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Oakland, CA




Zee Giovanni is an award-winning writer and a professional smutstress. She has an MFA in poetry, and she has combined her passions for literature and eroticism to write erotic fiction.

As a black, queer, kinky woman, Zee writes for the sexual liberation of all people, focusing on the beautiful people who are often left out of sexual stories and images, including queer people, trans people, and people of color whose everyday lives include the thrill of BDSM activities.

Zee lives on the West Coast with her partner, Damani Starr. Together, Zee and Damani have taken their kinks from the bedroom to the publishing house, co-founding Sweet Juice Publishing to create the books and media they’ve always longed to see. Through Sweet Juice, Zee has recently released Savor Her, a kinky lesbian erotica story, andTie Me Up, Set Me Free, her first BDSM erotica book in her Set Me Free series. She’s ready to release many more sensual stories and books in the months and years to come.