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The staff of tayloralexander wish to thank all our readers for the excellent reviews and support over the years. From time to time, tayloralexander will continue to offer first drafts of proposed works here on free-ebooks.net. This was the case with the testing of the storyline for, 'The Rowdizian Chronicles.' The test piece 'Eternity' was written as an individually themed, stand alone short story and after staff review and discussion the work was expanded to become the current romantic, science fiction novel. During the writing and editing of the expanded novel, and with adjustments in the expanding storyline, the staff decided Volume 1,'Pride' offered potential for the creation of at least five related novels to form the epic, 'The Rowdizian Chronicles.' Outlines for five additional books have been penned and work on Volume 2, 'Blood Feud' is over 55% complete as of Feb. 2012, with release expected late March or early April 2012. Other titles to the epic that may pique your interest are 'Ancient Tilldoc', and 'Children of Alulim.' The staff at tayloralexander also offer completed works of contemporary fiction, suspense, romance and self-help. Completed first and subsequent editions are available on the authors' website and Amazon.com. Free-ebooks doesn't allow excerpts so for samples of any works that may be of interest, go to Amazon.com.

Believing the literary world is in transition and large publishing houses are no longer the agencies promoting excellent entertainment value, independent writers through self promotion and word of mouth advertising are riding the wave of this changing industry by issuing quality worldwide distributed works. Without change, the art of fictional writing may soon die out. Will readers have to wade through a minefield of literarily bombs? Yes, but they do that now buying promoted garbage supported by a field of self-serving members of a dying industry. It happens all the time. A famous writer adds their promotional support and name to a new work and later, when asked, the famous person offering the review can't remember anything about their glowing support much less the contents of the reviewed piece.
Electronic book promoters and sellers allow the reader and future customer the ability to peruse an excerpt from the comfort of their home with samples containing approximately 10% of the offering. If a reader is hooked during this preview they are most likely going to enjoy the complete story. How many times has an author penned one or two fantastic books, yet the publishing house disappoints the fans because of their hurry to rush to publish subsequent works and profit from current notoriety? Many readers are completely disappointed in anything else ever offered and new consumers can never fathom the original fuss having never touched the best examples. We're sure you can think of a few premature examples or maybe other examples of writers retired and lending their name to co-write a story that contains neither their style nor talent. The ability to test such a large portion of any story allows the reader an honest personal review before the disappointment of wasting hard earned monies.

Again, we thank everyone for their continued support and promise to work and hopefully challenge your imagination and senses with complex and thought provoking stories.


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