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Finished writing 'For King and Country', a cross between 'Journey's End' and 'Blackadder Goes Forth'. Currently working on a number of new stories.





To Create is to be god-like. Our imagination holds no boundaries.
Be it a piece of writing, music or action.
And that is what drives me, to create every day.
And it's a joy.
A joy to come up with an idea.
A joy to watch it grow.
A joy as it branches out and blooms.
A joy as it is complete.
A joy to give it to others to read, listen to or watch.
And if it gives them just a moment of joy, then it has been worth it.

I write stories for children, teens and adults as well as plays, scripts and music.
I live in Twickenham with my wife and son.

I love music, arts, literature, sport, laughing, helping, smiling, singing, Spitfires, reading, dinosaurs, satire, badgers, Private Eye, my family. All these things make my life what it is.