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26th August 1948

To write a proper biography so you will understand who I am and what kind of life I have led would take far more than 2,000 pages. The reason it would take far more than 2,000 pages is because I would have to write two separate biographies for you to understand my life. One: the story of my life as it happened to me... and the other; the deeper explanations of that story after what I have learned over 63 years.

The thing is that my perspective on Life changes with time, so the explanation and understanding of my life which I would write today will not be the same perspective, explanation and understanding I would write next year or the year after that.

When people ask me how I am, I usually tell them I don't know yet. The reason I tell them this is because nobody really knows how they are or were without perspective, without the passage of time to look back and see how it really was... and that perspective is constantly changing.

Now, for me... writing is mostly a chore. I prefer speaking to people directly instead of writing.