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5th November 1991


Stefn Sylvester is my Pen Name. But my real name is Stephen O.J. Anyatonwu.
Tall, kinda handsome.

"the poet paints pictures with mere words,
the world is their canvas....
This is mine ...
My Life "

I had a strong thing for poetry. Started writing at a very tender age of 5 to 6yrs old. Wrote my first real poem when I was 15. I was so much overjoyed by the replies and results it yielded. Which happened to be the Spring Board that lunched me into Full_time writing.

I grew to be a Broken Poet. Situations around me made me broken-hearted.
It has a lot of what I went through as a young teen and how I have lived through these experiences.
Now I am able to live and tell you today.
I think I am here so I can help others who have gone through some of what I have.

A lot of my favorite writers and poetry is about the truth, life difficulties.
And with that I can help others cope through their everyday life.

I try to give advice and meaning trough these poems. Through tragedy some good can come out of it; it made you who you are and a lot stronger and hopefully a better person, but also wiser.

I am hoping others will see things more clearly and find hope as I have. I have a little of everything in my group.
From the heart to pain and tragedy and triumph to family and romance and hope and everyday situations. I have had a lot of joy in my life with no regret. You learn from everything....

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