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Looking forward to having my book on free e-books! (Sorry about the demon eyes in the photo; mine really aren't red at all!)




29th October 1956

I am an American who moved to Liverpool, England, in 1998 to marry British-born David McDonnell. In my career, I have been a marketing copywriter, newspaper reporter, magazine editor, print production manager, layout artist, typesetter, proofreader, book editor and I've written for radio. However, fiction has always been my passion having grown up with my mother's old issues of Amazing Stories and Science Fiction and Fantasy magazines. I particularly enjoy reading horror and science fiction in short story format. A true romantic, I have never written a love story as my favourite is The Silver Metal Lover by Tanith Lee; I could never write anything as moving and passionate as this, so I stick to writing doomsday fiction, stories about social injustice, and mild horror. I usually write in short story form, but I did self-publish a novel (barely) with a new Chritian theme, entitled The Diet God. I hope readers will find my stories interesting, engaging and, perhaps, enlightening. I currently live with my husband, three cats, and my Llasa Apso dog. My goal in life is for someone who doesn't know me to read, and like, my Collection of Prose, Poems, Play and Songs. And to be remembered. Thank you.

I love puzzles, current events, animals and shopping for handbags, besides my cleaning obsession (it's a challenge keeping a house tidy with 3 rampaging cats and a messy husband who thinks our house is like the Starship Enterprise: No, honey, the house will not clean itself like the big, imaginary spaceship.)