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Ia Uaro, author of Sydney's Song - a delightful coming-of-age novel and YA romance.




27th September



I was a published author at 17 and I used the proceeds to help fund my university studies, during which time I was active in aero-modelling, martial arts, mountaineering, speleology... and studied petroleum seismology among my music-playing friends. After my graduation I worked with French, Norwegian and American geophysical companies, besides being a volunteer translator.
In Sydney since 1995 I do several kinds of volunteer work for the community, asses manuscripts and write humorous real-life socio-fiction for young adults and adults.

When I'm not writing, I’m mostly a mother and a friend who loves baking, gardening, and the outdoors. I love to take pictures, though I’m not a photographer. My daughter says she’ll scream if I take another pic, but she still accompanies me on my jaunts. If you love photography, Sydney is the place to be. We have so many festivals dubbed the tripod festivals. I love to sing, though I’m a poor singer. I love gardening, and I’m a volunteer in a community garden. I love to stitch. I made many bridal gowns, professionally, once upon a time. Nowadays I volunteer to make pretty “dresses” for paralyzed 90-something girls, those who are so sick of hospital “uniform” and still put on lipstick and want to look dignified. I love beaches and forests. I used to climb the mountains all the time. Now hubby has disabilities, but my little son accompanies me walking in the nearby forest, provided it hasn’t been raining because he hates leeches. And I love writing. Of course. And to draw. Sydney's Song is artfully illustrated ~ see the cover.