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Thanks for spending so much of your time with me, as I have with you! Happy reading, and I hope that you will enjoy these books as much as we do! Thanks again. KRB/CRC


Joshua Tree




Born in Ely, Nevada Kurt Burnum grew up in small town atmosphere not far from Salt Lake City Utah. Graduating from White Pine High School in 2002 he lead the life of a Blackjack Dealer in The Northeastern Nevada Casinos such as the Hotel Nevada and Gambling Hall in Downtown Ely. Currently living in the high desert of Southern California he resides with his Wife and Life Long Partner Celeste and six year old Cat Gabriel. His next best love is for The Great Pyramids of Egypt, the paranormal and his personal religion of Eckankar.
Besides those qualities he also possesses medical disability suffering from a mental disorder listed as Schizoaffective Bipolar Disorder, and has a supplemental income through Social Security Disability. Beyond that he's just a regular middle aged guy with a small family and a small group of tight nit friends. As far as being an author he says that he has no intention of writing another book big or small, "unless" he says, "Something else comes up!" Hopefully we will hear from him again! Thank you everybody and to you Kurt Burnum for all your hard work...