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Susan Koone Nicholls is an RN who lives with her husband, Greg, in Orlando, Florida.
A lover of history, she draws from her own experiences growing up in the Deep South during the 1960s-70s, and carefully researches relevant topics providing a rich and full-bodied reading experience. She is well versed in the dilemmas of the era.
As a writer, S. K. Nicholls has a distinct and powerful voice. Her writing style is dramatic and artful with meaningful substance. Poignant and expressive with her words and story, she weaves a colorful tapestry through time for her readers.
Orphaned from her mother in early childhood, Susan lived in foster care before ultimately residing in a children’s group home, The Ethel Harpst Home, in the North Georgia Mountains. She went on to develop family and career.
S. K. Nicholls is currently engaged in producing her next novel, “From Where the Petals Fell”, an autobiographical that describes her struggle to overcome obstacles.
S. K. Nicholls has three grown children and two mixed-race grandchildren. It is important to her as an author to convey to young people that, no matter the circumstances, with patience, hard work, and perseverance, one can become a successful person.
You may reach her at redclayandroses1@gmail.com

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