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In my book I want to tell people who are thinking about a career change or early retirement and are somewhat fearful, to go ahead and take the leap off the beaten path. We (my wife and I) did it and never looked back.




3rd November 1933


I am a retired obstetrician and gynecologist. I love what I do. At age 55 something happened in my life that made me rethink my priorities. I left my comfortable academic position and started working as a locums in many different places around the world. In the process I gained a great deal of crosscultural experience and was prodded by my colleagues and friends to write a book about my decision to get off the beaten path and about the

wonderful experiences gained. It was published as a free e book in 2012 on Smashwords and Amazon, but I want to make the book available to a wider audience. I hope that you will love reading it and may be get motivated to also get off the beaten path.

My primary interest is my profession as an obstetrician and gynecologist and thus women. I have many outside interests which include travel, swimming (my wife and I swam competitively at one point), hiking, kayaking, fishing, reading, biking. None of these stand out specifically as "my hobby". My wife often refers to these activities as my obsessions. What is the difference between a hobby and an obsession?