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John J Blenkush is the author of the critically-acclaimed thrillers; REDDITION. ("an excellent legal thriller" "well-written" "readers will be guessing the outcome until the book's satisfying conclusion" ~ Kirkus Reviews) ("a labyrinth of mysterious characters and unexpected plot twists that will take readers on a wild ride" ~ Independent Professional Book Reviewers) and STACY'S STORY, (“Stacy’s Story holds the reader in its terrifying, suspenseful grip from the first day the couple sets up their campsite all the way to the explosive climax. With Stacy, Blenkush has created a memorable protagonist who’s appealingly courageous and strong-willed. ~ Kirkus Reviews) ("powerful" "emotionally overwhelming" "an incredible story" ~ Independent Professional Book Reviewers)

John is also penning the SOLSTICE SERIES (OF THE HEART, SACRIFICE, BLACK MOON RISING, SONGLINE, and NEW WORLD ("These books are in far better taste and more enjoyable than the popular 'vampire' stories on the market at present. There is intrigue, romance, morals, and encouragement in full in these books. The story grips and does not let go! ~ Patricia M) (Your writing is brilliant. I've never been "addicted" to a book series like yours before!!! I can't wait til the next book is ready. ~ Sarah L)

John is currently working on the continuation of the SOLSTICE SERIES, a five-book epic tale of two star-crossed-lovers and the legend of Mount Shasta. He lives in Northern California and spending time in the great outdoors.

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