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I am a homeopathic medical doctor for the last 30 years. I've written 46 books (16 on homeopathy, 21 on holistic philosophy and 9 novels). My main interests are Holistic Philosophy, Homeopathy and Ecology.




2nd December 1959

As far as I can remember myself I've been searching for truth. I gradually studied various fields of knowledge like Medicine, Homeopathy, Philosophy, Religions, Ecology, etc. Every time I tried to focus on Common Truth rather than on differences. My books either philosophical, novels or medical are the outcome of this theoretical search and also the outcome of many years of medical and personal experience. Their common ground is Holistic Thinking and Holistic Philosophy. My choice to offer all my books for free in my web site and in other sites for free e-books is in accordance with my holistic beliefs.

What is theory without practice? Nothing! So, I try to live my life according to Holistic Philosophy, both in my private life and in my profession.

My main interests are Philosophy,Homeopathy,Alternative Medicine,Writing Books, Ecology, Gardening,Discussions and Sailing. I am divorced and I have a daughter 16 years old. I enjoy working in my farm in Marathon area in close contact with Nature, I love sailing, writing books, conducting seminars, discussing and good company.