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A. R. James, was born on the dirt roads of Haiti. His mother died in childbirth and his father was murdered by a mob because he refused to practice voodoo. It was the mobs intention to kill James as well because he was the son of his father but he was soon protected by the community of people who adopted him. After traveling much of the world on humanitarian trips James was inspired by the diversity. He decided to pursue a life of music at the age of 17, after turning down a chance to study at The American Academy of Dramatic Arts in NY,NY. Later he traveled the US east coast, expanding his knowledge, and musical ability. In 2005 he started his publishing company, "Verse Publishing" in association with SESAC (Royalty Collection Agency) and produced an EP titled "Why a Playa' Play". Verse composes, writes, produces, and performs his original music and is currently working on a full album. He also wrote a novella titled "Immortal". Currently, he is working on a sequel to that novella. His literature and music, much like himself know no limit. From underground to surround sound; Haiti to India, to the US, A.R. James continues to evolve. He refuses to restrict the versatility of his art, and so it is impossible for critics to put him in a box. One thing is certain; A.R. James will continue to create...