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Daytona Beach


9th September 1942

After retiring, I decided to write that novel I had always intended to write. I got the surprise of my life when the characters took over and went in an opposite direction and changed the whole plot of the book. Once I let the characters have their way, the book wrote itself and I had to type fast to keep up. After that, the books poured out of me at an alarming rate. This was my first book. There are four more in the Judith McCain series. I used to watch the TV show, Murder She Wrote, and think what a good life that would be. I now have that life, living on the coast of Florida and writing. I am having the time of my life, and I still read an average of three to four books a week.

When I'm not reading and writing, I swim laps in the pool and walk on the beach. I like to paint landscapes and seascapes in oil. I paint on glass using enamel and I like to decorate my condo. I don't enjoy large parties but like to have philosophical discussions one-on-one. I belong to a wonderful writers group. We support and encourage each other.