, New York.