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Dr. Riley has written three books used with EA’s training programs: WIPE™ (Write in Plain English), PEP™ (Processing, Editing &Proofreading) and GRAMMAR Rammer™ for Professional Who Write American English as a Second Language. She has served as a columnist for the Tennessee Tribune Newspaper producing bi-monthly articles on editing.

For more than 30 years, Dr. Riley has developed and tailored curriculum materials based on client needs using the writing strengths and weaknesses of their staff. Each set of training materials includes creative, hands-on learning activities that produce the “write” results.

Visit EA’s website at www.executivewritingcoach.net/portfolio.htm to review an exciting portfolio of successful classes conducted for a variety of clients throughout the country. As shown in newsletters at this link, Dr. Riley’s instructional strategy includes a bit of gameology. This entails using competitive writing exercises that engage students in intelligent discussions while transferring knowledge in a fun, yet effective way.

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