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Eating tacos.




8th March 1994


I'm Michael, sometimes oatmeal, other times gravy.
I'm 18, published two books, and run a company called EmpathyNYC. We find talented artists, help them up off the streets, and place them into studios, events, and videos to pursue the dream. Exposing their talents to the world, we give them a chance and a place in society. Basically, we're fricking awesome. I know I'm a writer, and that's not a word, but words are words, they're what you make them.
You don't get many chances. If anything, they often come with a whole list of caveats that you're not always sure you could live up to, unless of course you're either very foolish or very brave. I try not to think of myself as brave, rather I see it like this, if they can do it, why can't I?

Taking long walks on the beach and sipping Lipton tea.