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Reverend Brian Richards.a.i.p.c.[M.A.C.A.] Missionary raising funds by selling his progressive autobiography e-books and hard copy books that teaching the revivals that have taken place over the past 25 years around the world, mixed with the God-teaching

My name is Rev Brian Richards and my current work and primary purpose is to raise funds for the mission field of evangelism of the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ in Philippines China and all Asia minor it has been a very hard and tiresome job considering I do not have any main line denomination financial backing as an independent Charity registration my ministry is self supported through my own contributions and them of my partners and affiliates whom sell my books and products that are available on http divineconnexionsofchrist com wpx all my products are sold on a commissions of commissions on all sales however only those people selected as in need can be affiliates My plan and purpose is to involve the products of Salta Imports if you agree to work with me on this my partners and affiliates seem to think there is a future for selling of your products should you agree to sell them to us on a special justified and generous commissions basis Should you agree to give us special concessional commissions basis then please send me your full description of everything you sell along with the normal sales price So we can adjust are commissions costings to pay a for a big bulk order in the not too distance future Hoping that you will understand our plea to you for some special consideration considering we are doing this not for profit but to raise funds for the needy in Asia Minor countries where we preach the gospel PLEASE WATCH MY VIDEO http sdrv ms knkJX This is the link to safe your life if you want change If you want to really make money from your home Then this is for you http www empowernetwork com almostasecret php id revbrian Hoping you