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Hi folks, love the site and all the books. Don't look for me on either facebook or twitter or any other so called 'social' media, can't be bothered with it. Cheers


Pretoria North


1st October 1930

ancient. Retired engineer from working in power facility(before it got taken over and wrecked_).Live on a 14 hectare "plot" with my son and his wife ,plus my old'un.I'm OC of the vegetable garden, approx 2900 square metres in which we grow many different of veggies. Also got a plantation started of four hundred pomegranate bushes, and intend to expand to about 1200 eventually.

for many years was building model ships, both ancient and modern,most of which were given away on completion. Can't get past the tiny parts anymore owing to cramping of the hands,. All models were scratch built, not from kits.Currently, interest in the garden and reading. ..

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