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I'm from the "Twilight Zone" generation. I'm the guy observing the human race from the outside looking in. I love to write the kinds of stories I would want to read, or see as a film, and I'm hoping that others will too. I love twists and surprises, but that still have a logical connection to things that have been introduced earlier. At the end of the story, all the pieces should come together like a jigsaw puzzle, and hopefully it will leave the reader with a satisfying conclusion. I try to avoid the usual overworked plots, instead, I look for a creative idea I think is worth exploring. I will not restrict myself with genres, although most of my work would be in the speculative fiction category. The idea comes first, then the genres will be selected that I believe will be the best vehicle to present and explore the idea. It could be a science fiction, fantasy, action, humour, adventure, horror, etc., and any combination of two or more of these.
Click on my website (URL) for other short stories or my book 'XIN: The Veiled Genocides' in PDF form with cover art, and ship floor plan and star map inside.